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New Ryse screenshots and story details from SDCC 2013

Microsoft and Crytek released new details and screenshots about Ryse, their new game set in ancient Rome. (Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

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Festano  +   620d ago
The trailer at E3 impressed me a lot, I've always liked the story about Rome. Definitely take it to the launch in the hope that it is a good title.
Aery  +   620d ago
I don't get any excitement from this game ...
Anywway, something is changed here ... Now looks like the Xbox supporter (not fanboy, *supporter*)are more "vocal" here on N4G.
creatchee  +   620d ago
You say that like it's a bad thing.
Aery  +   620d ago
@creatchee :

No, I don't say that.
I use the word *supporter*, not fanboy, so I never mean something bad. :)
FATAL1TY  +   620d ago
characters = good
eyes = ugly
environments = mud
gameplay = boring
The_Infected  +   620d ago
I can't judge this game myself until we see more gameplay.
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JokesOnYou  +   620d ago
Aery yeah that's only because there is a lot of excitement for the new X1 console with people wanting to learn and see everything about it. I know that's why I frequent this site a lot more often only to get the news about it, once I get my hands on it, I'll likely visit this site a lot less, usually leading up to each big event especially E3, again I visit more for news on new games.

On topic, Ryse looks f**king sweet, and the story background sounds very interesting but only downside I wish the combat system was less scripted, I hate when devs hold your hand, instead of letting you fight freely.
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Aery  +   620d ago
I have a good news for you : one of the dev said to us that Ryse it's not a bunch of QTE and there is a lot of "real" gameplay to enjoy.

That's what he said and only the future (final release) will show us what Ryse really is.
Muffins1223  +   620d ago
I think Fatal1ty just described the average killzone game.
Andreas-Sword  +   619d ago
Two current RYSE news:
1. http://www.allgamesbeta.com...
2. http://gamingeverything.com...

I hope Ryse: Son of Rome comes also to the PS4.
BallsEye  +   619d ago
Coz they were busy playing awesome games all this time on their 360. Now they came back waiting for XO.
FlunkinMonkey  +   619d ago
It's because they've let the dust settle with how horrible MS was treating their fanbase, and have returned with their goldfish like memory.

Not to mention the 100's (it seems) of new 2nd accounts of blatant trolling.. Classy.

@BallsEye - Yea? what games would that be? must be ones from 2-3-4 years ago, because that's about how long it's been since they've released anything decent.

"In June 2012, Phil Spencer, corporate VP of Microsoft Studios, maintained that the game was still in development. When asked whether it was still a Kinect game, Spencer replied "Kinect will be part of the game, absolutely" leading to speculation that it was no longer a Kinect-only game, and was instead part of the "Better with Kinect" series of Xbox 360 games.

In May 2013, after the announcement of the Xbox One, Ryse was confirmed to be an exclusive for the new console. In June 2013 at the E3 Microsoft Conference, Crytek showed a gameplay video. Kinect is no longer part of the active combat but has a diminished role by providing squad commands through speech and gesture."

Another failed Kinect game... Smoke and mirrors.. Awesome.
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onyoursistersback  +   620d ago
Lol... With the E3 tailer, they should change the name of the game too.

"Saving Pvt. Cesar"
Colzer01  +   620d ago
Then Driveclub should change into Intitial D Stage 8, the physic looks similar
Omegabalmung  +   620d ago

That would actually be pretty awesome if they did lol.

