Kinect can read and recognize human sign language

Microsoft Research Asia has developed a way where Kinect can read and recognize human sign language.

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BABYLEG1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

I heard the playstation eye can ready the playstation dualshock to let you know who's the player. Lol

Microsoft stay winning.

its for everyone

PSVita1524d ago

Hahaha.....funny..... :/

rdgneoz31524d ago

I heard the PS eye doesn't need to be connected to the system for it to actually work...

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31524d ago

PS4 and PSeye were seperated at birth.

JokesOnYou1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

hmmmm so micorsoft developing kinect to help people and of course you kids still need to bash on it instead recognizing how useful this application can be for the impaired which transcends beyond gaming. Anyway cool to see them doing something like this, hopefully they will keep working on this and produce a practical product that people who use sign language can use in everyday life.

christocolus1524d ago

Just let it go bro, i have learnt to ignore some arrogant comments made by some hate filled and ignorant fan boys.

good work ms. keep it up

Mounce1524d ago

And do you know what? No one will use this Kinect feature even if it's to benefit Deaf Gamers. It won't benefit them unless they ONLY love to Navigate the Xbox One main menu and by that point? It wouldn't matter who's deaf, who's using sign-language or anything.

There's no gaming use of you controlling a character, there's no gaming uses of communicating with sign language to communicate in a game, it's got navigating use and basically is if you want to "say" what you want your Xbox to do or to go. Soooo- it's a neat Minimal feature - but you make it sound like it trumps PS4 somehow when this will be used by 0.2% of the audience.

HEY TOM! I JUST TOLD MY XBOX ONE TO PLAY MY GAME IN SIGN LANGUAGE! "That's cool....though if you just moved the controller analog stick to the Play button it'd probably go a lot faster, are you missing a CONTROLLER or something?" - Oh yea, hey! Controllers! They have buttons! (They're pretty cool too)

JokesOnYou1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Mounce is something wrong with you, the video shows Microsoft Asia doing research with Kinect where they have developed it to read sign language its a lot less about gaming than it is about giving the Deaf/impaired folks new ways to interact with the world around them through Kinect to control their pc, tv, and possibly many other electronic devices, its small things you and I take for granted, something simple like they are paralyzed and for whatever reason their remote isn't nearby, they usually would need assistance from and aid just to turn on the TV, with this they can use voice and sign language to turn on the tv and navigate the say that they shouldn't bother because theres no gaming use is an extremely limited view, the reason X1's and PS4' exist is because of Atari, NES, Sega Genesis, xbox, ps, and etc consoles didn't start off doing all the great things they do now.

So where this Kinect sign language tech may lead to for other mainstream products is anybody guess and surely a lesser part of that will indeed be something useful in games for the Deaf/Iimpaired. The important thing is improvements/conveniences do happen unless SOMEONE tries to do things differently.

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PSVita1524d ago

Although it has nothing to do with gaming, I think that's awesome. I know ASL(American sign language) but there are many forms of SL just like vocal languages. Lets hope it can understand them all and is somehow used to make life easier for the deaf and mute. :) everyday that we take for granted is hard for them.

GribbleGrunger1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

I agree, this is a fantastic application for Kinect. It would be great if someone made an Indie game specifically for the deaf. I know there wouldn't be a huge audience but it wouldn't do MS any harm to promote it. Or even a 'learn sign language' app. I was trying to make a game for the blind with LBP but I'm not good enough. It worked on frequency of sound (that was the hard bit).

ArmrdChaos1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

If they were able to improve on this it would be a nice thing to roll into Skype.

Tong1524d ago

Kinect gets creepier day by day.

CommonSense1524d ago

I agree that some aspects of Kinect are a bit creepy. This, however, isn't one of those aspects.

GribbleGrunger1524d ago

This isn't creepy, it's beautiful.

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