NPD: Nintendo 3DS tops systems as June game retail sales drop 15% in US

Nintendo 3DS sold another 225,000 units while Animal Crossing finished second only to Sony's The Last of Us

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NYC_Gamer1743d ago

3DS is killing the charts

fermcr1743d ago

"3DS is killing the charts "
Yep, good for Nintendo. I'm curious about the WiiU sales ?

Good job for The Last of Us, great game.

NYC_Gamer1743d ago

Wii U sales must have been real low since Nintendo didn't even comment on the numbers

Kevlar0091743d ago

There's nothing left to talk about concerning the WiiU. Just wait and see if launching a major title every month for the next 10 months or so will pay off

NYC_Gamer1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

"Callahan also put some context around Naughty Dog's hit, The Last of Us: “The Last of Us was the top selling game at retail in the month of June. To put this in context, it had the second highest first-month sales of a PS3 first-party game, after God of War 3 in March 2010. The Last of Us was also the third highest game to launch during the month of June since NPD began tracking sales in 1995.”

TLOU is doing well deserved huge numbers

majiebeast1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

God of war 3 did 1.1million in its first month.
Uncharted 2 was 537K
Uncharted 3 was 700K

So This puts Lastofus anywhere from 750k to 1.05mil.

That is insane for a new IP.


SpitFireAce851743d ago

This is one game that deserves the sales and then some..:)

RAFFwaff1743d ago

the 3ds is a goddam BEAST!! best pound for pound console out there.

Kevlar0091743d ago

Nintendo really knows how to work the handheld market, which I assume is primarily casual

Animal Crossing is the definition of the perfect handheld game. Pick up and play at any time, you can play for either 30 minutes or 3-5 hours

3DS is just a continuation of the success of the DS. Intuitive, has that unique feature to catch you in, appeals to children and anyone who can see it has great games for it. Nintendo has proven time and time again they are king of the handheld video game market

DarkHeroZX1743d ago

I just Downloaded Luigi's Mansion and I'm looking at getting FE next.

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