XboxOne preorders are sold out at most major US retailers, also trending above 360 historical levels

Aaron Greenberg - Xbox One pre-orders are trending ahead of Xbox 360 pre-orders during the same time period. Most launch offerings for the console are also sold out through the majority of US retailers.

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NYC_Gamer1774d ago

That's good news and proves gamers are ready for new consoles after 8 years

Abash1774d ago

I don't think this is anything significant, I mean the Xbox 360 was the successor to the original Xbox which struggled on the market. For that reason I dont think the 360 had impressive pre-order numbers, the console didnt become popular till sometime after it was out

Electric-flamingo1774d ago

What if this article came out and it said Sony wherever it says Microsoft instead?

Betting you would have a boner.

GameCents1774d ago

The fact that it has sold out in most retailers isn't impressive either?
The simple fact that it is selling at all should amaze you since most detracted thought it wouldn't sell at all for $500.
Just goes to show; the real world =/= interwebz/n4g

die_fiend1774d ago

Did become popular till sometime after it was out? It sold loads, which is why it didn't get panned by the PS3

tuglu_pati1774d ago

Why is it that usually people not favoring X1 or anything related to MS have so many bubble. Makes me wonder...

Cuzzo631774d ago

Wish I had alot of bubbles

horndog1774d ago

Sure bro, whatever makes you feel better about yours

FanboyCrusher1774d ago

Not even taking into consideration that the PS3 sold like bottled farts at launch, especially compared to the PS2? Come on man, the 360 sold fine, and still is today. Selling out on pre-orders is always a good sign. Only an idiot could down play something selling out.

Cuzzo631774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Didnt the xbox360 out sell ps3 in the u.s. I doubt it will be any different for the xb1. Its gonna sell regardless in the U.s.

Heartnet1774d ago

I dont think u have any solid numbers to back that statement... all we know is MS did well with X360 and if the pre orders are going on the same if not better than that then things are looking good for MS...

I think the pricetag isnt a big deal for alot of people who bother to pre order a console as you can save money for a considerable amount of months before u need to pay for it

YNWA961774d ago

Abash is on his knees praying PS4 wins.... So sad.... Its just games console...


Look at how NYC_Gamer and Abash never mentioned Sony or PlayStation... Than you guys complain how Xbox related articles are full of Sony fanboys trolling.

AngelicIceDiamond1773d ago

@Abash A simple congrats to MS would suffice. That's right a fanboy doesn't have the skills to say congrats to another console.


mikeslemonade1773d ago

How long did it take for it to sell out? Not impressive since PS4 sold out on the first day on Amazon and if you order if later than the first day then you won't get it until after launch. Don't let the WiiU sales trick you. Historically your system is suppose to sell out on launch day.

And it doesn't mean anything when the 1 is outselling 360 since the 360 did not pick up steam until Gears and Oblivion came out, and when the PS3 was announced to be $500 and $600.

DragonKnight1773d ago

There's no way for us to know what the 360 pre-order numbers were like 8 years later. But the fact that it was a new console coming out before the PS3 and the Wii had to have some impact on its pre-order numbers for the positive. The question to be asked though is if it was an amazing positive, or just good because there was no other competition around.

We know that the PS3 outsold the 360 every year since launch (with some debating about 2011, but even taking that into consideration, that's still 6 years straight of globally outselling the 360) so it would have been interesting to see how the 360's pre-order numbers would have faired against competition.

This statement about Xbox One pre-orders doesn't tell us anything because we don't know how many pre-orders were made for the 360 to gauge the difference between it and the Xbox One. We also don't know how many pre-order units Microsoft has committed to releasing. This "sold out" number could be small or it could be large and still mean "sold out."

TL;DR: This article doesn't present enough information so don't get worked up.

dmeador1773d ago

I remember it taking me a long time after the 360 launch to find the model with a hardrive. (I believe the "core" model didn't). Was it not the same for many others? My point being it sold well enough for me to have a hard time finding one.

I grabbed my X1 preorder yesterday from Best Buy, pretty excited for the next gen to get here.

Megaton1773d ago

It's been reported that they have roughly 1/3 the number of pre-orders available compared to the PS4 at Gamestop, further giving fuel to the truthfacts about bad yields in the hardware. Selling out isn't as significant as it sounds.

pixelsword1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Why would anyone think that XboX fans wouldn't be excited for this new console? What Microsoft should do is go on Jimmy Fallon again and tell the truth:

1. Admit their role in that PRLSM thing.

A. that's what lost a lot of people who actually knows what that is and what their role was or even suspect what their role was because inaccuracies could over-blow their role.

