June NPD: ‘The Last of Us’ sales numbers revealed

On July 18, sales data for The Last of Us was released and the development team at Naughty Dog should be proud of their historic achievement.

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gaffyh1802d ago

If anyone with a PS3 hasn't bought this game, buy it now, it is an amazing game (no exaggeration), easily one of the top 5 this generation, and perhaps even across generations. They'll be winning a lot of GOTY awards for it, no doubt.

AznGaara1802d ago

It's definitely the kind of game everyone should play. Whether or not they ultimately like it doesn't matter cause its an EXPERIENCE every gamer should go through. But I personally loved it. My GOTY.

CarlosX3601802d ago

Renting it from Redbox after the weekend winds down.

lento1802d ago

YUp just got it finally.. Was sold out everywhere here in winnipeg. It did kill my original 60 gig though :( so same night went and bought a new slim.. Did surgery to get the last of us disk out.. And continued playing.

DA_SHREDDER1802d ago

i beat it already, why do i need to buy it?

justastranger101802d ago

Doesn't seem that impressive to me. Halo 3 sold 6 million copies in 24 hours.

showtimefolks1802d ago

if anyone is on the fence please do yourself a favor and buy this game, you won't regret it

andibandit1802d ago

"It's definitely the kind of game everyone should play. Whether or not they ultimately like it doesn't matter cause its an EXPERIENCE every gamer should go through"

Didn't know we had Rite's of passage for gamers now...

Gamer19821802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

@justastranger10 that was worldwide for a shooter game on xbox not only a shooter an established franchise. This is not only a new franchise these are US number NOT worldwide. Read carefully NPD! We still don't know worldwide numbers of TLOU yet but even so it's impressive as hell as I bet Halo 1 never sold that many copies in its first month or any new exclusive IP on Xbox.

I heard already this game has supposedly outsold Bioshock infinite worldwide.. Just take that into consideration. a new IP on a single console vs an established IP on multiple consoles. Thats not including the time Bioshocks had on TLOU.

VGchartz confirms this but we know there numbers are off but people in the gaming industry like IGN have already reported it.

Ares84HU1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

I don't agree.

I finished the story once and that was enough of it. I don't wan't to go back and play it a second time. It was good while it lasted, untill I found out how it ends but there is no reason to play it again for me. I tried the mp which is complete crap. In my opinion that is the worst game ND made this gen. All 3 Uncharted games are a 100x better than this.

Obviously most people will disagree but I just don't see what others do in this game. I just don't find it fun to hide all the time and sneak around. Especially while I hear a 13 year old curse every 2 seconds even if it's out of place.

ThanatosDMC1801d ago

Wow, what a stupid article. They didnt actually learn anything. Just what someone else wrote on some forum or whatever.

darren_poolies1801d ago


I think you need to put that crack pipe down.


I won't pretend anyone NEEDS to buy anything, it's up to each one, but I can say that this game was the most I felt like 60 dollars well spend since MGS4, and that's for the single player alone! Sure, as most story driven games, if you beat it once it may not hold you for any longer, but personally I already played through it 3 times, love the gameplay.

When I got to the multiplayer... Well, let me start it differently. I was personally very skeptical of the multiplayer before playing and when I first started, from my experience slow pace works the best with tactical shooters, so I though the damage parameters were wrong (I still think a headshot with powerful weapon should never simply incapacitate your enemy), it sounded like it had too many gimmicks (perks to even see through walls, 1 time boosts, listen mode, crafting, etc) and I was afraid it turned into COD-esque, also wasn'r so sure about that shaky aim...

Boy, was I wrong? The multiplayer is blast with friends! Those perks and stuff simply work with the game, the damage is actually pretty high, it simply don't kill in one hit (but get enemies down pretty fast), in fact the aim shake and man down system are a good way to balance it, otherwise it would be so fast many would simply ignore teamwork. Also, if you are into teamwork-based multiplayer, look no further, this is it, the fact that you'll many times need help to finnish off an enemy before it crawl to a friend and get revived (or you yourself may need that aid) push people to play together, as well as those perks like hawk-eyed, strategist, first aid trainning, reviver and crafter are all great for people that like to strategize with the team.

I kind of whish it had lobbies through, I don't like the matchmaking (pairing players lvl 60+ with other who are just starting is not a good thing, also sometimes it takes a long time to start a match after it found 8 players, or found 8 players and randomly disconnect everyone to start searching again), but quite frankly, that's something happening with multiplayer for many (almost all?) games out there, so I wouldn't take any thing away from it, it's not enough to detract from how fun this game is.

But, be advised, don't go in there alone! The best way to enjoy TLOU is with at least one friend you can communicate with so you can cover each other. More often than not if you go alone you may be paired with clueless people that keep straying from the group and getting killed enough to hurt your respawn tickets just to disconnect before it ends, also leaving your team almost always outnumbered (and remember, player count is faily low, every gun makes a difference there). This can be very frustrating if it repeats constantly.

