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Xbox One: 'Wrestling With The Hardware' Is Inevitable - Titanfall Dev

Speaking with NowGamer, Titanfall developer Steve Fukuda says that having issues with next-gen consoles will always happen. (Next-Gen, Xbox One)

The_Infected  +   774d ago
That's obvious.
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JunioRS101  +   774d ago
I know Cerny makes a big deal about "time to triangle", BUT for the sake of gaming everywhere, I certainly hope Xbox One has a quick "time to triangle" also, so we can all get more games.

If PS4 is the only 'easy' platform to develop for, then they will face less pressure from X1 and therefor could get away with less effort. So, again, let's hope Microsoft has a similar strategy in mind!
ethomaz  +   774d ago
In Xbone you need to deal with the eSRAM to avoid the bottleneck of the slow DDR3... so for developers it is easy to works with the PC-like PS4 than Xbone.

In another news they showed that The Crew was ported to PS3 in six months using only three employees... fast, easy and cheaper.
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Major_FitZZ   774d ago | Spam
GameNameFame  +   774d ago
You are clueless Major Fitzz the fanboy.

Unified memory has always the major advantage over split. It is more hassle not as efficiency and etc.

Also, you are forgetting PS4 has 2 processor. While x1 had 1. X1 had 50 percent weaker GPU. X1 have to dedicate 10 percent of already significantly weaker power on kinet and OS.

Sorry for breaking your fanboy delusion.

Btw tiled resource existed in AMD driver kit for like 3 years. How desperate are you to believe more secret sauce.
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Major_FitZZ   774d ago | Spam
GameNameFame  +   774d ago
@Major Fittz
The 50 percent refers to GPU.
It is clear you do not understand what any of this mean.

Its what actually processes the graphics. Ps4 has 50 percent more graphical power.

Ps4 has one more processor while Xbox One uses one that it has. Uses 10 percent of the power for kinect and OS. Reserves 3 gig for OS.

Result? Far weaker gaming console! FACT!go ask most reputable journal in gaming. Digital Foundry and Anandtech.

MS is software company? Too bad they are not making games then, but a hardware console.

Why are you so desperately arguing against facts? Its a far weaker console. Like so far apart, there is no room for argument.
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dboyc310  +   774d ago
Ps2 ruled the market back in the days and in my opinion that was one of the best generations.
ShinMaster  +   774d ago
It shouldn't be that hard. After all, Titanfall is an Xbox 360 game.
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   774d ago
i love seeing the people on this site pretending to be neutral throwing around disagrees when they dont really disagree.. idiots
Rhythmattic  +   773d ago
Well it seems instead of throwing a disagree, I dropped an agree.

Oops. :)
UltimateMaster  +   774d ago
Umm, games might take longer to make on the Xbox One. Can we expect early releases on the PS4?
gapecanpie  +   774d ago
Where in this article does it even say that? Seem like a case of fanboys wanting to see what they want. What the guy is clearly saying is that the X1 is new hardware and they have to get use to it as the same with the ps3 developers will have to with the ps4 .... its pretty much common sense but then again this is N4G.
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gapecanpie  +   774d ago
It's not really split in the same way the ps3 memory is as the DDR3 memory is unified and the esram is just extra ram that's right next to the GPU for very fast access. In fact its the same as the 360 just more of everything so it should be just as easy as it was to developed games for the 360 which was more easy then the ps3 and not just because of the hardware but also because of the development software. But what ever they are both pretty mediocre compared to what I am going to be building.
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showtimefolks  +   773d ago

I am a pro PS brand as getting S4 at launch but come on TItanFall looks stunning and I know PS4 will get a port by mid 2014 or sometimes in 2014

Don't just hate on a game just because its exclusive

We would have plenty of games on ps4 to where we won't miss TF for time being
gaelic_laoch  +   773d ago
PS4 may even get a better looking version! Still plenty of other games to keep me occupied until the inevitable TF version comes out on the PS4!
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Chaostar  +   774d ago
Yeah pretty obvious especially considering the Xb One's RAM deficiency workaround (esram), which means it is now the most difficult to make games on.
green  +   774d ago | Well said
Obviously did not read the article
Chaostar  +   774d ago
I don't see how my comment is not related to the article, after all, the esram is part of the reason that "next-gen consoles are going to require understanding before we see the best of them."
green  +   774d ago | Well said
Where in the article did they mention esram? Where in the article did he even indicate in the slightest that they are refering to inefficiency in the hardware? In fact do u have an xbox one dev kit and if you do, can you please tell us when you will be gracing the Microsoft stage at E3 to announce your project.