I'm totally up for another Initial D game on the consoles.
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WarThunder  +   619d ago
The game is full of Quick time event.
So the gameplay is gonna be booooring....
spartanlemur  +   619d ago
I loved the premise of the game, as historical games aren't nearly as common as they should be and Rome is awesome, but it seems to just be a button masher with awesome graphics. The gameplay actually reminded me a fair bit of Viking: Battle for Asgard, but obviously with far better effects.
It really should have done something innovative if it wanted to really succeed. Right now it appears to have zero replayability. Why not have some form of mission randomiser? Perhaps accompanied by RPG elements which allow intrigue as you attempt to try and rise in rank to become a Legatus? Perhaps you could choose your expansion/defence path with a system similar (but far superior) to the Dynasty Warriors Empires series? Perhaps battles could give you spontaneous objectives depending on how it turns out?
This is 2013 and I'd like to believe that devs are trying to push gameplay alongside graphics. Not that I'd be able to play this button-masher anyway, being on a PC, but I had really hoped that the new IP's would bring gameplay innovation/advancement alongside the graphics improvements. At the moment, Rome 2: Total War is the only game I'm looking forward to.

The graphics are great, but I fear you'll just be buying a tech demo with a storyline.
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Ol_G  +   619d ago
yeah what you are describing is a way better game then what they probably will pull of but one can dream
-Superman-  +   619d ago
This game looks great. I dont have money to buy 2 different consoles. So, i have to pick one and which is PS4 becuase Playstation Plus gives us more free games, and Sony has so many developers who make great exclusive games.
Yeah, sure, if Xbox One was cheaper and more exclusive games and not screwed us with always online, then i may have picked Xbox One.
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u got owned  +   619d ago
This game is looking really good.
Gamer1982  +   619d ago
Nothing can save this game for me its a QTE fest and QTE in games should be outlawed or at least used no more than a couple of times. There was about 20 QTEs in the E3 demo alone.. Doesn't look fun at all.. Press A to counter, Press X to attack..
iamnsuperman  +   620d ago
I don't understand the positivity towards this game. They showed off a QTE galore demo and the developers has described the game as "We have this concept we call mashing to mastery. The idea is that anyone can play it and they can mash the buttons and fight, but if you get the right timing you're able to actually master it" and it seems you don't need to get the buttons right from people playing the E3 demo

It is a good looking game but shouldn't we worry about the gameplay. I see people here hating QTEs and the description of "Mashing to mastery" doesn't exactly sound positive. What happened to games. It used to be gameplay over graphics but now this game highlights a common trend where it has gone the other way round
Gamingisfornerds  +   620d ago
The only reason I'm getting excited is because this game is showing what next-gen will bring us at the very least in terms of visuals and imo it's awesome!

The visuals kind of remind me of some of the earlier Project Offset techdemo's. There's just a certain appeal to the visuals in terms of motion blur, shading, lighting etc that genuinely gets me excited for what next-gen has in store for us.
Alexious  +   620d ago
True, graphics seems really good but that should be a given since it's Crytek. Gameplay is still very much up in the air, though
Sevir  +   619d ago
These last few years Crytek has only been pushing graphics... Beyond that fact the demo shown at E3 was filled with more QTEs than Ninja Gaiden 3... I won't lie the game is amongst the pretty batch, but it seems like a poor but pretty rip from 300...

The game went from being a First person on rails Kinect game to a 3rd person pretty but generic hack and slash that's overly dependent on QTEs... And this Mashing to Mastery? I guess!
Gamer1982  +   619d ago
All next gen titles will bring these visuals outside of indies. To say your excited for this game because of visuals? God people really need to actually play games and stop looking at them..
SirBradders  +   619d ago
@gamingisfornerds why dont you just watch it all on youtube then because you'll be wasting a hell of a lot of money buying games to just look at them and not have fun.

Im not trolling you im being serious i have actually done it myself in the past to games i didn't enjoy the gameplay.
Gamingisfornerds  +   619d ago
@Gamer1982 and SirBradders

You both misunderstood. That's not what I'm saying at all.

I'm not excited for this game specifically, I'm excited for the fact that next-gen games will have this kind of visual fidelity.

This game just shows what -at the very least- is in store for us in terms of next-gen graphics...
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awesomeperson  +   620d ago
I'll admit when I first saw the game, the beach landing, I was highly impressed with how it looked. Then came the actual combat, and I was disappointed.

It seems that unless the E3 demo wasn't representative of the full game, it will be a mostly linear QTE, albeit a pretty one.