P_Bomb1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

NPD is US only, justastranger10. Sony stated it did 3.5 million worldwide and that was a week or two ago . Pretty impressive for a new IP at the end of a gen that's not a military sci-fi FPS with millions of Doritos/Mountain Dew in marketing behind it. It's already lapped both "Gears/God of War" titles this year.

s8anicslayer1801d ago


So you'll renting a demo from Redbox?

Gigaguy7771801d ago

No, he'll be renting the single-playing portion of the game via redbox, which is the only decent portion of the game.

Ares84HU1801d ago


Yeah, I must be on crack because I don't like TLoU. What a stupid analogy.

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badz1491802d ago

I am still on my 1st plathrough and the experience so far is amazing! it's a shame that I don't have time to sit and play games for long period now but I spent every minute of it now playing TLoU! and the thing is...things that have happened during my playthrough keep popping up in my head!

the emotion is strong with this one!

FlunkinMonkey1802d ago


nearly as many as the amount of 2nd accounts spawned by Xbox trolls in the last month.. Staggering

otherZinc1801d ago Show
kayoss1801d ago

Its funny how a lot xbox fans come in here and bash the the game, comparing it to an established franchise and already had a big fan base. The sad part is that they want to play the TLOU, but they dont want to buy a PS3. I guess once you're an xbox follower you are a follower for life.

T21801d ago

more like cult follower... have they ever heard of buying more than one system? its pretty sad

Gigaguy7771801d ago

The sad part is believing an entire fanbase is stupid over a VERY small part of the community. All this is is the massive PS3/4 fanboy community that roams n4g responding to the minimal Xbox fanboy community that wanders here occasionally. Think about it. Makes more sense than millions of people being all complete idiots but only 5% being online. Also, TLOU isn't all that great, I tried it and the bad design is everywhere.

kayoss1801d ago

Rofl,"...I tried it and the bad design is everywhere" trying saying that to the countless high reviews. You just lost all credibility with that remark. Tlou is probably going to be a contender for game of the year.
It's funny how SOME Xbox fans "minimal" (whatever that means) Sony fans when the ps3 wasn't selling well. But now Sony is pumping out great games and outselling the 360 you try to turn the table. Like they say karma is a bitch and its time for you to bend over and act like one and get what's coming to you. Where are the Xbox banners now? Where are the Xbox fans that come on video game sites to scream "Xbox rule". Xbox fan can dish the trash talk but they can't take right?

Orionsangel1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Didn't Tomb Raider sell a little over 3 million? I was expecting those numbers. According to my research The Last of Us did sell over 3 million. Why didn't the article just say that?

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majiebeast1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Naughty dog proving everyone wrong again.

-Launching a new IP this late in the generation is suicide-wrong
-Releasing a game with the summer drought is madness-wrong
-People dont buy games that have women on the cover-wrong

Game with girl on the cover(TLOU)985K.
Game with guy on the cover holding a gun(Bioshock Infinite)845k on 3 platforms(not counting steam). Guess that proves that Ken Levine was wrong.

Naughty Dog:

Things Sony should do with Naughty Dog.
-Give em all the money and creative freedom they want.
-Keep the genius duo of Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann together.
-Expand the studio even further dont think you will have a hard time recruiting good devs for a third team.
-Dont create drama.

PopRocks3591802d ago

This is one of those rare occasions where we agree on just about every point you've made.

majiebeast1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Hehe thats very rare;) Guess that screws my chances for winning the lottery this year.

CarlosX3601802d ago

No. Just, no. I don't care if a lady is on the screen, I don't care if a game is released in the summer, in fact I IMPLORE it. And I sure as hell don't think it's suicide to release a new IP at the end of a generation, I think it's better - especially on an established platform.

Sony heavily marketed this game like it's their own game. THAT was great. Good job, Sony!

shadow27971801d ago

Umm... it IS their own game.

LOGICWINS1802d ago

I don't understand. How is releasing a game during the summer drought "madness"? Wouldn't you WANT to release your game when there is as little competition as possible?

majiebeast1802d ago

Summer is generally considered a bad time to release a game people go on holidays the weather is nice outside etc. Just look how barren the release window is in June/July and August.

Salooh1802d ago

Weather is like hell in middle east XD . 40-50 degree . We heard people die in europe because it's too hot and the degree in there is 30 . That's spring to us >.< ...

miyamoto1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Students have no money nor allowances they can spend on games and people are supposed to be out doors or on summer vacation... but Sony is trying to make sure games sell well on any season aside from Q3 or Q4. It worked well for God of War III. Its anew trend they set for AAA games. Its even more suicide to release a new IP along side COD and AC anyways.

Bigpappy1801d ago

I agree Logicwins. In the summer gamers are staring for something good to play. When ever a major game is released in the summer it does very well. But if you game is top tier in the holiday season, you will have huge numbers, as that is when people who don't even play games, buy the popular games as gifts.