Your just a bitter troll.
Chaostar  +   774d ago | Well said
Esram is a part of what makes it slightly harder to develop games on Xb One, in what way is pointing out that fact bitter or trolling? Yes it isn't directly brought up in the article but it is most definitely related.

It's just typical of the fanboys on this site to persecute anyone who even remotely criticises their console of choice. Nothing I said was malicious or falsified please direct your unwarranted anger somewhere else.
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slampunk  +   774d ago

Such an insightful and intelligent comment..... As well as having nothing to do with the article.....

Great job...
SuperLupe  +   774d ago
"Yeah pretty obvious especially considering the Xb One's RAM deficiency workaround (esram), which means it is now the most difficult to make games on."

The heck ? lol.
Foxgod  +   774d ago
There is nothing difficult about esram, the 360 already did it with edram, and pc's also have this in the form of L cache.

In fact, the XB1 runs on a Win8 kernel, so if you develop a game for PC, all you have to do is cross compile it to the XB1.

For the ps4 games first have to be ported to sony is own graphic library, as well as the library's that come with Freebsd.
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ShwankyShpanky  +   774d ago
It does not "run on a Win8 kernel." The Win8 kernel is for apps. The gaming OS is separate. The hypervisor OS is the mediator between them.
dantesparda  +   774d ago
@ foxgod

"L cache"? Do you know that the "L" just stands for "level"? and the actual cache is SRAM. And you do know that CPUs have had this cache since the 90's.

And anyway you cut it, x1 devs have to figure what needs higher bandwidth and what doesn't, and then try to fit it all onto 32megabytes. You don't have that issue on PS4
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Mike134nl  +   774d ago
Esram is not mentioned in the article, though it is definitely part of `understanding the console before we use them`as mentioned in the article.

I guess the main point being made in this article is that even though both consoles are more pc like, developing for a new generation places a heavier load on technical resources.
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wishingW3L  +   774d ago
nothing is mentioned in the article, they only talk about it in a very general way but that the Xbox has split memory and most of it is slow as hell for the GPU is a fact and an hindrance. This is why Cerny said they didn't go with GDDR5+esRam on the PS4, because it made things more difficult and you can bet this is one of the difficulties that 3rd party's are having with the console.
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tuglu_pati  +   774d ago
Cerny this, Cerny that. I thought this article was about Titanfall and X1
imt558  +   774d ago
But he thought of XO probably. Show me just one developer who said that the PS4 is hard for developing games. Instead : http://www.craveonline.com/...
BallsEye  +   774d ago
It's about next gen consoles in general, nothing there about XO. Misleading title and you should read the article first before posting.
psoomah  +   774d ago
Charlie D on Semi-Accurate posted a while back he's talked to a number of devs and without exception they were VERY happy with the PS4 and far less happy developing for the Xbox One. This has since been backed up by a number of articles from various sources.

Mark Cerny's 1-2 months 'time to triangle' for the PS4 appears to be highly credible.

Hence the above article is almost certainly referring mainly to the Xbox One and not the PS4.
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Death  +   774d ago
Both systems have a unique RAM approach. Sony devs need to optimize GDDR5 for linear CPU calculations that require lower latency and Microsoft devs need to figure out a way to speed up their DDR3 which is ideal for CPU, but less than stellar at GPU calculations that like multiple pipelines. The eSram is Microsofts solution to increase speed. Not sure how Sony is tackling the issue with latency on their end. I am sure we will hear eventually, but realistically it's not very important to gamers.

GDDR5 and eSram? What would the point be? GDDR5 latency is already an issue. Adding eSram would make it worse.
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gapecanpie  +   774d ago
Its a waste of time trying to explain as it seem most of N4G is brain dead. I wouldn't be surprised if zombies are running this site.
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   774d ago
chaostar ignore green hes an ignorant troll and an apologist.
jeffgoldwin  +   773d ago

