Project Spark, Microsoft’s Game Creation Tool, Will Be Released For Free

At the San Diego Comic-Con today, David Sapienza, producer on Project Spark, shared with Siliconera that the game creation suite will actually be released for free download when it’s ready. The free pack will have hundreds of parts and enemies, worlds, and the terrain builder included.

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Dobgamers1799d ago

Well that is something awesome!

Septic1799d ago

Wow this is big news!

Now imagine how much content the community will create and the fact that you can share and download the content for free is incredible.

HammockGames1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Agreed, that's a real humdinger!

Did not see this one coming.

georgeenoob1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Free AAA game from MS!

Colzer011799d ago

Create a game that you actually can play in it, sounds pretty cool

JokesOnYou1799d ago

Cool! To be honest I'm not big on these type of games but with it being free of course I'm going to check it out and see what amazing stuff folks can create, guess I'll give it a try myself.

ginsunuva1799d ago

Except the XB1's userbase will be under 1000 so it doesn't matter.

Now PC version on the other hand...

gaffyh1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Tbh, when they showed it at E3, and the fact that it is called PROJECT Spark, suggested to me that this was a half finished title, so glad to see MS has seen that and decided to offer it for free. I would never have bought it if/when I get an Xbone.

1799d ago
malokevi1798d ago

wow, seriously big news.

Love hearing about free games. Me thinks MS is buying them for us... which is amazing!!

BattleTorn1798d ago


dude, the pre-orders are sold out..

(oh, ya.. there must've only been 999 pre-orders, across all retailers /s)

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fermcr1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Yep, awesome news. Free game from Microsoft. We don't see this everyday.

As for Project Spark, it really looks impressive.

Gildarts1798d ago

we got assassins creed yesterday...

JohnJ1798d ago

GO Microsoft! Great move, excited to see what everyone can make :)

This will surely be a good thing for bringing the Xbox one community together

I wouldn't have bought it, but now everyone is involved - BOOM I'm there!

3-4-51799d ago

Was one of the games that most interested me but this is huge for XB1.

Not enough to make me want a XB1, but it's a step in the right direction.

I wonder if this was always going to be free and if there will be paid DLC or user generated content to DL.

JackOfAllBlades1798d ago

Get Project Spark for the PC then

Sayai jin1798d ago

Wow! I like to see devs like this

Ausbo1798d ago

this is great news. I wonder what we will have to pay for. This is great for opening the game up to many more people. There should be lots of user created content for us to enjoy.

Flipgeneral1798d ago

Truly free? Or a new micro-transaction model?

I hope the dlc isn't too overbearing, that would be a shame

MonChiChi1798d ago

It's micro with a free pack to start you out.

HardcoreGamer1798d ago


MonChiChi1798d ago

Assume one of those they need to fix is your caps lock.

minimur121798d ago

I remember hearing this back at E3 (it was at an IGN live stream, so many people may not know) but I was quite surprised at this, I'm surprised that they didn't say it at MS conference

'oh yeah, one last thing... Project Spark is FREE'

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Neoninja1799d ago

Well that is freaking cool! I'm interested to see the different worlds created using Project Spark. I know I'm gonna have a go at it.

FlyGuyHung1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Same here. This is awesome news.... it was ONE of the things to SPARK my interests at the MS presser. ;)

Neoninja1798d ago

lol I see what you did there.

HexxedAvenger1799d ago

Oh... This is great news! I was so looking forward to this!

AfterThought1799d ago

Nice. Project Spark on PC here I come.

No_Limit1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

I was thinking of getting Project Spark on my Laptop PC but I don't want to upgrade and pay extra $$ for Windows 8; which is required OS on PC to play. Xbox One version will do since in addition of using smartglass, it also have the exclusive Kinect "voice creating" feature. Can't wait!

JokesOnYou1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

No_Limit, cool, I didn't know you that about the voice features. I think the best news here other than it being free is that you can also download and play games created by other users.

No_Limit1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Another game that will feature similar building function and integration with Kinect and the online community is the lesser hyped Zoo Tycoon. I was worried about the direction of this game since I play most of my Tycoon games on a PC but after looking over this extensive developers' interview and the fact that it is going to be avaialble at the end of 2013 as well, made me more excited. Yes, I owned the original Zoo tycoon and play the living heck out of it. This is really exciting time if you are fans of strategic building simulation type of games. Here is the full scoop about Zoo Tycoon on Xbox One if anyone is interested.

slivery1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Smart glass can be used on PC as well.

I won't write off voice creation until I see it used but voice commands have never been that great. The idea of yelling things out loud so Kinect can hear them just does not really appeal to me.

Like I said though I will wait and see to judge it more fairly but I can almost bet it won't work that great.

The reason I assume that is some of the most expensive and advanced cars have voice commands and even they can't manage to get it to work that great. I don't see how a $500 dollar console will. When a $100,000 dollar Mercedes, BMW or Lexus can't.

I would rather play it on PC also. I already have a Windows 8 PC, no sense in buying a Xbox One right now. This was the only game that interested me in their lineup anyway.

@Afterthought - Lol that is ridiculous all the disagrees people are giving you just because you want to play it on PC.. This place cracks me up. It isn't like you were bragging or something. What is the problem with people these days?

TheKayle11798d ago


the fact that u dont understand how it work dosnt mean it dont

bmw lexus or also rolls..dont have enough raw power on chips that r connected on a immense (cloud) database as siri or google now...(try voice command on google engine is pretty much perfect)

what u find in that car r loooooooooooooooooooow arm cores....that work on a database ..for this reason bmw did a deal with apple (or it was mercedes? i dont remember)..just to use siri.....anyway theres no reason to explain..just read more about it..u will undersatnd how it work

(ps also on vgleaks that the shape audio chip is powerfull enough that it cant be emulated on a 8 jaguar cores chip

minimur121798d ago

when I started building my PC the power supply sparked a bit, now I call it project spark

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AfterThought1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )


Wow! I have no idea. So much hate just because I want to play it on my PC? I really don't understand it. I didn't compare or mention specifications of my PC.

I simply would like to play this game on my PC because using a keyboard I think would be much more intuitive for creative purposes. For me I guess, I have always just been better with a keyboard and a mouse.

You can use Kinect and Smartglass with a PC too so calm down everyone. No need to get butt hurt by my comment. Good grief.

no_more_heroes1799d ago

Apparently, because when people say that they usually mean it as a slight against xbox.

redcar1211798d ago

wow all those disagree cause u want it on pc people so sad on here

xReDeMpTiOnx1799d ago

That's some good news from out of the fire.

Will be cool to see what some people can do because we all know when players are given creative tools like that is often abused but then there are the creative geniuses.