If some of those less hyped games were released in the summer, I think they would have a better chance of being picked up. As you said " when there is as little competition as possible"

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Death1802d ago

Why would it be bad to launch a new IP with an installed base of 80 million?

black0o1802d ago

EA,Capcom ..etc think so ... and analysis

CarlosX3601802d ago

Many developers released new IPs late in the console cycle, and some have bombed. Problem is, these developers did not pour good marketing strategies to the game. If they had, they would have sold a little bitter or at LoU's level.

Bzone241802d ago

I don't remember seeing any of the complaints that you list.

That said, anyone that owns a PS3 and doesn't own this game or at least have plans to buy this game should just go ahead and give their ps3 away.

majiebeast1802d ago

The reason Elizabeth isnt on the cover of Bioshock:I. Is because marketers and focus testing pointed out that games with girls on the cover sell less then games with guys and a gun on the cover.

So Naughty dog has proven them wrong and even they were asked to move Ellie of the cover and on the back of the box but they said hell no.

PSjesus1802d ago

GOW2 released on the end cycle of PS2 2006
that's show how Sony dedicated to their systems till end while MS and N already forgot their recent systems
the same year of PS4 we got on PS3:
TLOU,GT6,Beyond TS,Rain,NK...... and the Fking Puppeteer

Sono4211801d ago

and don't forget about the new Ratchet and Clank Game :D (Into the Nexus)

kevnb1802d ago

to be fair, sony really got behind the game way more than any other I can remember. Its a great game, but it had great marketing as well.

CarlosX3601802d ago

One of the best comments in this submission.

Gamer19821802d ago

Weirdly never saw and ad outside the web for this game..

isa_scout1802d ago

Their marketing on the internet was pretty good, but I didn't see any trailers or commercials on television. In all honesty I think it was word of mouth that helped this game sell so well. For instance, after I beat TLOU I told my friends to go buy it, they said no not right now, I showed them the opening of the game, one of them cried, and now they ALL own this masterpiece. Hopefully next time they just buy what I tell them to and accept that I have much more sense than they do ;)

HeavenlySnipes1802d ago

You must not have been around for God of War 3

kevnb1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

i saw tons of ads even with the little tv I watch, and it was all over the web like nothing else this side of gta v. It was in movie theaters, during nfl games, the season finale of the waling dead for petes sake. Then during E3 they went into overdrive to the point where even the most casual console gamers knew what it is. 3.4 million sales in three weeks is more than just being a good game, especially for a new ip. But sony had faith in the game, and with the marketing push it should clear 10 million by the end of the year.

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badkolo1802d ago

they wont even break even

DarkHeroZX1802d ago

How do you know? Do you know how much it cost to produce? Do you know how much revenue this game drew in? I mean 1 million digital sales at $59 buck alone probably did it.

Sevir1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Um the game SOLD 3.4 MILLION COPIES World wide in 3 weeks... Across digital and retail... They more than broke even, they reaped a ginormous profit.

Next to that the game was heavily marketed. I saw trailers for this in the theaters for almost all major movies, they were marketing the game almost 2 months before with trailers during major football games and during the season finale of the walking dead, not to mention how they plastered the TV with commercial for this game during the week of E3 as well as the big promo they gave it during the E3 conference... This game got every sale it deserved and both Sony and ND deserves this.

Amazing game and a brilliant new IP at the end of a console cycle typically dominated by sequels...

For being 2 and a half weeks on the market in June, they dominated the charts. Nearly 1 million..

Uncharted 2 sold 750k in October 2009 and U3 sold 700k in 2011 all in the face of COD, AC. And both Uncharted 2 and 3 were highly reviewed and heavily marketed. More so U3 than U2.

demonddel1802d ago

Wow you know the dudes at Naughty Dogs name man you are a Dedicated true fan

nnodley1801d ago

I don't understand what you are trying to say? Where in his post did it sound like he knew the people at Naughty Dog? Some people I swear just post mindless posts.

TheGrimReaper00111800d ago

I really hate that
"Releasing a game with the summer drought is madness"
Right now, where I live, there is NOTHING comming out until mid september
It's bullshit
So gues what game I'll be playing, developers who agree on this? THE FUCKING LAST OF US

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PopRocks3591802d ago

A feat more than well deserved. Congratulations Naughty Dog. You've done quite well. :)

Dobgamers1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

This game deserves every penny they get from it.

Easily one of the best games I have played in this gen!

insomnium21801d ago

One of all time greats for me. I'm hooked to the online now. It kinda grew on me after trying it. Now I can't wait to put the kids to bed and fire up some online action. I only finished the campaigne once so I'll be busy with this baby for a good while.

No_Limit1802d ago

I contributed to that total. Great game! Played it multiple times already. Very much deserved.