2. Say what the DRM would've done (good AND bad) and be honest about it.

3. Tell everyone how people reacted and what was changed because of that (give a good 'MURICA speech and all).

4. Assure everyone that those changes will NEVER come to that console.

If they don't do exactly that, they'll never fully capture the XboX crowd (well, at least me) and they'll constantly lose more people, even if it's a few at a time, from now until launch because that'll give naysayers ammunition to say that although the DRM is gone now, there's no guarantee that it won't come back.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1773d ago

Electric-flamingo + 22h ago | Well said
What if this article came out and it said Sony wherever it says Microsoft instead?

Betting you would have a boner.

That article has already been out , ps4 models are sold out around the world not just the us.

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fermcr1774d ago

That's impressive for a 500$ console. Let's see if they are going to keep selling after a few months of release at that price.

devwan1774d ago

but nobody knows how many there were available, so how can anyone say it's impressive until those figures are out?

Heartnet1774d ago

will probz sell even more after chirstmas when every1 has all their moneys and what not...

@Devwan you can say that about any game/console preorders.. Some publishers (Ea) purposely deny stock to create hype for a game others just simply cant produce that amount of stock.

all people are on the same playing field so we can only speculate that selling out means good things and high sales. Thinking to much into that just brings negative attitude

JeffGUNZ1773d ago

I really think people on this site over react about a $500 price tag. If the xbox one will last 8-10 years then $500 is miniscule in the scope of the entire generation. Also, the PS4 is only $100 less, so if people are really interested in the Xbox One, $100 isn't a big deal to get their preference. I am just happy I can get both at launch for under a thousand.

boing11773d ago

We're waiting for Xbone devkit for over 3 months now. Sony gave us PS4 devkit almost instantly (2 weeks after signing the papers). I bet MS is way behind production schedule and number of units for launch day will be pretty limited.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1773d ago

People are funny in xbox articles pretending to be neutral and throwing around disagrees its pathetic.

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s8anicslayer1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

It's called smoke and mirrors to generate sales. .And as I can see it's working as some of you people are saying you shouldn't of had canceled your one preorder! If adam were to say numbers then if they were high then I l'd be impressed but since allocated units are low from retailer to retailer then this is no feat. And yes if Sony was clouting this miracle I'd say the same.

FanboyCrusher1774d ago

Then Sony is doing the same thing, but I bet you could just use your psychic abilities to figure that out for us, right? Selling out is good, saying something selling out without the numbers is better than another is stupid. But that doesn't change the very obvious fact that selling out, regardless of numbers, is good.

s8anicslayer1774d ago

@fanboy What and a what who what what? what you just typed makes no sense, so I will not continue this debate with you but I will say "Show us the Numbers"!

Heartnet1774d ago

why do you need numbers?

selling out means high enough sales for them to actually use this tactic and not see a backlash from annoyed customers..

your trying to spin it in a bad light and that there just lying and cannot be trusted... if a company has sold out of units even if they truly havent then cancling ur preorder was a bad thing as you will have to wait regardless of whether or not ms has em in stock

RememberThe3571773d ago

You need numbers because selling out when you only have one console wouldn't be too impressive. This is cool for boasting and if true is good for the outlook of the Xbone but just as when Sony (or anyone else) says stuff like this take it with some salt and wait for facts not bold claims.

Cool news like this shouldn't spark bickering, you guys need to chill out on this fanboy crap. We need to Open Zone back, I'm getting tired of all these fools taking over conversations.

And @FanboyCrusher: Man, you gotta work on your sentence structure. I'm dyslexic and I could put that clusterf*** together.

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aceitman1774d ago

selling out of how many systems 10 , 20 , 50, 5 no one knows .

Chevalier1774d ago

Exactly, without numbers this is all meaningless. Case in point my store is "sold out" of Xbox ones, but, we were given a whole whopping 30 units! In the mean time we've presold more than 200 PS4's.

RememberThe3571773d ago

You get 1/3 of the disagrees the guy above you got by saying virtually the same thing. lol

But a good point and one I'd like to see clarified. Just look at the source, Aaron Greenberg has a bad name for a reason; the guy is full of sh*t.

Thehyph1773d ago

The number of units doesn't matter at this point. Interpret this as a business tactic; it's been used before, and it will be used again. Marketing is all about appearances. Everyone knows that tactics like this are used to show off consumer interest and to try to help get people off the fence when another round of preorders comes out. It shouldn't matter to the average gamer if it's ten thousand or ten million units. Unless, of course, the goal is to use non-cemented preorder sales to gloat about which console is "better" due to its selling power.
Be an informed consumer.

