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JoJo’s All Star Battle: New V-Jump Scans

This month V-Jump brings new scans featuring Enrico Pucci and Dio Brando with information on their abilities. (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle, PS3, Xbox 360)

tayz  +   679d ago
lol this anime looks funny. it;s by cc2 tho so i am tempted to try it.
krontaar  +   679d ago
Please don't. The fanbase already took a huge hit because of the anime adaptation. The last thing it needs is narutards shitting it up.
JasonXE  +   679d ago
Stupid, everyone loves the most recent Anime Adaption.
Firan  +   679d ago
JoJo 2012 anime was great. I hope they make the rest of the series with the same style.
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Thirty3Three  +   679d ago
I read the into wrong :(

josephayal  +   679d ago
only on ps3
JasonXE  +   679d ago
Can't wait for this game, thank god Hysterical is going to cover it.
Knushwood Butt  +   679d ago
Roll on August.

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