This Is Probably Why Ubisoft Wants Nintendo To Sell More Wii U's

Here's a chart released by Assassin's Creed/Watch Dogs/Splinter Cell publisher Ubisoft today. That'd be the publisher that put out a bunch of games for Wii U last year, including the superb launch-day exclusive ZombiU but now doesn't want to do more exclusives until Nintendo sells more systems.

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OMNlPOTENT1706d ago

Does your life consist of you going to Wii U articles and posting Wii U is dead? Your opinion is noted.

Muffins12231706d ago

Honestly....wiiu is only 50 dollars cheaper than the ps4...and nintendo has said they dont plan on doing a price cut anytime soon....ps4 is going to dominate it in the next 5 i would basically say its a fail get me to buy one i want to see new good first party ips and way better 3rd party support and maybe a upgrade to its gpu and ram but i know 2 of those things aren't going to happen

Benjaminkno1706d ago

He's angry about how the MadMen series has gone and he wants to take it out on Nintendo because he can't afford a WiiU.

coltlokk1706d ago


Of course you can't announce a price cut before you actually do the price cut. If Nintendo said right now that they're doing a price cut sometime soon, then no one would buy a Wii U until then which equals lower sales (and think of how low it is already). So they'll keep saying no price cut...until the price cut, which may come holiday 2013.

justastranger101706d ago

42% of sales just on xbox 360 o.0

assdan1706d ago

His ID on the wiiU's network is Dopeoplereallybythisthign?sad.
So you do the math lol.
I don't think that the wiiU's future very bright though.

JC_Denton1706d ago

". . . including the superb launch-day exclusive ZombiU. . ."

I was going to read this article, but everything changed when the blurb went full-retard.

LOL_WUT1706d ago

Sorry but MadMen is right ;)

psoomah1706d ago

It's painfully obvious by now the WiiU has been a continuous face plant.

EVERYTHING Nintendo has done with the WiiU has been an epic failure, from the last gen anemic hardware, to the miniscule storage, casual gamer deterring controller, massive and lengthy day one download, excruciatingly long load times, lack of system selling launch games and the dearth of must have games since.

It's just been an absolute clusterf*ck from day one.

Anyone still gung ho on the WiiU's future is divorced from reality.

The WiiU will never hit 20 million lifetime sales.

adventureghost1241706d ago


that is a valid point, though they should have just dropped the price right at E3 since they are way past late in the console war

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3-4-51706d ago

@mad, what happens when it isn't? Are you going to come back and apologize to everyone for being arrogant and completely wrong ?

No, you are too much of a coward to do that.

You can't even give a reason as to your thought ?

RememberThe3571706d ago

Apologize? For what exactly?

uncharted561706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Compared to Wii it is dead in sales number. There is no question that there is a serious lack of third party title support on Wii U and this needs to be a sign of worry when two big publishers like EA and Ubisoft say they are disappointed by the system and wont make any titles for the foreseeable future. There is nothing stopping other publishers from following EA's suite. That said Wii U has some good first party titles in the pipe for Wii U but even they will take time to come but when they do you can expect the system to fire up in sales just like it did in Japan with Pikmin 3. Nintendo but is not up with times though there hardware is miles behind in terms of power and internet structure and game development times are a joke. And damn it nintendo I want a real open world rpg Pokemon game for the Wii U with online play, I will buy one just for a game like that.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1705d ago

3-4-5 + 20h ago
@mad, what happens when it isn't? Are you going to come back and apologize to everyone for being arrogant and completely wrong


badz1491706d ago

it's still way off from dead but not doing so well and definitely not as good as Ubisoft or even Nintendo themselves would want it to be.

