Five Games That Can’t Come Soon Enough's Dave Walsh looks at five games that he is eagerly anticipating. Some of the games have a definitive release date, some are upcoming, while others are just a desire to see them happen, although it could be remote.

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khelthazar1106d ago

Can't wait to play Fallout 4 :(

Reibooi1106d ago

Fallout 4 is one of my biggest wants right now. I'm really interested in seeing what they can do with it with next gen. Personally I would be happy with better facial animations and animations and general with better graphics(which is a given really) but I bet they might try to do more.

Destiny is also exciting. I thought the game looked very fun and if what they are saying about it is true(size of the world and tons of support after release) I think it can truly be great.

WarThunder1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

LOL! Mass Effect, Fallout 4? two of the most overhyped and overrated games i have ever played....

The title should be called "Five Games That Can’t Come Soon Enough in my opinion"

Henjin1106d ago

Your statement is also just an opinion, and you still state it as the fact!

Even the title doesn't have "in my opinion", we all know it based on someone's opinion. But you don't even understand that basic? I see.

Stoppokingme1106d ago

You've actually played Fallout 4? wow. I'll trade you my copy of Uncharted 6 for it.

I think you mean New Vegas dude.

levian1106d ago

Really? No Final Fantasy XV, or Kingdom Hearts 3 on this list? Yea the author has got to be a kid who grew up with the current gen

Mainsqueeze1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Or he just doesn't like JRPGs

dvewlsh1106d ago

I kind of gave up on Square after FFX.

You know, after playing their games for years. Their quality has really decreased, but I guess kids who are new to playing these games don't see that.

teezy1106d ago

I thought the original Shenmue on Dreamcast was brilliant, didn't play the second. So of course the 3rd will ride the hype of it's predecessors with the huge time lapse between them adding to it.

Out of that list though I personally can't wait for Destiny.

shadowmist131106d ago

Fallout 4 has to be anounced,I was playing fallout nv like an hour ago,and finishing it a 6th time.

S2Killinit1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Shenmue, and Destiny from the list.
I also want Infamous SS and The Order 1866 (something tells me this will be one hell of a game, perhaps the fact that Sony Santa Monica is behind it) thats it for now but i know this is only the beginning.
PS: just finished The Last of Us... wow what a game.

dvewlsh1106d ago

The Order 1866 has tonnnnnns of promise. Can't wait for more info on it.

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