Nintendo Made Me Feel Warm and Fuzzy at Comic-Con 2013

Marty Sliva - It’s easy to become bitter when you’re submerged in the world of video games. Media scandals, studio closings, and juvenile shenanigans have a tendency to capture a bulk of our attention on a daily basis. So yeah, sometimes sourness creeps up.

That’s why I was so damn happy to spend an hour at Nintendo’s Comic-Con lounge and remember why I love games in the first place. The two in particular that helped melt away any of that black ice away from my heart were Super Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze. I didn’t get a chance to see either one at E3 (check out what the other IGN folks thought back in June), so I was excited to finally get a crack at the two of them.

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syne491773d ago

I got to play Super Mario 3D world at the E3 best buy event. It was a ton of fun and I could see burning a lot of nights playing that with friends. I loved how integrated the cat suit was to the level I played. I think the game is going to be a home run personally. I went from not interested into definite buy in just one level.

Jagsrock1773d ago

^This is what ive been saying. People are seriously underestimating this game

AbortMission1773d ago

"...we were having an impossible amount of fun in Nintendo’s new world"

Another Nintendo PR spin article?

Summons751773d ago

Yeah heaven forbid any article about Nintendo or the Wiiu have the words fun and impressive. Nope should only be doom, death, defeat and weak when mentioning Nintendo.

Get over yourself troll

AbortMission1773d ago

I'm just saying that the author is a try hard. Chill out kid

Prime_281773d ago

Nintendo hater exposed! lol

arronax-11773d ago

Non-Nintendo hater exposed! lol