Ubisoft has strong proof that Wii U is unprofitable to them at the moment yet somehow some nobody claimed that Ubisoft was lying:


Ol_G1706d ago

you do understand that since marvel avengers they didn't do shit for nintendo that game came out decembre how the hell do you wanna sell if you don't bring shit to the system it's their own fault for delaying rayman like that

psoomah1706d ago

Nintendo is effectively dead in the console space. The PS4 and Xbox One will inherently have full hardware backward compatibility with future consoles. By the time Nintendo gets it's hardware act together Sony and Microsoft will so totally own the console space there will be no space left for Nintendo, even if they were actually competent on their next try.

MegaLagann1706d ago

Listen, I don't think anyone believes the Wii U will be as successful as the PS4 or Xbox 180, at the very least it'll be Gamecube era (which is fine considering the Gamecube was awesome). And I don't think anyone expects Wii U to make a complete reversal of fortune like the 3DS did. But if you expect that with a 3D Mario, Donkey Kong, Pikmin and Sonic this year and Bayonetta, Smash and Mario Kart early next year that the Wii U won't be SOMEWHAT successful, then you truly are a mad man.

kwandar1706d ago

Actually, I believe that over the next 3 years, the Wii U will dominate, and I have reasons for that.

1) Xbox1and PS4 will struggle with software first year while Nintendo will be past that.
2) Fundamental reluctance of PS3 and Xbox users to upgrade when their is no ability to play games library. Who wants ANOTHER console? They will stick to what they have longer, whereas Wii owners have no reason not to upgrade if there is software.
3)Price - I think at some point the chickens will come home to roost, when people find out there is a fee to play online with Xbox and PS.
4) Lowered PS4/Xbox expectations vs Wii U, when people have real products to compare.

For the next 3 years, (I know, surprising given current state), Wii U is likely to dominate.

mcstorm1706d ago

@kwandar I see where your coming from and kind of agree. What people seem to forget is the Wii sold very well to familys as it was shown as a console for all ages to play. Now back to the Wiiu they tried to push it to the core at the start with zombieu ac3, cod ect and if you look into the next 12 months they are keeping the core going with Zelda, super smash bros and more but they are also bringing in the big none core ip's like Wii fit now if you look back the Wii fit board was £100 on top of the Wii price now Nintendo have sais that the Wii fit board will work on the Wiiu so if they can get the base model down between £150 and 100 with wiiufit game and sell it right the none core will pickup the console to.

The only issue Nintendo may have is how Microsoft go about pushing Kinect on the one. Yes the console is expensive compared to the Wiiu but some times that dose not matter I'd sold right.

I do think the Xbox one and ps4 will have a slow start though as again like you said the big name games are still out on the 360 and ps3 over the next 12 months and some of them gta 5, gt6 are not on the ps4 or Xbox one so this will also hurt sales.

That said I could not say which one will sell the most but I do think it will be close between all 3 this gen. For me the next 12 months is about the Wiiu which I am loving at the moment and can't wait to get pikmin next week and the Xbox one as it has more games I want then the ps3 at this moment in time with KI and Forza 5.

Crillvirus811706d ago

So tell me what game is going to sell more then Mario 3d land or Mario kart etc ....on ps4 or Xbox one by the time they come out Nintendo will be going into 5 million more then them in sales followed by a onslaught of games till next year ...Nintendo does one thing right and that's sell games so when there top ips come out there consoles sell so Mario and Zelda and donkey Kong etc will sell consoles ..just look at what pikmin 3 is doing allready in Japan

jcnba281706d ago

Aww look at the fanboy everybody, how cute!

LOL_WUT1706d ago

Exposed! ;)

OT: Just sell more Wii U's and devs will come flocking to your console its pretty simple just drop the price the games will come. ;)

fermcr1706d ago

"WiiU is dead"

What about the Vita ?

As for sales, 20% on the PC, not bad for a dead platform.

Shinox1706d ago

That's a handheld ..derp

We are talking about a brand new "Console"

fermcr1706d ago


Seriously, how old are you. Grow up !!!

BTW, the Vita is a new handheld "console", and it's sales are poor, just like the WiiU.

