Xbox Live revenue up 20 percent, Xbox 360 platform revenue down

As Microsoft transitions from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One, the company's digital revenue is growing ahead of the next console generation while Xbox 360 revenue is dropping

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antbolton891853d ago

Not really surprising xbox live revenue is up with all the advertisements they've added recently

demonddel1853d ago

I can see the Hate in ur profile pic eyes

Fireseed1853d ago

Does... does this really matter?

demonddel1853d ago

No not unless its about Sony

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1853d ago

demonddel + 5m ago
No not unless its about Sony

Nice trolling there , of course xbl money went up poor people were probably just trying to use netflix or the browswer and realised they had to pay for live ¬_¬

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1853d ago

If people are prepared to pay to play online then sony should gobble up some easy cash, im a pc gamer btw and i play online for free, if i was to buy psn plus on ps4 it would mainly be because of the game deals and not actually the ability to play online.

TheRealHeisenberg1853d ago

" im a pc gamer btw"

Negative, you are nothing more than a MS hating troll claiming to be a gamer.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1853d ago

oh really heisenberg im the troll lmao, since you say so yea.... and yea i dont like ms btw that you got right to me they dont offer much to gaming and my friends agree as we dont buy any ms products.. have a good day mr know it all and almighty drug dealing heisenberg

Dagobert1853d ago

So according to your logic, if people don't like MS or specifically their gaming division, then they're not a gamer? If we're gonna throw out random rules then I'll throw one too.

If you don't sitting on your thumb and spinning around on it and then sucking on it later then you're not a real hardcore Microsoft big boy gamer.

Electric-flamingo1853d ago

Your a joke dude. Grow the fu*k up.

GameCents1853d ago

im a pc gamer btw


Death1853d ago

Must be gaming on an Android or Apple platform then. If you do decide to go console, I think you should buy a Playstation.

TheRealHeisenberg1853d ago

Just no to all your drivel. We all know, including the both of you, that you are trolls. Accept it, ignore me (like I have done you both now) and move on...TROLLS!!!

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Stryfeno21853d ago

XBL was great this generation but I'm hoping it gives a even better experience next gen. Step it up MS.

TheRealHeisenberg1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

I would like to see something of the same value as PS+.

Edit: I am referring to the amount of "free" content, not the service itself.

Dagobert1853d ago

Their revenue went up because people had to get Xbox Live to download all the new trailers on the system probably.

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