I'm hoping the gameplay turns out better than what it looks, because although I'm not getting an XB1 at launch, I plan to get it down the track, and I wouldn't mind Ryse if the gameplay proves to be decent.
Jughead3416  +   620d ago
This was originally supposed to be a Kinect game. The original trailers actually show a person playing it by swinging their arms to attack. They changed it before E3. My guess is, all the QTEs are because they threw together a combat system at the last minute. If this game didn't have so many QTE's, then I would be really impressed with it. God of War's QTEs are mainly for finishing off a boss which is much more acceptible.
joe90  +   620d ago
"it will be a mostly linear QTE, albeit a pretty one"

God of War springs to mind
awesomeperson  +   620d ago

Ahh, that makes sense.. I did hear how it was meant to be Kinect focused, but never really connected the dots there.

That being said, I'm happy they changed it - if there's one thing I'ld find less appealing than constant QTE would be flailing my arms around D:

@ Joe90

QTEs in God of War were mostly finishing off bosses or harder enemies. It seemed nowehere near as prevalent as in the Ryse demo. I am a bit tired of the God of War franchise though, I hope Santa Monica give Kratos a break for a while.

I don't hate QTE by any means, I enjoy games which employ them in cinematic instances (such as Heavy Rain), I feel as if a game like Ryse needs a tad more player input.
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Skips  +   619d ago

Because God of War's gameplay is completely brainless like Ryse's.... /s


Get out. -_-

That one Ryse demo had more QTE than an entire GoW game combined, considering you only need it for boss fights, as awesomeperson said. lol
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theWB27  +   620d ago
QTE's usually mean you have to press the correct button in order to finish the cutscene or animation right? Like chase scenes in Shenmue or how Heavy Rain was built. If you didn't press the correct button then you had restart that scene over again.

These are not QTE's. They're button prompts that lead to better finishers in order to gain more points and health.


People complaining about this are hilarious. This system of easy to play hard to master isn't new. It doesn't take a genius to pick and kill a few guys in God of War. That series is legendary and it's filled to the brim with true QTE's and simple button press gameplay. Same with Batman..it's a button masher but it can mastered once you learn to string together hits.

Sometimes people just want to pick up a pretty game and kill a few guys to let off some steam. Not every game has to be chess, some can be checkers.

On another note...this game is simply gorgeous.
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XabiDaChosenOne  +   620d ago
Are you serious? No where in that article does it eliminate the notion that it's QT mashing fest. It even says right there in the article that you can "mash away" if you want. You can not do that in God of War. It even says in the article: "you'll still polish the enemy off if you fudge the timing" lol what? You can't do that in either the Batman series nor the God of war series. Your comparison to Heavy Rain is pretty flawed also since Heavy Rain is a story driven game as opposed to Ryse which is supposed to be a combat game. It's funny because the people praising this game is the same fanboys belittling Knack even though Knack technically has deeper gameplay mechanics lmao!!!
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AnteCash  +   620d ago
woooow the grafix
Electric-flamingo  +   620d ago
Does this type of gameplay make it any less appealing than lets say God of war, assassins creed or heavy rain ? I don't think so. You must really not like this game because your last 3 comments were all almost the same identical paragraph about it.
iamnsuperman  +   620d ago
Firstly it was two comments. Secondly I said:

" It used to be gameplay over graphics but now this game highlights a common trend where it has gone the other way round".

Key words highlights and common. Other games do it but this seems to have taken it to a new level and I showed my disappointment (as gamers we should) at this
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PockyKing  +   620d ago
He actually make a good point about assassins creed. Think about it, when you kill a group of enemies all the work is done for you by either just clicking square and seeing a new animation or by watching a sick cutscene for a double kill etc. Ryse at least gives you control of the kill and gives you more to do for cinematick kills other than clicking one button over and over again.
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Aery  +   620d ago
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CrimsonStar  +   620d ago
Heavy Rain says hello .
B-radical  +   619d ago
qte is only if u want bonus's
d_dogg2007  +   620d ago
Lair all over again! A game that was made specifically for Kinect and at the last minute was changed. Mark my words this game will get panned universally for it's lousy gameplay. You can already tell!
Eldyraen  +   620d ago
From what I've seen and read of this and played of Lair... Ryse looks the better of the two. It might not play better though but we have to wait and see.

