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Japanese Retailers Are Optimistic About Pikmin 3 and Wii U’s Performance

Yesterday the charts shown that Pikmin 3 did rather well in its first two days of sales in Japan, moving more than 92,000 copies and helping the Wii U sell over 22,000 units, but how do Japanese retailers feel about it, and is it going to last? (Pikmin 3, Wii U)

ashiksorel  +   745d ago
Fans of the series will love this. And this is great news for Nintendo in hopes of selling more of its system.
Kamuymintar  +   745d ago
There's a mistranslation.

> However, will the momentum continue without stopping?

"However, I wonder it can't be helped that the momentum was not so much as expected"
Abriael  +   745d ago
No, the sentence is evidently interrogative.
Kamuymintar  +   745d ago
Indeed, its apparent form is interrogative, but... sorry, I can't explain well.
I'm a native speaker of Japanese, so trust me. XD
At least the author chose the words "continue", "without", and "stopping" by mistake.
PigPen  +   745d ago
Pikmin 3 must be selling like hot cakes. Retailers are optimistic about Wii U after two days on the market.
Abriael  +   745d ago
92k in two days (Famitsu says over 100, but still), is definitely good sales.
PopRocks359  +   745d ago
Pretty nutty that people tried so desperately to make 'compelling' (and I use that term loosely) arguments about how awful Pikmin 3's numbers were. 92,000 in a single region in two days is pretty stellar if you ask me. Assuming it does as well in US and UK, the Wii U could be looking at its first successful new software release in some time.

In the end, I don't think Pikmin 3 will be a smash hit, but I think it will be a moderate success and will bolster Wii U sales somewhat. Leaves me optimistic.
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AJBACK2FRAG  +   745d ago
It begins.

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