PS3 Exclusive Ace Combat Infinity Unveiled, Still Set in the Real World in 2019, Vita Logo Removed

Namco Bandai officially announced Ace Combat Infinity, and with the unveiling of the game a few scarce tidbits of information have been revealed: unfortunately not all of them will please the fans.

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Godmars2901736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Alien invasion?

But a meteor hit.

Shadowsteal1736d ago

Why is this exclusive? The last game Ace Combat: Assault Horizon was multiplatform.

Abriael1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Probably because it didn't sold enough on the 360 to warrant the effort? especially in Japan.

Or maybe it has some free to play elements that Namco Bandai loves lately, and that doesn't fit the 360 too well apparently.

Inception1736d ago

Maybe Namco owe an exclusive Ace Combat to Sony? You know, like Namco made AC6 exclusive to 360. Besides, i don't think it will hurt Namco to made this game exclusive for PS3, when the majority of Ace Combat fans are gamer who mostly own Playstation.

Shadowsteal1736d ago

@ I don't know why I got disagrees for asking a simple question. But thanks for the answers guys.

zoks3101736d ago

And to be honest the series have never been the same since it went multiplatform.
The series needs to go back to its PlayStation roots. To this day the ps2 is home of the best ace combat games, multiplat in my opinion hurt the series quality.
Even the xb360 ac exclusive was good, but I don't think the creators can handle more than one console at a time, and it shows.

millgate11736d ago

Or guys, just a wild guess here, maybe Sony paid Namco for it to be exclusive? Do you really think Namco would make the game exclusive to PS3 just because it wasn't selling as well on other platforms? Doubtful. Money is money.

Shadowsteal1736d ago

Yes. Why would they spend money to make a game that won't sell as well on a particular system? If you spend $100,000 to make a game to profit only $100 dollars is it worth it? You don't have to be a businessman to know this.

millgate11736d ago

The thing is, it's not that costly to port the game over to another platform. Also, there's a huge difference between €100 and over €1 million and I can't imagine the budget was too high (Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is not an AAA title). Remember, games sell for around €50. They only need to sell 20,000 copies to make €1 million. As of May 8, 2012, the game has sold 1.07 million copies worldwide. So around €50 million? I would imagine over 40% of those copies were sold on the Xbox.

izumo_lee1736d ago

Bamco is lately getting into the F2P model that started with Tekken Revolution. There are hints that this new AC will follow that same model since it is a PSN downloadable title.

Since XBlive is a little closed to these games & Sony is being more open to these kind of titles it is possible the PS3 was easier to get the game on it.

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Tatsuya 1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

damn, was hoping for a PS4 version as well. Ohh well, hopefully they have another Ace Combat for my PS4!

tubers1736d ago

That sucks.

Even the 3DS got an Ace Combat game :P

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