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Lanning: Xbox One team should be fired over indie stance

VG247: According to Oddworld Inhabitant’s boss, Microsoft should cull its Xbox One team and start again. Lorne Lanning speaks out on Redmond’s great next-gen indie disaster. (Lorne Lanning, Microsoft, Oddworld, Xbox One)

Septic  +   859d ago
“At the business level, Microsoft isn’t acknowledging people like us,” said Lanning. “It’s as if we don’t matter.”

That's very damming.

Microsoft needs to get its act together and fast.

And if it means firing people then Microsoft should do it because the situation is becoming increasingly untenable.
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bessy67  +   859d ago
You hear very different stories from other companies like The Behemoth. The guy needs to just shut up and make his game. As of now, there doesn't seem to be anything to set Oddworld apart from the many other indie platformers.
nirwanda  +   859d ago
So you think that Microsoft should stop devs releasing a game on xbox live if they want to charge less.
bessy67  +   859d ago
Nope, I think that the guy should just shut up and continue to develop the game for whatever platforms he wants to develop for. Seriously, new n tasty looks pretty generic.
aiBreeze  +   859d ago
^^ Maybe he wants to make games for the Xbox One too but wants to do so without being backed against a wall and bullied into handing over some of his revenue because of stupid BS policies? It's not like he is blindly hating for the sake of hating.
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die_fiend  +   859d ago
Guessing you've never played an Abe game if you think that's generic. Go back to sleep. Or COD
nirwanda  +   859d ago
I take it you didn't read the part about MS refusing to release strangers wraith on live because it was priced at too low of a price point on psn, he wanted to release on xbox live.
Seafort  +   859d ago
@bessy67 New n Tasty generic?? Abes Oddysee was one of the first games to really bring back 2d platform/puzzle games.

Games like Limbo, Braid, and many more should be thankful for Oddworld and Lanning for bringing the genre back from extinction.

Oddworld Munch's Oddysee was a launch title for Xbox. I think MS owes Lanning and Oddworld Inhabitants a bit of leeway.

If it was me though I would just launch on all other platforms apart from Microsofts and wait till they get their act together in a year or 2.
ginsunuva  +   859d ago
Guys he's just trolling.
There's no one in their right mind that could actually think Oddworld is an "indie platformer."
nirwanda  +   859d ago
What's worse is they wouldn't let them publish strangers wraith on the 360 even though they attempted many times because they charged too little on PSN.
Thats an awful way of forcing high price points on indie devs who probably would have preferred more downloads.
Thepharaoh  +   859d ago
Honestly. Some of my greatest experiences have come from the indie developer's the amount of creativity and incredible attention to detail sometimes rival the AAA games of this generation.Why put so many restrictions on a part of the industry which already has problems with funding and watching restrictions
jimmywolf  +   859d ago
i agree 100% but it all about control, they have issues with giving liberty too anyone even us. proven with their policy with online DRM.

i know their in a business too make money but they need take a step back an realize were not cattle or sheep an stop trying farm us...
Valkyre  +   859d ago
They should actually fire everyone involved into that mess...

It started with that "DEAL WITH IT" dude, then that asshole Don Mattrick "stick with 360" in charge of xbox one, Major Nelson etc etc.

At least they fired and got rid of the first 2 and now only that Major is left.

But all this is just ugly... they fucked up big time.
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DragonKnight  +   859d ago
"but right now people like us are clearly not in Xbox One’s business model. And there’s nothing we can do about that.”

Join the club. Xbox One's business model is all over the place for the most part, but they do have a focus more on the Apple/Google crowd then on indie developers or even core gamers. The proof of that is in what they decided was the most important first impression to make, their extreme disconnect with core gamer sensibilities to the point that they were forced to reverse their controlling policies, and the generally poor handling of virtually all their public relations issues.
nirwanda  +   859d ago
If they had concentrated more on apple and google they would have noticed the price that they charge for apps/games and how they are pretty open to everyone to create games at a very low price point.
DragonKnight  +   859d ago
I didn't say a complete focus on Apple/Google. Just a focus.
nirwanda  +   859d ago
I was agreeing with you, I understood what you ment, MS want apples cool and high price point without realising whats at the core of apples success.i.e. low prices for apps and also an attractive price on music that started it all.
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DragonKnight  +   859d ago
Oh, my apologies. I misunderstood.
aiBreeze  +   859d ago
Microsoft just doesn't care about the little guys.I think they're being arrogant and expecting the Xbox One to sell so well that indie developers will feel releasing it on the Xbone will be just too good to turn down.
slimeybrainboy  +   859d ago
I don't trust Microsoft to change, they just react to what people complain about. They don't seem to know whats right, there's a major disconnect between what the customer wants and what Microsoft wants the customer to want. COD will fall, but they're backing that horse till the end.
swerve121  +   859d ago
You can trust M$ to change. Look at all the things US GAMERS have made then turn around. When the pressure is on there will be changes to follow
4logpc  +   859d ago
The problem is that Microsoft did support Indies on 360, and it ended up being awful. Most of the indie section ended up being Minecraft clones

I can see it from either end. Microsoft had stuff like Braid and Super Meat Boy, and treated them as every other game. Made them follow the rules that every developer had to follow, but then the smaller teams complained.