You have 2 bubbs, why do you suppose that is? Because your so charming?
Supermax  +   774d ago
Your funny and delusional.
ShwankyShpanky  +   774d ago
Your funny and delusional what?
oof46  +   774d ago
You are funny and delusional, sir!
BallsEye  +   774d ago
Misleading title! I'ts about new generation consoles! Not just XO!
Lboogieskells  +   774d ago
The studio is only working on the X1, what other next gen could he be talking about?
hazardman  +   774d ago
That we know of.
jessupj  +   774d ago
Well, since TF is obviously timed, they could already be casually experimenting with the PS4.
imt558  +   774d ago
Well, i don't see which game Respawn develops for PS4 for now.
BallsEye  +   774d ago
You really believe they never got ps4 dev kits? You are the same people saying it's a timed exclusive and it will come to ps4 eventually..and now you assume they don't even have a dev kit. Irony...
mxrider2199  +   774d ago
@ ballseye why would they get a devkit way b4 they are even going to start to port it over??
hazardman  +   774d ago
With any new hardware there is gonna be problems. As developers learn more on the new hardware things will get easier. Atleast thats what i got from article.
DiRtY  +   774d ago
I love how people praise Uncharted or the Last of Us, because they look so great. And the exact same people try to make the Xbox One look bad, because it is "only" 4-5 times more powerful than a PS3...

I think Halo 4 looked great and I am certain that talented developers will create great looking experiences for every next gen console - including the Wii U.
quenomamen  +   774d ago
First game will present challenges for them without a doubt, real question is will they go back to the crap out the same damn game every year like they did with COD. Judging by their track record they can keep Titanfall on the X1, I have almost zero interest in playing it.
mochachino  +   774d ago
That would explain why several of the upcoming Next-gen games aren't mind blowing graphically.

But release 360/PS3 games compared to one being released now shows a massive graphical improvement.

I used to think that a lot of launch 360 games didn't look much better than Xbox 1 the original (God, Xbox One is a HORRIBLE name), then later my mind was blown by Gears.
Rhythmattic  +   773d ago
Yep, personally for me "next gen" arrived when I first played Gears of War.

I can't wait for the moment it happens on the upcoming console gen, whether its MS or Sony..... I cant wait to know its arrived....

(Ps. Yes I do have a capable gaming PC, but a lot of console exclusives do it for me)
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MotherLight  +   774d ago
No need to argue over this. He is simply saying developing on a new system will take time to learn. No one is talking about porting games, he is talking about developing games on them.

We all know what Xbox 360 and PS3 games looked like at launch compared to how they look now. So what he says is not a stab at PS4 or the Xbox One. He is just simply talking about development and how with new hardware comes having to overcome new technical challenges.

Would help to actually read the article before going off on a tangent.
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oof46  +   774d ago
There is no way to have a fruitful discussion without the trolls interfering.
MicDude  +   773d ago
I'd like to make a point about the PS4 and X1 RAM situation. Forget about speed and latency for a second.

If these consoles are built like PCs as I have been reading, then wouldn't it be obvious to those with some PC gaming experience that playing a game does not take up much RAM at all. The most RAM I have ever seen a game take up is from Max Payne 3 at around 500MB at any given time.

That being said, why would games on consoles be any different? Optimization? I highly doubt it, because you can run Battlefield 3 @ 60 FPS on max settings with 4GB of RAM with the Windows OS simultaneously and still have RAM left over for other tasks. The reason 8GB of RAM has been put into these consoles is for multitasking.
t3rrorc3ll  +   773d ago
Have you actually watched a graphics cards ram useage? Because these consoles are just a GPU in a box. Running BF3 with sli gtx670 on triple monitors I regularly used 80-90% of available gpu ram. Still managed solid 60fps though. A PC main ram takes a back seat in useage.
jeffgoldwin  +   773d ago
Bad example as 3 monitors isn't possible to do on a console and obviously would require more ram and a better gpu than any console even has.
t3rrorc3ll  +   773d ago
Okay then. Single monitor @120 fps bf3 still used 1.5 gb of the 2gb of ram. Obviously scenario dependant. Micdude made a point he'd never seen a PC game use more than 500mb of ram but then referred to his pc main ram not the GPU standalone ram
TemplarDante  +   773d ago
Micdude, in the nicest way possible. What you just said was dumb.
Xbone res 3GB to multitask.
PS4 1GB to multitask.

500MB for Max Payne 3.... lol.
Battlefield 2 needed 512MB of ram back in the day.
MicDude  +   773d ago
Yeah I don't have a rig with badass parts lol. That is what I have seen from personal experience (Max Payne not BF) . My point was that the amount of RAM the consoles will have available won't matter (That is, the performance won't be affected) because the games probably will not use it all anyway.
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Thunderhawkxbox  +   773d ago
Woow every time there is article about Xbox one and all I c Sony fan boys saying blah blah blah blah blah like one years old kid they can't say any word yet get a life and admit Xbox one > gaystation 4 forever
jeffgoldwin  +   773d ago
Both systems have their pros and cons. It's just fanatical fanboys that try to taint how awesome next gen is going to be.

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