Tekken Revolution San Diego Comic Con Panel Highlights

Free-to-play PS3 exclusive, Tekken Revolution, achieves 1.6m downloads, according to series producer. New update set to arrive in the US later this month.

Harada-san also provided a slight update on the elusive brawler, Tekken x Street Fighter and more during the SDCC.

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HammadTheBeast1586d ago

Game's alright. Needs a major balance patch, as of now Kazuya Lasers and Law combo can just dominate.

skeletons1586d ago

it's not even a month old, it doesn't need a balance patch

1586d ago
no_more_heroes1586d ago

Tekken x Street Fighter is still a thing? It's been so long since I heard anything about it, I thought it got cancelled.

nick3091586d ago

Shifted to next gen consoles.

Ozmoses1586d ago

this shit was alright.. just played during the promo week and got a quick 100% on trophies..

a quick play me and forget me game.