Japanese Retailers Are Optimistic About Pikmin 3 and Wii U’s Performance

Yesterday the charts shown that Pikmin 3 did rather well in its first two days of sales in Japan, moving more than 92,000 copies and helping the Wii U sell over 22,000 units, but how do Japanese retailers feel about it, and is it going to last?

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ashiksorel1768d ago

Fans of the series will love this. And this is great news for Nintendo in hopes of selling more of its system.

Kamuymintar1768d ago

There's a mistranslation.

> However, will the momentum continue without stopping?

"However, I wonder it can't be helped that the momentum was not so much as expected"

Abriael1768d ago

No, the sentence is evidently interrogative.

Kamuymintar1768d ago

Indeed, its apparent form is interrogative, but... sorry, I can't explain well.
I'm a native speaker of Japanese, so trust me. XD
At least the author chose the words "continue", "without", and "stopping" by mistake.

PigPen1768d ago

Pikmin 3 must be selling like hot cakes. Retailers are optimistic about Wii U after two days on the market.

Abriael1768d ago

92k in two days (Famitsu says over 100, but still), is definitely good sales.

PopRocks3591768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Pretty nutty that people tried so desperately to make 'compelling' (and I use that term loosely) arguments about how awful Pikmin 3's numbers were. 92,000 in a single region in two days is pretty stellar if you ask me. Assuming it does as well in US and UK, the Wii U could be looking at its first successful new software release in some time.

In the end, I don't think Pikmin 3 will be a smash hit, but I think it will be a moderate success and will bolster Wii U sales somewhat. Leaves me optimistic.