Hicken1773d ago

The number of units ALWAYS matters. Wii U and Vita get attacked/lose support for not having enough units on the market. Double, triple their numbers, and who'd be complaining? This entire gen, there's been nothing but talk about numbers(until they were even, then there was the "quality over quantity" argument, instead).

The numbers matter.

The fact of the matter is: you can go to most stores, and while they may be sold out of XBOne preorders, that number trends towards one half to one quarter of the PS4's numbers. With that in mind, it's GOOD that it's sold out in so many places, but not exactly impressive, under the circumstances.

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RM-TatoTiburon1774d ago

impresive microsoft sold out and without full marketing, imagine in october when we see all xbox one ads

VforVideogames1773d ago

I went to the movies last week to see despicable me in 3D and there it was ... an X-1 ad in less than a minute they show you what the X-1 its all about. cool.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1773d ago

But N4G told me that the Xbox One was dead already and that nobody was going to buy one.


Hicken1773d ago

N4G also said the DRM was awesome.

Depends on which people you listen to.

Besides, you were always gonna buy one, right, Endoran?

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1773d ago

I'm buying them both AND giving away a PS4 on my site to a member.

How's that?

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DA_SHREDDER1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

damn i shouldn't have canceled. :(

shoddy1774d ago

just use your cable box for tv and your iPhone for Skype for now.

Heartnet1774d ago

and how do i play Ryse or Forza? or anything decent ?

and who the hell uses skype on iPhone when u have a pc -_- ( and android is better )

RememberThe3571773d ago

Cool it Heartnet, it was just a joke. Its this thing people do when they have a sense of humor.

Rhythmattic1773d ago

Heartnet, Shoddy's right though...

And so are you.

s8anicslayer1774d ago

Don't worry you'll still be able to buy one at launch trust me!

dazzrazz1774d ago

As a person who went thru 5 360 units in 7 years with Microsoft I would be kinda scared to pre order 1st retail revision from them :D

Timesplitter141774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

sometimes I wonder if the RROD was all part of a brilliant masterplan to sell more units.

I'd love to see the actual stats on this. How many X360 purchases were replacements for broken consoles

iamnsuperman1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

It would be interesting to. You can make an educated guess with Live accounts to Xboxs though.

As of march 2013 46 million live accounts 77.2 million 360s sold. Not everyone is going to be online but considering to use most of the features the 360 has you need a live account. It is telling though. I mean it isn't like 31 million consoles haven't been online once. A reasonable number is probably around 10 million

I don't think it was a clever ploy though. All this doesn't matter though it cost them a lot of money and we (both us and Microsoft) all hope it doesn't happen again

GameCents1774d ago

Indeed! A brilliant Master Plan that cost them 1 billion dollars. -____- I may not know much about conspiracy theories and how not to be tricked by "The Man" but you'd have to be a loon to believe that they used RROD to inflate their numbers! To what end if the financial statements don't match up with the number of shipped/bought consoles?

Look at me being a moron trying to have a rational conversation with a conspiracy theorist.

ape0071774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

saying RROD sold more consoles is half the truth, the reality is that the RROD could've literally killed the xbox 360, it's a miracle that it survived all the bad rep

vinniects1774d ago

yeah and how many were replaced under warranty that didn't count as an extra sale. I replaced two of my Xboxes but under warranty I did not have to buy another one retail.

Funantic11774d ago

Microsoft repaired many of those for free with free shipping and handling. I never had a problem but my brother did. They sent him a shipping carton, he shipped it off and got it back in 8 days. The problem apparently was something simple that some people figured out and fixed themselves. Plus Microsoft extended the warranty to like 2 years. PS3 had their issues too with the yellow light of death, tho not as severe it shouldn't have been because the PS3 came out a year later after the 360. The 360 rushed to launch before the PS3. But those were the problems of the first generation 360s. The new ones are excellent. Plus people amaze me when they say they bought X amount of 360s. Why would anybody keep buying the same console again?..oh because they enjoyed them. Toyota had recalls concerning brake defects but they fixed the problem. And those are some good cars. Anytime you quickly mass produce electronic or mechanical products there are bound to be defects. When the 360s first came out they were selling fast like hot cakes whereas the PS3 sales were slower at first. That the difference. The first Xbox sold slower (and less) than the PS2. The PS2 were rushed out the factories into homes and had many defects. I bought 3 of those. Mistakes are understood. It's up to the company to fix their mistakes.

thetruthx11774d ago

Or ppl could've been smart and bought the warranty. I even went to Gamestop and swapped mine out free of charge without using my warranty tisk tisk

lsujester1773d ago

Not to mention how many extras were bought because of modding/pirating. I had a 2nd iteration that ended up getting banned because of fans. I then turned around and bought a slim a little later.