Why should a dev team get special treatment just because they are smaller?

Microsoft did this to weed out the people who were just pushing out crap content to make a quick buck. Remember Steam Greenlight without the fee. It was loaded with crap.

What I dont understand is how Sony is letting every Indie dev self publish. Couldn't Bethesda say hey, we are gonna self publish. How does Sony decide what's indie vs not indie.

Microsoft is stuck in a tough place but not saying anything is their biggest issue.
Minato-Namikaze  +   859d ago
How is that different from a AAA publisher making Space Marine/Military Shooter 123456789? Sometimes you get shovelware when your a open platform #Dealwithit.
4logpc  +   859d ago
Maybe you should go look at the indie game section.

Your argument isn't very valid considering your simple analysis of shooters.

Sure there are a lot if shooters, but they are all not trying to rip off a single game, such as mine craft, as well as trying to put the absolute least amount of effort possible.

when Crytek makes Crysis, or when Ubisoft makes Ghost Recon they aren't just saying....how can we rip off Call of Duty.

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Hicken  +   859d ago
No, rather than Minecraft, they'e all trying to rip off Call of Duty, and they're not all THAT good at it. And it's not literally EVERY developer making EVERY FPS, you bum. But it's a lot of them.

Just like it's not EVERY indie copying Minecraft.

Indie developers, since you don't seem to understand what that means, are not also publishers. They usually rely on a much larger company to do that. But they're not tied to any one publisher, so you'll tend to see their games published by different companies, depending on the game. Simply put: they develop their games independent of publisher influence... well, relatively independent, as opposed to in-house developers.

Bethesda is not just a developer, but also a publisher, so... yeah, that wouldn't work.

... and you talk about somebody else needing a better argument, when all you did was come in and blindly defend Microsoft without even bothering to use your head first.
4logpc  +   859d ago
Listen here Chief.

I know what an indie developer is. Stop trying be all mighty and tough because your on the internet.

My point was, and I guess I have to break it down since you obviously are acting like a 6 year old, is that what is stopping any developer and publisher from self publishing.

I don't think its right for Indies to get a pass simply because they don't have a lot of money.

If there game is that good they should find a publisher.

What you also obviously missed, probably due to your inability to use proper reading comprehension, is that a majority of games on Xbox live indie games are literally trying to make mine craft. Mechanic for mechanic.

that is different than AAA games trying to "copy" Call of Duty.

does crysis play at all like COD? Not really

Does Gears of War play like COD? Nope.

Singulairty, Battlefield, Army of Two, any of those play nothing like COD.

and don't even say Battlefield is trying to be COD.

I wasn't defending Microsoft, try again

iceman06  +   858d ago
I understand what you are saying. Indies are kind of hit and miss. The thing is...it's hard to tell what will be hit or miss for your audience. The issue here, is that Lanning and Oddworld have a pedigree in the industry. This isn't some no name, unheard IP. It's a new take on a classic.
As for the "getting a pass", it's not about "passing" so much as it is giving the chance for a smaller, unheard of dev team and game to get a foothold in the industry. It is far less risky than dumping a bunch of cash on a third party to make a AAA IP and hope that it gains traction.
4logpc  +   858d ago
i totally understand its hard to get your name out there, but opening up the flood gates is just going ot make it more difficult to weed out the good games from the bad.

When I pick up an Xbox Live Arcade or PSN game, there is a sense of polish and certainty that it wont be (most of the time)a broken piece of junk.

I feel like Sony and Microsoft need a middle ground. between completely open and treating every game the same
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Excalibur  +   859d ago
“At the business level, Microsoft isn’t acknowledging people like us,” said Lanning. “It’s as if we don’t matter.”

Don't feel like the Lone Ranger Mr. Indie Dude, a lot of us current 360 owners feel the same way with the Xbone policies.
Minato-Namikaze  +   859d ago
We welcome you to the Playstation camp.
Excalibur  +   859d ago
Oh I've always been in the PS3 camp as well as the PC camp, I enjoy gaming but given Microsoft's policies for the Xbox One I'll just be sticking with a PS4 for my Next Gen gaming needs.
JBSleek  +   859d ago
That's very over dramatic.
kingdip90  +   859d ago
They won't fire the team unless they say something inflammatory over the internet. This is MS after all, at worst they will just shuffle department staff around and pretend its a fix
mwjw696  +   859d ago
So you mean what Sony has been doing for years? LOL
Gamer666  +   859d ago
MS has just been trying to protect consumers...

The theory behind requiring a publisher, is around game support. Devt studios come and go often, so requiring a publisher theoretically reduces the risk of devt studio disappearance. Yes, I know publishers like THQ and Atari went bankrupt this last gen as well so the argument doesn't hold up as well. But, it was about intention. The intention was to protect consumers against indies coming and going all the time and consumers losing support for the games they bought.

I do agree with his time issues in getting responses. MS should be responsive to Indies. But, at the same time there are literally thousands of indie devts out there. Why should MS treat one better than another?
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