Lair sort of kicked itself although I would love a similar game that was much better. Dragons are just awesome and premise was great but didn't live up to it. Hope Ryse doesn't fall as short.
Fireseed  +   619d ago
Crimson Dragon. That is all.
Gamer1982  +   619d ago
@Eldyraen Your comparing the graphics of a PS3 launch title in lair to a Xbox One title? Seriously?? "Ryse looks the better of the two"

Just blown away by how stupid some people are. They buy there games because they LOOK better than last gen games. Forget if there any good.. I bet you bought Doom 3 eh?
Eldyraen  +   619d ago

Wow... you want to talk about stupid people?

If you watch a trailer you can see what a game 'looks' like without talking about graphics. Gameplay and even story can be guessed at by seeing a game in action...

Lair looked and sounded great but in the end didn't live up to the expectations by far (due to actual controls mostly). If you couldn't understand that then you need to look into a mirror before you post.

Have a good day.
Neoninja  +   620d ago
was waiting for more info on Ryse. Don't know why people are complaining about button prompts, they're only for finishers.

Now I really hope they show off some of that coliseum multiplayer they were talking about, and some of the strategic things you can do with your squad.
Einhert  +   620d ago
The game just looks far to simplistic, the melee system does not seem fun at all.

I would have thought devs would have looked to games like chivalry for melee combat.
Alexious  +   619d ago
Chivarly has a pretty hardcore combat. Obviously, they are going for a mainstream target instead.
Einhert  +   617d ago
and that is exactly why it is bad
DiRtY  +   620d ago
Can't wait for it.
I love the setting and hope it comes with a great story.

The visuals looked great already.
Convas  +   620d ago
slimeybrainboy  +   620d ago
I wish everything like Roman/Greek Mythology type stuff didn't always have to get really God of Wary and Thory. Can't it just be like Troy where it's humans vs humans.
sandman224  +   620d ago
Looks good to me.
ame22  +   620d ago
Ryse to the XboxOne will be what Too Human was to the Xbox360 or what Lair was to the PS3, there is always that one game.
Wackaflocka2013  +   620d ago
They said you can turn the QTE's finishers off if you want to.
N4realGMRZ  +   620d ago
The Sony Cult despise this game with a passion because it completely destroy the PS4 is a far superior machine in the "graphics" department....imagine a first gen XB1 game embarresed even thing shown on the "Mighty" PS4....when is this fanboy culture going to die? all this after praising the QTE fest that is asocciated with Quantic Dreams and GOW.....if they said that combat was a complete rip of GOW they would have a better argument...but being completely blinded to a real argument or conversation is proof of jealousy is proof of brand loyalty .......Pathetic!
Sevir  +   619d ago
Lmao!!! This comment right here! The has got to be the worst displays of fanboy drivel in a plopping while!
N4realGMRZ  +   619d ago
Oh you can hold a conversation? lol not surprised at all! but enjoy playing around in drivel from a plopping while????
BlackTar187  +   617d ago
The best part about Sony fans praising the QTE is fest is the Xbox fans talking major crap about it. and how its not really playing a game.