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Transporter471774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

I went through 9 no joke -.-

Edit: I bought my 360 Launch day, i went through warranty on the first year with 7 under warranty, they even gave me a Perfect Dark for free because the lady that spoke to me felt sorry for me.

Utalkin2me1774d ago

Would you do that with any other product? I mean when is enough, seriously? I learned after my second 360.

True_Samurai1774d ago

Um sorry but I call bs. You were better off using the warranty to fix it. 9? I highly doubt it imo

Cryptcuzz1774d ago

Damn that is a lot, I feel for you. My brother personally went through 4.

Gamer6661774d ago

I lost two to RRoD but MS fixed them both for free through the white coffin program!

I currently have 11 in my home and since 2007 have not lost one to RRoD.

V0LT1774d ago

I can see that.. I went through 3 myself. 2 reg units and the halo edition one died on me.

Tyre1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

@Transporter47 I feel ya dude, i bought a 360 at launch and it had to be replaced 6 times, no BS. Anyways we will see what will be true of all these pre-order statements at the consoles launch. A disagree? It the honest truth. Almost 8 years of playing on the 360 and 6 replacements till i bought the slim. Whatever you guys aren't even real Xbox gamers to begin with if you're so skeptical about the replacements. It was faulty and rushed hardware but at least Microsoft replaced the consoles.

Transporter471774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

@Everybody that's skeptical,

You can believe me or not, that's your decision I am not here to convince you or lie to you.

elhebbo161774d ago

I think the problem is not the 360 itself, maybe you should stop treating your consoles like shit. I have both a Launch day PS3 and 360, non of them have failed me yet.

tuglu_pati1774d ago


I bought a launch X360 and i'll say between me and my brother we put like 6-8 hour a day play time. As of today I've been trough 3 X360 . All of them replaced by MS.

I'm guessing you probably did not have your consoles in a ventilated area. 9 consoles is a lot man, maybe you were the problem not the console.

Transporter471774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

It was my fault that it RRoD, yup my fault, btw my setup that i have is perfect for ventilation, i never treat my gaming stuff like crap, every single game that i have they are all mint condition no scratches, minus the used games that i bought, I have my PS3 since launch same place same condition 0 failures.

I'm done no need to be defending something that happen to me personally. Is not like i can call MS to give me proof on how many Xbox 360 they replaced for me.

ma1asiah1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

I am with Gamer666 I had the original 20GB X360 since launch never encountered an RROD ever. Once I almost spat the dummy thinking it had, just to find it was a faulty power brick, The retailer I purchased it from replaced it free and I never had any problems at all. Two years ago I upgraded to a 250GB X360s and passed the other onto my nephew with which he still uses to this day (granted we upgraded the HDD to a 250GB one othewrwise it is still the same Xbox)

I have brought 4 other X360's in that time one for my brother in laws as an Xmas present it was the 120GB elite same deal no RROD's. Both my boys got an X360 as well as birthday presents and besides a faulty disk tray no RROD's. My daughters got a Kinect bundle X360 same deal no RROD.

Now all of these get some heavy usage not just for games but for music and movies as well. The only time they ever get a rest is when we are all asleep, out for the day or in my case when I am at work.

I have always insisted that they be kept in a well ventilated spot and with the early models I always ensured it was dust free (including the side vents on the power brick.)

I feel for everybody who has had a bad run with RROD's but my point is that it is not something that has happened to every X360 owner. The worst batch that was very prone to RROD's were the first few shipments if memory serves me right.

As someone said earlier it cost MS a small fortune and a lot of bad press, so I am pretty certain they wont be making that mistake again.

I mean have you seen the friggen huge fan on the X1 plus it is probably far more ventilated then the X360 ever was.

Now given they have had more than their fair share of bad press since the X1's reveal. Their hardware is something they have reported on quite a few occassions they are stress testing more than ever this time around.

mafiahajeri1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

I got perfect dark for free when I asked the clerk how much it was and he told me that you could have it for free (jokingly) and I asked him for free? He said yes.

I casually walked out with the game, he didnt try to stop me, my only regret was that I could not see his face afterwards... that and the fact I should have picked another game xD