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Submitted by -Mezzo- 865d ago | opinion piece

Xbox One Kinect – Will Big Brother Be Watching Us?

Gi - Recently, Peter Schaar, the Federal Data Protection Commissioner for Germany called the Xbox One Kinect‘s upgraded features a “twisted nightmare”. Given the recent government scandal concerning PRISM, the Xbox One’s Kinect poses some interesting privacy concerns to potential consumers. (Kinect, Xbox One)

Dobgamers  +   866d ago
No, microsoft have denied that!
s8anicslayer  +   866d ago
Of course they're going to deny it, then it wouldn't be "Spying" if they told you they were allowing the FSA to do so..don't ya think? I hope you don't believe everything your told.
abzdine  +   865d ago
here is the proof
GameCents  +   865d ago
Let them watch! I mean goodness sake do people think they are so interesting that everybody wants to spy on them??
So tired of these articles. Lets just agree that they'll be watching your unfit and unkept slob of a body play games and jerk off.
xHeavYx  +   865d ago
What I would like to know is;
Can you use the One with Kinect not pointing directly to you?
Can you cover the camera and still be able to play?
If MS answered those questions, then most of the rumors would disappear
n4rc  +   865d ago
Especially when your only told it by conspiracy theorists.. Right?

This whole kinect is spying on me is the most idiotic subject I can imagine..

u people want ms to fail.. If you actually bothered to do a tiny bit of research (not reading comments sections!) Then you would know the actual facts..

Ie.. Kinect CAN be turned off
Wagz22  +   865d ago
So when you play watch dogs, your watching big brother as big brother is actually watching you O.o its like the twilight zone.
JokesOnYou  +   866d ago
"The Kinect data collection can be used to monitor users for breaches of software and console policies. This means that if a user violates an established Microsoft policy, Microsoft can collect the evidence of that violation and put simply, use it to charge you extra."

-So she says concerns like the 24hr checkin, drm, and Kinect always being on recording you have been addressed but she then says when its on that it will check to see "if a user violates an established Microsoft policy", 1st What policy is she talking about?, 2nd Where's the proof that Microsoft will be actively using this to charge you? These blogs love to make up shiii for attention.

s8anicslayer, yes they denied it, so in America its called proof. Microsoft actually has done a lot fighting in Congress for consumer privacy rights and are rated highly as one of the better companies protecting your data because the govt makes tons of requests to huge companies like micro who have a lot of consumer data, but in reality they can just subpoena or use other means to get any info they want. The FBI even publicly said they don't need a warrant to spy on your emails.
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camel_toad  +   865d ago
If Big Brother ends up watching me all I can say is that I feel really sorry for them. I apologize in advance, and my animals gave me full consent.
komp  +   865d ago
I can assure you that no matter what any company / person says about the whole Prism/NSA/GCHQ spying scandal... IF they are involved in it then the NSA would have enforced that no one could ever admit or deny it exists.

So you will have to come to your own conclusions as to what that means to you / everyone else.

If the government have nothing to hide then why the secrecy?
aiBreeze  +   865d ago
To be fair, Microsoft and other companies are trying their hardest to be given the rights to be more open about these things. This whole fiasco though is a PR nightmare and won't stop anytime soon.
EasilyTheBest  +   865d ago
Oh please not this again...
orakle44  +   865d ago
Just put some black electrical tape over the camera, no more watching you. :)
onyoursistersback  +   865d ago
You just can't believe all they say...they have been Caught lying several times last month.
Funky Town_TX  +   865d ago
How so?
JoySticksFTW  +   865d ago
Just real quick since I'm on my phone, I think he means things like...

Announce that drm can't be turned off during Angry Joe interview then turn off the 24 hr check-in a few days later, is one

Cloud makes certain games possible; but now those games are perfectly fine offline after drm policy reversal

Announce No supply issues, but why the limited number of launch units, might be another (but really, why announce you have supply issues so buyers just go preorder the competitor's console)

There's more but can't type with these things
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onyoursistersback  +   865d ago
@ funky town,
Are you new to gaming, do you not read up on gaming news? N4G/IGN etc etc...
n4rc  +   865d ago
Hey joysticks..