Cuzzo631706d ago

I wonder when people are gonna stop puttimg up with N's arrogant ways. The created some of the best platformers ever. Has one of the best rpgs ever made. Yet they never wanna move towards the future. Look at the nes, they entered with a shit load of quality titles. Then comes the next best thing, Snes. Great system but do you remember when they were neglected to put blood in their games. Mortal Kombat with red sweat. Lol... But the system sold and the gamers flocked regardless... Then comes the N64. Our first 3D mario, fuckn 007, Banjoo.... But there was one problem... Can you imagime how those games would look then if they atleast had a CD drive... It was good while it lasted but Ps1 was coming into its own then with the CD rom based system that N didnt wanna pursue... Im jus gonna skip the Gamecube because anlittle gem that was the ps2 was on the scene. Gamecube finally went disc based but with so so specs. Good games tho but some developers were not looking at it. Then a few years later they come out with the Gamecube remix! Or Wii...Sold shit loads of systems and software. But I guess after having got comfy again like they were in the Snes days, their vision seems to get all cloudy like they dont have to work hard for our dollars. So here come the all powerful (debatable) WiiU. All the Nfannies were all up in arms... Its this, its that. "Ps3 and Xbox360 suck and is weaker"
Even tho once again N pulled out the arrogant card agian and figured they can jus throw something together and the Nfannies will go for it. And they did until now. But it seems like there are still a few loyalist out there that feels like its the greatest system ever but wat are they playing. Ps3 and xbox360 lol. When are you guys gonna wake up. I did and im glad I seen the light

supersonicjerry1706d ago

it's dead for now but will be back next year with a bunch of good games worth buying. (the jesus of consoles) I'm still getting a ps4 although I wish I could get both.

showtimefolks1705d ago

Well this article if full of people saying wiiu is not dead when it's really dead

UBI is one publisher who actually supports wiiu but if sales trend continues than they will have to stop too




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Yodagamer1706d ago

Meh they haven't made a title for the console in half a year and the ones they have put out are on other consoles with the exception of zombiu. It's crap, but i'm not surprised in the least since the wii u has the least console units sold of all major consoles.

PigPen1706d ago

The Playstation 4 and Xbox One sold no consoles, that's crazy talk.

C-Thunder1706d ago

WiiU will be fine, August starts a long run of new games for the system.

Will it sell like the PS4, no, but will it die, absolutely not. Too many good games coming for it.

If, by some strange reason I'm wrong, then gamers have made a huge mistake by letting 'shiny' stand in the way of 'fun'

Campy da Camper1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Mario kart 8 will be a huge system seller. All the dum dums chiming on about doom and gloom are the same chuckleheads that predicted sonys demise in 2007 and 2008.

Its just kids being kids. No ability to think past 6 months. No deep memory of years past. Just jump on the hate wagon and wave their e-peen around hoping it sprouts a hair.

Cuzzo631706d ago

DreamCast had good games too

C-Thunder1706d ago

Times are very different from when Dream cast's days.

Concertoine1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

All these people declaring a console less than a year old "dead."? I think the wii u needs to find its place, but its not dead and the list of exclusive games coming looks promising.
It is overpriced? No, its selling at a loss.
It is underpowered? Nintendo, and platinum showed at e3 they know how to squeeze high resolutions and framerates with great visuals. Indies are very open to it, with tons of indies announced recently making their way to wii u. It is obvious that the console is capable for what it is striving to do.
No 3rd party support and the same games? Compared to ps4/one, true. But with W101, bayonetta 2, 3 exclusive sonic games with sega, fire emblem x shin megami tensei, the zelda formula finally changing, miyamoto's new IP, and nintendo hiring more devs its clear nintendo is looking to push fresh nintendo games out faster as well as strengthen 3rd party relations.
A lot of gamers i know are just waiting for a reason to buy a wii u. And by the end of next year, the wii u's library will be an admirable bunch of games.

