Dead Rising 3 doesn’t “fill the gap”; Dead Rising creator wants to make “really big” zombie game

Dead Rising creator Keiji Inafune and Dead Rising 2′s co-producer Shin Ohara have both expressed how they want to create a big-budget zombie game. Meanwhile, Ohara wants to play Dead Rising 3, but has criticized it.

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jc485731552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Man, it just feels weird w/o Inafune's supervision. Will Dead Rising 3 be able to top it off? because Dead Rising 1 and 2 are still my favorite games of all time. Chuck Greene and Frank West are well designed characters.

JokesOnYou1552d ago

nah, they just specifically want to give it a grittier tone, but essentially its Dead Rising with all the craziness and mayhem under the dark look, which I prefer.

Mkai281552d ago

So, he wants it big like Day-Z?

Angeljuice1552d ago

No, he wants bigger zombies (like the zombie outbreak epicenter being a basketball player's only "disco and three legged race" with live entertainment from oversized giraffes and overweight elephants).

StinKyNuGz1552d ago

It's already done called last of us amazing best game ever

HK61552d ago

The Last of Us is an open-world game?

PFFT1552d ago

Not open world and its not about Zombies.

Funantic11552d ago

Dead Rising 3 is going to be great. I like how now there won't be a time limit for those that want to explore without being rushed. Also there's the classic time countdown for those who do like beating the clock. Speaking of clock...I can't wait for this game.

jc485731552d ago

are you serious? no time limit?! What's the point of playing Dead Rising now?

Funantic11552d ago

It has both options. I never did like the time limit because I always had to rush. Others complained about it too so now there'll be both options. I understand if you like the challenge of beating the clock. Capcom didn't forget about you...or I.

jc485731552d ago

It wouldn't be Dead Rising if the timer was completely gone. The timer gives me the chance to be a little more productive instead of aimlessly wasting time doing other things (but you do have time to do other things). Didn't understand it in the first place like everybody else, but now I do. It gives you the challenge to save as much people as possible at a given time.

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