I Can't Tell If These Are Game Screens Or Photos Of Cars

Kotaku - I know, you know, we all know, Project CARS looks amazing. I'm not here today to try and educate you. I'm just here to revel in its beauty.

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TomShoe1795d ago

God, this looks so hot.

Problem, Xbone?

TXIDarkAvenger1795d ago

Not sure where your getting at. It may not be for One but it certainly is for 360.

TomShoe1795d ago

Edit, lol I messed up.

1795d ago
assdan1795d ago

I don't think that it looks really. I can't explain why, but something's not quite right.

MidnytRain1794d ago

That's usually how it is. Even if somethings the smallest bit off, a flag pops up somewhere, even if you can't explain it. These look really good, though.

toxic-inferno1794d ago

There's something that looks a little bit toy car to me about a lot of those screens. Don't get me wrong, they look like realistic-looking toy cars, but in the pictures that don't show anything in the background, I have a hard time believing they're full-size...

Gigaguy7771794d ago

What about the people who don't care about racing games? I don't think the Xbox One will have a problem with those people, ya know, the large demographic.

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slivery1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

I told you Project Cars is looking like one mean force to be reckoned with. Seriously it looks way better than Forza and even GT6 but what I like most is that it offers much more in terms of racing.

Both GT6 and Forza are great but I am really excited for Project Cars, it seems to be doing more and something new. Not just because of the simulation or detail but because of the variety of cars and different styles of racing this game offers that I have yet to see in any other racing sim.

It is entirely built by a community of racers which I love. That teaser they recently released on Vimeo is so gorgeous. I have turned so many fans of Forza and GT6 over to this game, they are all really excited about it.

They should be, they are putting a ton of effort into this game.

I see so many people arguing about Drive Club, Forza and GT6. Yet barely anyone mentions this, which always blows my mind.

AbortMission1795d ago

I'll just get the PC version for free once someone comes out with a torrent.

The definitive version is obviously the PC version. The current gen consoles, ps3, 360 and wii u all run at 720p

paranoid19711795d ago

Nice way to support the industry, thieving tosser

hiredhelp1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Im a supporter of project cars WMD. I get a build once a month you can't put a small sum money in less than half price of a game. I think im junior at the time all i could afford like $15 i think somert silly.

CandyFace1795d ago

This is why developers include DRM in games. You should feel ashamed.

starfox791794d ago

No wiiu runs 720p native at 30fps but that was a prob,and upscales to 1080p,with graphics more in line with pc,and going off Shinen's recent interview they say you need 16MB edram to stream 1080p natively,and say wiiu can basicaly do it easy as long as you use the edram section,wiiu has 32MB and maybe another 32MB in that 30% unknown specs,in nana assault they used 1 core of the cpu ? plus myamoto said they may make pikimin3 4K compatible ?? look if you think Slightly Mad Studio's would say ProjectC will look and feel amazing on wiiu they mean it,when asked is in using pc assets he smiled....

PS3 and 360 will have sub 720p resolution,and will have much less detail....

CaptCalvin1794d ago

Subtlety is the key to trolling. And I can't believe people are falling for this.

herbs1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Starfox79 stop your fanboy troll quest. The Wii U will never be able to output 4k resolution stop twisting Miyamotos words to further your delusional fanboy fantasies. Yes the Wii U is more powerful than people give it credit for but this is the second time you have posted about this B.S. Stop clogging the message boards with your bogus hardware equations you have no idea what your talking about.

nurdeens1794d ago

You're a great man. Beat the system!

ibroman1794d ago

Wii u will run faster than ps360 (disagree all you want it's the truth.)

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AbortMission1794d ago

@CaptCalvin. N4G is filled with too many fanboys who can't use their brains well

LonDonE1794d ago

Yet, why have they not showed proper wii u, 360 or PS3 real time game play? showing stills, is all dandy, but in real time there are stark differences, for instance, when you play a race in gran turismo 5, and then pause it,and take a picture, and save the pic to your PS3 xmb menu, the car is glossed over, and so looks so much better then in game, and i suspect this is the same thing with project cars,the pics get re-rendered in native 1080p, also you have to take into account these are pc videos, and pictures, who knows what kind of beast rig they are using!

And take into account that on consoles project cars is only running at native 720p at 30fps, and so the devs can cram allot more detail into the game compared to a 60fps game like forza and Gran turismo 5,and GT5 also renders natively at 1280 by 1080p at 60fps, while forza is native 1280 by 720p at 60fps, while project cars is native 1280 by 720p at 30FPS! this makes a massive difference in rendering budget, either way for a sim racer, 60fps is much more important then 30fps, controller feed back and input lag is effected when comparing 60fps vs 30fps!

Until this game is 60fps on consoles, it pointless to compare it to GT5 or Forza, both trump this game by miles, sorry but its true,also with the wii u having double the ram, why couldn't they get the higher res textures in their? ala need for speed on wii u? its lazy, i am sure if the gpgpu were optimised for this game they could get better performance out of it then a 7yr old 360 or PS3!

herbs1794d ago

Why are you people giving LonDone disagrees? He is making some very valid points. 60fps makes a huge difference especially when it comes to racing games and it is even more important for a realistic simulation experience.

Feralkitsune1794d ago

To be fair, this game was a PC exclusive at first, then they decided to put it on consoles as well. You'll likely see the console version after PC version is finished.

aaron58291795d ago

freaking amazing...

really hope this one will release on the ps4 too.

If the physics is as real as it gets... its gonna be an effing amazing game for the sim-ers like myself. Just hope it wont go the arcade-sim route.

AfterThought1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Some of the people working on this game are known for having some of the best tire physics around, they shouldn't disappoint with anything else. It should be a real treat for any racing simulator fan.

level 3601795d ago

Of all the racing titles that will be coming out soon Project C.A.R.S. is the one I'm very much looking forward to.

Aghashie1795d ago

I can only think on one thing...

when, finally this game is gonna be released!?

Aghashie1795d ago

thanks for posting.

I was really looking for a christmas release... seems that I have to wait a little longer. really hyped for this one. hope the wait is worth.

grimmweisse1795d ago

No problem, the thing with the developer is that game is community funded, rather than a publisher helping them to make the game. So they don't need to overly rush the game. Probably that's why it's looking so good.

So with the community funding it, the date is not certain, but a target to aim for, Q1 2014. Good news is that they want to bring the game over to next-gen console, but that depends on their funding. Good news for self-publishing on the PS4.

SniperControl1795d ago

Sorry to disappoint. Could be Q3 at the latest.....

Aghashie1794d ago

my heart is now broken :(

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