PS4's in-house launch games appear to be all guts, not glory

Polygon: The lineup of first-party games launching alongside the PS4 this holiday is a multi-genre showcase that, while perhaps lacking in innovation, strives to deliver experiences that demonstrate the raw power of Sony's next-generation console. But the aim is clear: the development focus is on promoting the technology, rather than offering completely new, unique adventures.

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-Gespenst-1585d ago

TOTALLY agree with this. I know Polygon have a slightly anti-sony bent, but they're right about this, and I personally thought the Last of Us review made some strong points.

Hey, I mean it's not like it's any different with the Xbox One. This graphics / tech drive, it needs to stop. In no way is it necessarily conducive to making a good, memorable, and unique game. More risks need to be taken, no more triple A games designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

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majiebeast1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

You really expected a truly original game at launch? That kind of stuff starts happening 1-2 years after launch when the fanbase has grown. The launch of a console is always about mass appeal Knack,Killzone and Driveclub seem like a good start. Just wait for Media Molecule to bring the unique experiences in the mean time indie games are filling that void.

Their Lastofus review was garbage deducting points cause the reviewer sucked and felt bad after killing people i mean wtf. If anything feeling bad is a plus it means the immersion of the game is incredible. The beginning of the game is one of the strongest this generation next to God of war 3.

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Well said, took the words out of my mouth. Bubble up

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Minato-Namikaze1585d ago

Sony has pleny of games like that (innovative). Not sure why you think they wouldnt continue down that path especially since they are really embracing indies.

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TKCMuzzer1585d ago

You totally agree with a website that has not played any of the final release versions of any of the launch games and are pre judging what's to come.....interesting..

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Jaqen_Hghar1585d ago

KZ is more open than any previous titles in the series and most shooters in general. It lets you tackle the situations your own way. That's the kind of innovation a man wants in shooters. It has new gadgets like the owl and the zipline that you can pop up anywhere to give you even more options. A man loves this next gen openness as well as the prettiness. A man also knows Guerrilla will deliver great shooting mechanics. Knack is an old school platformer with next gen physics. Driveclub is a socially connected racer like we've never seen. Infamous offers the world a next gen superhero push which a man doesn't remember seeing that many of. A man sees indie titles as well that will make their console debuts on PS4 (at least 8 shown at E3) so a man doesn't see any lack of innovation or variety here.

T21584d ago

The man makes good points but also innovation is fine and dandy but if 20 mil people want grand theft auto , they dont want publishers going all mad crazy with it. Your sequels should be consistent and strong. New games are for innovation and Sony will show these in due time... To sum up , stupid article

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quenomamen1585d ago

Yea, PS4 needs a game changer at launch like Killer Instinct.

Aceman181585d ago

to be honest it was the most unimpressive game shown at E3 and EVO this past weekend.

one dimensional game where all we heard was combo breaker after combo breaker lol

Ju1585d ago

I tend to believe you are not representing the majority of xboxers, even though, if you believe how many bring up KI as the second coming of Christ than I have the feeling you guys have never played a fighting game before.

Really? Yet another "comic style" fighting game is what we need? Why? Haven't you guys played Streetfighter by now?

I am not sure if you guys are the same guys trash talking PS4 titles. But all that really makes me do is laugh. I really tried to get hyped for some of your Xbox's "great" titles - but none of those really gave me something beyond what I already had.

I think the PS4 launch lineup is quite awesome. More titles than I can afford. More will show - what you think, Santa Monica will put God of War to rest ? or Naughty Dog is going out of business? It'll last, which is in fact a good thing.

I can't wait for KZ:SF. A reason to get a PS4 for me. DriveClub anyhow - because I have PS+ - and then we'll see what else is launching. I miss me some Resistance - but just because I have memories how the PS3 started.

The_Con-Sept1584d ago

No not like killer instinct what so ever. There are a lot of fighting games already in existence. I'd much rather see a more action oriented fighting game when it comes to that genre. Not like Tekken 6, God Hand, or chilli con carne. But something that is just a bit more different than God of war, Devil May Cry, or Dynasty warriors.

Anyway the games coming out for the PS4 are the games I want to see at the beginning. Ryse kind of reminds me of Viking battle for asgard and Halo isn't for me anymore.

It is about time we play as a creature again. Not a platformer but something like the creature mode in nightmare creatures.

S2Killinit1585d ago

if you believe that "more risks need to be taken" why would you agree with an article that bags on a creative game like The Last of Us? Sounds to me like covert fanboyism that's all.

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pixelsword1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

They don't know the meaning of that meanint: wouldn't it be "all glory, no guts" if that was the case,then?

It seems like garbage, so I'm not clicking the article.

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iamnsuperman1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

"Sony's first slate of PS4 games aren't trying to be new from a gameplay standpoint — but in terms of visuals they are gunning to be the best-looking. Sony has lined up what will be the decorative gems of the console's coming-out party, the flashiest graphics with the brightest colors that best represent that next-gen power."

It is the same with the Xbox One. They both are doing a pissing matching trying to outdoor one and other with visuals. I would like interesting use of gameplay and better AI....but I don't think that will be the case because those types of things takes time to develop and get right. The first year is going to be about visuals. Its the years after that where the tech limits will be pushed in other areas

edit: I personally believe both console's launch games are poor. I like Killzone and I know what I am getting with that but the rest or meh/I am not interested in. Nothing new but I was expecting that

Septic1585d ago

Yeah this is where Third Party studios will come into their own. Just look at the lineup for proof:

1) Titanfall- hardly the best looking next-gen game but the gameplay looks incredible

2) Battlefield 4- Amazing visuals PLUS amazing gameplay, massive destruction, massive player count, intuitive use of smartglass etc

3) The Division- Ambitious TPS with a persistent online world, amazing immersion and excellent mechanics

4) Destiny- Highly ambitious online FPS

I'm sure there are others. Project Spark is the only really innovative first party game I can think of at this stage.

iamnsuperman1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

And yet when is Project Spark releasing? That game could be miles away or go into limbo like Milo did.

What Microsoft and Sony are doing is right. They need to get some games out there that they now appeal to people. In a year or two they can start taking risks when they have the ability and knowledge to do it.

I agree with you by the way. Third parties on the other hand can. They are not there to sell systems but just the games. I assume both Sony and Microsoft are taking losses on these consoles.

Novistador1585d ago

None of those are ground breaking. You just listed off 3 fps games (of which just look pretty) and a generic tps. Spark looks interesting though and could do wonders for the industry if done right.

Ju1585d ago

What's wrong with KZ:SF?

- New open level design
- Player can freely choose missions
- Killer AI - as always. It was never bad to begin with
- New gadgets

And to the list above.

- Titanfall? I think we had jetpacks and "robots" in Warhawk/Starkhawk (minus the bots) How is that new?

- BF4? Yeah, - it's not smart glass but a tablet app (battle commander). But other than that it's the exact game as before. Quite disappointing (and you'd hardly play tablet & console at the same time, huh. As nice as the idea is).

The other two I like. And than Watchdogs and Black Flag.

Ju1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

- Double post...??

ShinMaster1584d ago

Titanfall is like COD and Starhawk. I've already played those games.
Not really seeing much innovation.

Polygon just spouting bs again.

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xReDeMpTiOnx1585d ago

I don't trust anything polygon has to say and reading the abysmal last of us review.

Also people need to realize by now its not all about "new" it's about taking things that have been done before and re-defining them and making them better.

At this point in time it's very hard to come up with something "new" as the ideas and concept have been present in books,media,tv, other games etc.