12 cancelled Xbox 360 and PS3 games (that we actually miss)

GamesRadar: "It’s always a shame when games get cancelled. People lose jobs, development studios close, and we’re robbed of experiences that could have been brilliant. Many games actually get binned before they’ve even seen the light of day, their entire existence confined to a tech demo on a developer’s screen, or a bunch of concept media rejected by a publisher. However, some are presented to the world before meeting their untimely demise."

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majiebeast1708d ago

Eight days was shelved so we dont know if its actually completely dead cause a few weeks/months back London studio was hiring people for a next gen action game.


2 Days 2 vegas(Multi)
Elveon (Multi)
Cellius games (PS3): - Brave Arms
- Chain Limit
- Second Season 01

- Ni Oh (PS3)
- Sega PS3 game (forgot its name)
- Steambot or sth so (PS3)

Mr_Nuts1708d ago

I hope Eight Days is alive still, the game looked amazing :D

Commandar_Shepard1708d ago

Yes, SCE London is hiring for a core title. I'm hoping that they'll reboot The Getaway for PS4.

wantedboys1707d ago

i agree Getaway is awesome

Fireseed1708d ago

Oh man, I remember the Killing Day trailer, looked interesting... now I miss it :(

MizTv1708d ago

Isn't that game on pc?
I thought I saw it on steam

cannon88001708d ago

maybe you are thinking of killing floor instead?

MysticStrummer1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

I looked forward to The Agency for years... and then they canceled it when it was supposedly almost done.

As much as I wanted to play it, it did look like their ideas might be beyond the tech of the time so maybe it will resurface on PS4.

RGDubz1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

Meh, I was kinda mad when The Getaway 3 was cancelled.. The screenshots for the game made it look like it was going to be amazing.

superterabyte1708d ago

I'm really struggling to understand the motivation for shelving that game. I mean a game with legacy success and set in an open world London would sell like hotcakes. I don't have the sales data for eyepet but I'm sure it didn't sell that great.

hellzsupernova1708d ago

At the time Sony got a new head honcho for their uk development teams and wanted more games with an online focus

matrixman921708d ago

wasnt there some news for This is Vegas a couple months ago? I remember seeing the games official website switched to a coming soon page

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