NCAA Ends Deal With EA, Remains Unaware Of Own Hubris

The NCAA announced yesterday that they would not be renewing their partnership with EA, but why do they keep pretending their athletes are amateurs?

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ftwrthtx1646d ago

The problem is that NCAA players, regardless of their sport, can't earn money from their sport. Maybe they should have a NCAA basketball game with all football players and a football game with all basketball players. Could they get paid then?

thePurpleTap31646d ago

One thing left out: the hypocrisy of the Terrell Pryor saga that took place a few years ago. Guy + teammates try to sell their OWN merchandise for cash, tattoos, etc., and they get suspended and killed for it. Not only is the NCAA exploiting them for cash, but they're not allowing the players THEMSELVES to profit while they're in school. Ridiculous.

showtimefolks1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

i believe some of the players just filed a case against EA, because EA said they will still make college football games

EA is making a killing while some kids can't even sell their own gear that they don't use for food and other stuff

SEC president is right NCAA should allow schools to give kids some pocket money for their normal expense like food and gas

1646d ago