Great moments in media advertisements

Digibytes writer Christopher Pascarelli, takes look into the Sony Playstation 3 Kevin butler ads, or the dear Playstation ads, and why they are so successful

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exfatal1774d ago

Me too, him and the little black kid was what made me love sony ads

Tapewurm1774d ago

Marcus was the kid. I miss Mr. Butler as well...they could run on that for years.

Static2121771d ago

Funny story Marcus was caught on SNL playing a Nintendo DS a month after the Bridgestone fiasco I remember reading a breaking article on kotaku about it.

r211774d ago

We all do buddy, we all do :C His commercials were great. RIP KB

younglj011774d ago

Kevin Butler announcing UnCharted 4 would be awesome....

Xof1774d ago

I think the "Wii would like to play" ads were, by far, the best advertisements the industry has created. It was just the perfect messaging for Nintendo to reach out to that new demographic of "everyone else in the world." Looking at Nintendo's current advertisements for the WiiU (which I didn't even know existed until I saw one on Youtube) it's really hard to understand how they went from one of the best campaigns to... crap in just a few years.

Beyond that, the only other older ads that really stick in my mind are those that were specific to games. I remember always getting excited when the ad for Final Fantasy X would be on TV, but these days--aside from the odd COD or Halo--it doesn't seem like individual games get that much advertising outside the Internet.

Static2121773d ago

I am going to use those Wii commercials as well don't worry