Lol how funny is it that you don't mention that in your fanboy rant.
trywizardo  +   620d ago
its really one of the best games i sow in E3 ... from the graphics to the gameplay EPIC and EPIC SCALE is the words for it
M-M  +   619d ago
Some of you guys are the biggest fanboys in the world(speaking specifically to Sony FANBOYS, even though I prefer Sony). The game looks good, although they did make a bad decision with all the QTEs. We just have to wait for more game play to reveal itself for final judgment.
brettyd  +   619d ago
The graphics and presentation looked GREAT, the gameplay looks god awful. You can tell it was originally planned to be Kinect title.
king_george  +   619d ago
not trying to troll but I didn't really get much from the reveal and I don't understand the excitement.. I mean graphically the game is beautiful but when it comes to that gameplay i witnessed it just doesn't seem very.. well fun. they should really remove a lot of the QTE parts because I can see the game getting attacked for it in reviews. that being said I know the X1 has other, more enticing games in their line up and Ryse just doesn't seem to compete imo. but theres still a little time b4 launch. we'll see
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timotim  +   619d ago
X1 is kicking out some visual monsters with this game, Forza 5 and DR3 and others...really makes you wonder where they can go with 2nd and 3rd wave titles. Ryse is a launch title for me for sure. Can't wait to see where they go with the story...so many places/events/characters they can introduce.
S2Killinit  +   619d ago
this is pretty much the gears of war for the xb one
kewlkat007  +   619d ago
The game does look good, I see it no different than a AC type of game..
cunnilumpkin  +   619d ago
it looks mediocre graphically, certainly not what I would consider next gen, then again, that goes for every ps4/xbox1 game I have seen that shows actual gameplay

basically higher native resolutions and better depth of field effects and slightly better anti aliasing on top of current gen visuals

if that is all "next gen" consoles have to offer,

welcome to 2007 on pc I guess??
Disagree  +   619d ago
needs less QTE.
nick309  +   619d ago
I dont mind the game being a qte... You dont see heavy rain or beyond failing with their qtes, nor crys from me &other ps3 owners saying the games suck for qtes.... Heavy rain was so good for a "qte game" stop saying it sucks because you dont want an xbox one.
ALLWRONG  +   619d ago
Good looking game
FightFans  +   619d ago
even though i m not an xbox fan but i m not going to lie, those screen shots look nice.
iconic56  +   619d ago
"Nero’s youngest son, Basillius, enjoys anything carnal or cruel. At the Colosseum he delights in watching gladiators kill each other, and lords over the terrified slaves he keeps in his harem in the bowels of the structure."

We all know this story is going to borrow a lot from Gladiator, so I can't wait to see how far they go in the Coliseum arena. Let's just hope the story is good and the gameplay is addictive.
NeoTribe  +   619d ago
From what I've seen of this game it practically plays itself. Hit a guy once or twice and prepare for mini button sequence... good graphics but looks pretty boring.
Thunderhawkxbox  +   619d ago
I cba to argue with Sony fan boys anymore they act like a child every time something come up for Xbox one even the game they say BS common get a life spend more time on ur console than Internet
thetruthx1  +   619d ago
This game looks amazing. When the graphics didn't change going from cutscene to gameplay my jaw dropped.

Sony fanboys sound ridiculous. Gow and Heavy Rain get a pass but this game doesn't?? In God of War you can swing a long ranged weapon the whole time pressing the same button to win in combat. I don't see how this is worse

I hope Crytek really does perfect the gameplay to hear all of your new excuses as to why this game won't be good. So far the graphics, story and gameplay are promising
NeoTribe  +   619d ago
God of wars happened during boss battles.. not every little guy you fight. Big difference. Heavy rain is an interactive movie so how the hell could it not have those types of sequences. Ryse midas well be a interactive movie aswell, cuz the gameplay can be done onehanded.
thetruthx1  +   619d ago
Ohhh so it depends on who you're fighting and what type of game I'm playing whether it can use qte's or not?? Wow this is new to me lol
jollygoodchap8  +   619d ago
Gotta love the flip flopping around here.

I remember Crytek getting all sorts of hate. Graphics hustlers/no gamplay and that jazz but now they're making an exclusive...."OMG Can't wait!!!"
FlunkinMonkey  +   619d ago
they've been waiting long enough.. 360 is dry as a bone.
JunioRS101  +   618d ago
these screenshots aren't even natively 1080p? lol so NO, these are not in-game screenshots.

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