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Fireseed1703d ago

Wait what?!?!O_o

Like isn't Double Helix already making KI which would be in direct competition with SF and stuff but now Capcoms giving them a license to develop?!? Like.. I don't even know...

majiebeast1703d ago

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Double Helix you bleeping kidding me this is Racoon City,DMC,Bionic Commando all over again. Why do Capcom keep giving fan favourite franchises to C tier developers. Whats next Onimusha being developed by Nihilistic

Fireseed1703d ago

Well I'm just surprised that they have the manpower to take on 2 titles at once, but in all fairness what they've shown with Killer Instinct has been phenomenal... so who knows.

Skate-AK1703d ago

Nooo don't jinx it. Nihilistic make mobile games now. I would freak if there was a new Onimusha on mobile before console.

Black-Helghast1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Another nostalgic game being handed over to Double Helix. DH needs to get their dirty paws off my childhood. What's next? Chrono Trigger being developed by DH?

gaffyh1703d ago

LOL Double Helix, I actually thought this was a joke article when I clicked into it.

JokesOnYou1703d ago

Well who says they are going to be working on both at the same time, KI is likely almost done since its a launch title due out in November. Strider is likely sometime later in 2014 right? Simultaneous maybe but plenty of time to work on Strider alone too. Also movie tie in games are always a disasters so the only real game they made for consoles early on in 2008 was Silent Hill Homecoming which I'm told was decent. Maybe they are learning with KI that instead of taking a guaranteed check for movie games they are better off putting their heart and soul into remaking established franchises. I pray with the rest of you that is the case. Strider is an old favorite.

Its on their website now coming to all the consoles.

georgeenoob1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Everyone talking sh*t about double helix needs to take a good look at Killer Instinct vids. Didn't know such a bad developer (as you guys like to put it) can make a game look so amazing.

Have you not played the original N64 Killer Instinct games? It's all about combo breakers and ultra combos. And why am I not surprised that a fanboy like you thinks Killer Instinct looks bad.

majiebeast1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )


Killer instinct looks bad with no neutral game is just combo breakers and counters.

gaffyh1703d ago

@George - Why would anyone be surprised that a fanboy like you thinks Kiler Instinct looks good? It looks good graphically, but I can't really say anything about gameplay until I play it.

Mikefizzled1703d ago

Heads up in case people have forgotten Nihilistic is now called nStigate Games.
Same rules apply. Don't buy their trash.

dcj05241702d ago

I saw the gameplay trailer. Looks amazing. I want this on my vita.

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SymphonicRain1703d ago

This is cool. I'm actually kinda excited for it. But Double Helix though? I'll be optimistic

Fireseed1703d ago

I'm gonna laugh when both KI and Strider come out... and they're absolutely amazing.

SymphonicRain1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

For a minute I thought I wasn't gonna be able to play it, because I assumed it would be exclusive to the One. But it's coming to PS4 so that's cool. Always liked Strider.

CarlosX3601703d ago

Be Optimistic:

That looks like Strider, alright.

PSjesus1703d ago

oh wait DOUBLE fking Helix!!!!!
Fuck you CAPCOM
ok i understand giving a chance for a small studios but not 7,hey they are making KI too .....doublekick to the balls

Transporter471703d ago

Another of my favorite characters and game going to Double Helix Crapcom what are you thinking!!!!

CarlosX3601703d ago

It looks fine, I don't know why the negativity...

Gameplay fits in, too.

shoddy1703d ago

Ya f u capcom you lazy greedy bastard.

Lionalliance1703d ago

Wait....really?! to them of all developers?!

Inception1703d ago

Why Capcom not learnt from Konami when dealing with classic masterpiece? Just look at Contra: Hard Corps Uprising made by ArcSystemWorks. It looks and play great without alienating the old fanbase. If one dev who can do justice to Strider, i think ArcSystemWorks is the right choice, not Double Helix >.<

Skate-AK1703d ago

I will give Double Helix a chance. It will be hard for them though. They are now developing two game that have so much nostalgia behind them, it will be easy for them to piss off the die-hard fans. Double Helix, please don't pull a Ninja Theory. Pretty please?

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