1 isnt a lie

2.. Cloud and DRM have nothing to do with one another

And 3.. You don't know stock numbers.. Nobody does.. Everything from production issues to limited availability are rumors.. Not fact by any stretch
JoySticksFTW  +   865d ago
Yeah, whatever you say rep management. LOL

Join date 19 days ago :D

I believe you ;)
stage88  +   865d ago
Yeah it's not like Microsoft have done any spying before....

Oh wait, they directly monitored millions of personal Skype calls and conversations.

Have fun with this spy box in your house.
4Sh0w  +   865d ago
And then what happened?

None of your links prove anything, in fact it concludes with Microsoft responding that they complied with legal obligations but they we "reject them if we believe they aren’t valid." That actually goes against your accusation since nowhere does the link say Microsoft was spying only that they "helped the NSA" and by their response it indicates "helped" means the NSA sent specific requests.

Your second link only talks about a patent with the ability to record Skype calls, which recording calls also exist in many other formats doesn't mean there is anything evil going on, Sony for instance developed a patent for drm on used games, yet they haven't used it.

Nobody has shown that Microsoft spied on them for gain of the company itself and then did anything inappropriate with whatever they obtained.

Then Microsoft is on record saying that the govt sends tons of requests and supoenas for personal data and they are fighting such invasions of privacy through appropriate legal channels.

What more do you want from a very large US company that is subject to legal action by the US govt?
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strigoi814  +   865d ago
Lolz so do you think they will be honest to you? Get outside enjoy life
dazzrazz  +   866d ago
Nobody is gonna be collecting shit from my house... Because I'm jumping to PS4 camp this generation !
TimeSkipLuffy  +   865d ago
of course. Even if they would try to go against it, if the US government seems to make it mandatory they will just bow their head down... we are speaking about the US! I have nothing against the US (half of my family lives there) but we can't deny the fact that the US government is doing what they want. Even if it is to force to spy on us when it is for the "safety of human kind"...
green  +   865d ago
Will we be getting "kinect spying" articles for the next 7 years ? Ohh dear lord
Supermax  +   865d ago
Oh no there watching us.
iamnsuperman  +   865d ago
I don't think it matters if they will or not. People are believing they will. Pr nightmare right there

(ps I believe they will not but still my point stands)
FlunkinMonkey  +   865d ago
A pretty disconcerting relationship between the two if you ask me (MS and NSA)...
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Bryan574  +   865d ago
no doubt about it. Microsoft was the first to sign on with the NSA's PRISM data gathering scheme. The mandatory orwellian Kinect is a obvious result of this.
ceedubya9  +   865d ago
Let's just say that, for argument's sake, someone really has nothing better to do than watch you through your Kinect. Wouldn't that be hard to do if the Console isn't connected to the internet?
mananimal  +   865d ago

Let's just say that, for argument's sake, someone really has nothing better to do than watch you through your Kinect. Wouldn't that be hard to do if the Console isn't connected to the internet?

On the Surface that sounds logical....BUT with Wi-Fi Technology embedded in Xbox One you can stil be Spied on, even w/o it being connected to an Internet connection.

And with Satellite Technology, it makes it so if Big Brother Govt/NSA wanted(& they do) , your information could still be collected w/o your knowing, KINECT 2.0 plus WI-FI with Satellite Tech being the catalyst making it possible.
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ceedubya9  +   865d ago
You raise a valid argument. But, is all that even reasonable for them to do? There are other items that can be used to get information from us (cell phones, computers)that are more ingrained in our culture. Why worry about people spying on us through our game console, when they could jsut as easily and more likely grab info from us through our calls, our emails, and our search habits. Personally, if were worried, I'd be worried about everything else around me, and not so much Xbox.

