‘Dark Souls II’ shield design contest winners announced

Six of the esteemed designers will receive their own shields in-game, their name in the credits, and a copy of Dark Souls II signed by the dev team.

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FanboyCrusher1736d ago

I'd prefer a great looking shield that would match the ambiance, not a practical joke you'll see forever, and laugh at once.

yeahokchief1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

ahh pc players latching on to our series. i dont blame you. but i wish you guys would go play diablo or something.

ahh whatever at least we're all dark souls fans.

Sam Fisher1736d ago

Looks like the dev team only wanted simplistic shields

yeahokchief1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

i wouldnt say they wanted simplistic shields. i'd say they wanted shields that they could make fit within their lore. if you are a demon's souls/dark souls fan you'll recognize that all of the items in the game have this secret lore behind them that relates to the story and the world. the items are the only way to learn the backstory of the game.

i think they just want shields that you can distinguish in game while you're using them specifically for pvp as well. like if i see a shield from a long ways away, i should be able to tell what it is.

i think they just didnt want to spend time redesigning shields lol. maybe they're really busy with designing other stuff and wanted to offload some work for free. lol. pretty smart move.

Nevers1736d ago

I really liked that first face shield when I saw it out of the bunch long ago.

I have to say though I really like the Bloody Hands one and the Bedpost notches one. Course the SunBro one warms my heart as well.

I can't wait for this game ... so I'm trying to ignore the news about it, lol. Talk about difficult.

GentlemenRUs1736d ago

Some of those look quite bland...

Ah well :)

yeahokchief1736d ago

i like the one with the bloody hands but wish it didnt have a giant hand on it. that makes it look a bit lame. but i like the idea of the bloody hands.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1736d ago

These developers are one trick ponies. They make Demon's Souls and it was good but then they go and try to recreate it with Dark Souls and it ends up being mediocre. Then they make a sequel for it (which will be just as mediocre as Dark Souls).

CrossingEden1736d ago

dark souls is not mediocre, it's definitely much better than demon's souls which was inconsistent and overly difficult to the point of not being fun at all except for a very niche amount of gamers, compared to dark souls which is difficult but also fun and not repetitive

Khronikos1736d ago

Please. Dark Souls is better than Demon's in almost every way. Play it on PC at 60FPS and 1080p with supersampling and mods. You could never say that without looking like an idiot. Sure, on consoles it ran terribly and looked pretty bad. But the game is simply stunning on PC.

yeahokchief1736d ago

you're a one trick pony buttercup.

dark souls was amazing. ive spent more time on dark souls than any other game on my ps3.

ExposingLames1736d ago

i don't like any of those shields. they need some more coollooking ones.

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The story is too old to be commented.