Nintendo Bares Fangs At Next-Gen With Aggressive Release Calendar

GR: "Today's Nintendo Direct Mini revealed just how emphatically the company will respond to naysayers throughout the busy Fall video game season. Sure, Wii U seems overpriced and under-supported, and has received numerous votes of no-confidence from major third-parties, but it's obvious that the company has been here before.

"Nintendo knows how to respond, what moves to make, and that the fans will follow."

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TrendyGamers1168d ago

I am bound to this earth.

acharlez1168d ago

It will be interesting to see how the Wii U fares this holiday. We already know the 3DS is going to kill it with Pokemon X/Y.

dbjj120881168d ago

I'm actually excited for a Pokemon game, first time since Silver/Gold

PigPen1168d ago

Pokemon U comes this year, don't it?

AfterThought1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Not certain but I think you are talking about Pokemon Rumble. It isn't a new game though. Pokemon Rumble Blast was on 3DS a year or two ago.

It is the same thing game play wise just on the Wii U. Pokemon Rumble Blast wasn't that great in my opinion not really looking forward to it on the Wii U.

I would rather play many Pokemon games over that one. I had it on 3DS, just wasn't as good as I had hoped. The concept is pokemon "toys" that fight each other. Which is weird, no idea why they had to make them figurine like instead of just actual pokemon having a rumble.

sloth33951168d ago

i think they said near the end of august

Qrphe1168d ago

Donkey Kong Country can't come soon enough meng

dbjj120881168d ago

I played DKCR on 3DS but I can't wait for the HD sequel.

Still wish Retro were doing something other than DK though.

Qrphe1168d ago

I wasn't a big fan of DKR and was also disappointed when I heard Retro wasn't working on Metroid. Then I figured that this is the best chance of there being another good DKC game again so I'm hyped, specially after the BB demo.

starfox791168d ago

Retro will be working on a technical marvel as we speak...

deafdani1168d ago

I don't understand your comment. You say this could be a good DK game since it's being made by Retro, yet you didn't like Returns, which WAS made by Retro?


Qrphe1167d ago

I had no idea to be honest. All I know is that the DKC demo I played at Best Buy was miles away better than DKCR on the Wii.

-Mika-1168d ago

I guess i have a different definition of aggressive.

PopRocks3591168d ago

Six non-casual exclusive games is not aggressive...? Please, just lose your bubbles sooner.

dbjj120881168d ago

I've given her all the downvotes I've got captain!

dbjj120881168d ago

Eight exclusive games in 5 months isn't aggressive? When PS or Xbox do that?

PigPen1168d ago

We aren't talking multi platform third party games. We are talking first party and exclusives. Eight exclusives in five months is a record breaker.

RTheRebel1167d ago

Nahhhh that's your fanboy state of mind ;)

kalkano1168d ago

Wake me up when they announce more info about "X", or they announce a non-crossover Fire Emblem.

exfatal1168d ago

Do you not like the SMT series or something? Im a fe fan and im pumped for the FExSMT crossover.

kalkano1167d ago

No, I don't like it. And, a crossover with Fire Emblem seems completely out of place. I have no problem with them making it, but it's not for me, and I want a standalone FE.

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