Edit: Mananimal - I appreciated your ability to make a counterpoint and add to the discussion. Having concerns is fine, and there is nothing wrong with questioning. There has been so much Microsoft hate going around recently that most comments on such subjects are mostly just people finding another reason to take a shot at a company.
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coopman300  +   865d ago
The nsa wont be watching you unless they wana get sued for perfoming an illegal search without a warrant.
jlm9  +   865d ago
Sadly the Supreme Court has ruled that it isn't an illegal search but you can't use the evidence in court. So basically they completely reinterpreted the 4th and 5th amendment. The police can now come to your house search your stuff without a warrant and it isn't illegal to do, only to enter anything collected in evidence in a court. I suspect several of the founding fathers are spinning in their grave with the present decisions of the Roberts court
Major_Glitch  +   865d ago
An intelligence agency that fears intelligence? Historically, not awesome. - Tony StarkStark
iceman06  +   865d ago
Under the Patriot Act and Protection Act, which are considered by most to be highly unconstitutional, the government has been given almost free reign to search, seize, and detain without warrant (could be pure speculation) under the guise of the term "terrorist threat". No Habeas Corpus...even 5th and 6th amendment rights can be totally ignored. (no self incrimination and speedy trial) Pretty scary stuff in the land of the "free"!
Cherchez La Ghost  +   865d ago
People keep worrying over this?! What about the data collected from Google & Yahoo?! And now new speculation of police tracking license plates info of autos. But nooo...., Kinect is America's #1 spying device. Not your smartphone nor your PC, but Kinect. And if you're not doing nothing to be a threat to the American people, what are you worried about anyway?! The Gov't already have info on you from day one, it's called your Social Security #.
darx  +   865d ago
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fOrlOnhOpe57  +   865d ago
You will never know who is on the receiving end of the camera and microphone despite what MS says.
I can't help but think that the only rational and logical explanation for MS to plough on with their DRM policies at the outset, despite the overwhelming condemnation, was because there was a greater and unseen agenda.
Paranoid......conspiratorial. ....yes, preferable to being naive I think.
mananimal  +   865d ago
Bravo & Well Spoken.
McScroggz  +   865d ago
I think the extent of the Xbox One's spying will be equivalent to how YouTube finds recommended videos for you. I don't think there will be anything all that shady going one, and I've been outspoken about not trusting Microsoft or it's console - not in a tinfoil hat way, mind you!

If, as unlikely as it is, Microsoft's Kinect will spy on you in some capacity, it will completely ruin their console division and hurt Microsoft tremendously. Maybe even irreparably if another company capitalized while Microsoft was down. I just don't know why anyone at Microsoft would risk that, let alone morally allow it.
trywizardo  +   865d ago
Xbox one kinect - will sonyboys cut the crap
ATWILL  +   865d ago
So is anyone worried about the Wii U tablet with both a camera and mic? Did you guys see that a vast number of powerful companies are in this NSA fiasco like, Yahoo, Apple, Facebook, etc? You better get rid of all that stuff if your this worried about Kinect. Do you really think Kinect is more of a threat than your cell phone? This Kinect, NSA thing is so dramatic. If you don't like X1 then don't buy it but stop the BS. If security and privacy where that important to you, cancel you FB page and stop using Google now.
iceman06  +   865d ago
Personally, I have nothing against MS or some fanboy agenda. However, just from a business standpoint, it has to be a concern of MS that all of this came out at the point where they were truly trying to "take over your living rooms". I don't think that MS is any more nefarious than any other company, in terms of NSA/PRISM. That being said, it does give pause to think of adding yet another device or method for which the government can continue to monitor (read SPY) within a household. All in all, it's just a sad state that we have come to in a post 9/11 world. Terrorism is now the excuse for the revocation of a host of civil liberties. To me, it's less about the company (who is being forced by the way to be complicit) and more about the government as a tin foil hat needed.

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