N2NOther1706d ago

It's not underpowered when compared to Nintendo's own consoles, not at all. But when stacked against the next generation it's a joke. Sorry, but it's true. Nintendo released a current gen platform with a fancy controller...again.

I don't think Nintendo is dead but they are going to have to settle for a very, very distant 3rd. Even after all of the bad press the Xbox One has received it has a better chance at being truly successful.

The problem is that Nintendo doesn't get with the times. Miyamoto already said they didn't get on board with HD because there weren't a lot of HD TVs at the time. They just don't have enough forward thinking beyond controllers which isn't enough anymore.

Concertoine1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Compared to nintendo's own consoles? Of course it's more powerful than their other stuff. Should i compare it to the gamecube, or compare the ps4 to the ps2 lol? The wii u is NOT trying to be a ps4 or an xbox one, i wouldnt buy a wii u to play a gimped version of battlefield 4. I'll buy it to play games neither of the other platformd have, and to be able to play them in a completely different way.

To call the wii u "current gen" is simply silly, considering on paper the machine is indeed considerably more powerful and a lot of the upcoming games are at the highest resolution and framerate. Beyond everyones precious "specz", it offers features the past consoles couldn't handle.Take bayonetta 2 for example. Its the best looking action game at the moment, the previous one being god if war: ascension. GoW: A ran at 720p and a smidge above 30 frames. Bayonetta 2 is at 1080p and 60 frames. Hell just compare it to Platinums last action game Metal Gear Rising, it looks miles better.

N2NOther1705d ago

That's great but in 4 months time that "powerful" machine is going to pale in comparison. That's an irrefutable fact.

Concertoine1704d ago

Hey im not saying the wii u wont pale in comparison to the ps4, that is fact. What im saying is its not a 360 either. You people act like the thing is a damn atari, it can still produce quality games without ps4 specs. The system offers a completely different experience than the ps4 does, with completely different games and a completely different controller. It isnt even comparable to a ps4, its apples to oranges.

N2NOther1704d ago

You're kind of reaching here, sorry. At not point did I say that it couldn't hold up with current gen games. The fact that it can is irrelevant because Nintendo isn't going for the less discerning casual market this time around. It's specs are not much different than what is currently available and in less than 4 months, the Wii U is going to be even more the red-headed stepchild of consoles to the large core market.

They aren't even getting Call of Duty: Ghosts. Like that game or not, it's one of the biggest, if not THE biggest third party title. Nintendo will have to subsist on it's own games because third parties are pretty much giving up on it.

This is 100% Nintendo's fault for concentrating again, on a new controller rather than power which clearly matters to the majority of the market.

Let me ask you this, if Nintendo truly put out a next gen console, and I mean in terms of power. storage and online infrastructure like everyone except Nintendo fans see it, would you complain or would you not be OK with it? Of course you wouldn't but because this is all Nintendo is offering you're making due.

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Benjammin251706d ago

I think in the long run the Wii U will do ok, but probably won't top the PS4 or Xbox 1 in sales. I don't get Nintendo though. If you want to change your current predicament, you have to get up off your arse and do something. When PS3 was struggling, Sony sorted it out. When the 360's RROD starting cropping up everywhere, MS sorted it out. Do Nintendo think just by twiddling they're thumbs, that the problem is just going to disappear? More games, Nintendo. That's your biggest hurdle right now.

Cuzzo631706d ago

Totally agree. I dont know what their problem is. Its like they dont wanna evolve. They only do enough to get by. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. I use to love Nintendo. I remember the fights I had with 2nd graders over which was better. Im 32 years old by the way. Now its like they still got the early 90's mentality when they had no competition. Look what happened to Sony tho they did a complete comeback, they lost most of their install bade to others. Same will happen again to N.

Brasi19891706d ago

I assume that's why their fall schedule is crammed with goodies...