The Lightning Returns/Final Fantasy XIV Crossover is Perfectly Fine, Please Stop Overreacting

The crossover between Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn created quite a lot of controversy, but Giuseppe Nelva from explains why it's perfectly fine.

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Kanzes1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

I know it's just a costume and totally optional.. I still don't like it though, she supposed to be a serious character.. and Cloud's costume it just...weird

Abriael1742d ago

That's why you can just leave the costume in the closet. And she'll be as serious as you want. Ain't that awesome?

Kanzes1742d ago

I mean the costume doesn't really fit her. Why don't they put a totally-new cooler costume that fit her image.. maybe something like this:


it would be much better than cloud's costume though

Abriael1742d ago

@Kanzes: it doesn't fit *your* image of her. Quite obviously others will appreciate.

That's the power of having different options, which you should embrace as well.

Alexious1742d ago

Well, true. Options are good

Kanzes1742d ago

@Abriael You have a point. Yeah, I think it's all about taste. Everyone have a different kind of taste.

For me, I love a badass outfit like Diablo's Demon Hunter though, but yeah, there will be someone who love to see Lightning to be feminine

zerocrossing1742d ago

That FF-XIV costume is so obviously done for sex appeal, but what the hell sex sells and its not like a choice of costume in a game ever hurt anybody.

Aleithian1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

@Abriael. Well said. The concept of "player choice" still hasn't caught on among every gamer.

One makes a character what one wants. That's why we call them role playing games. If anyone wants to play a Lightning with a sexy side, they can. I think it's great that players will have this option.

adorie1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Final Fantasy never really had any connection to one another, outside some monsters carrying over to other sequels,moogles, chocobos and Cid. Spells would also carry over, Crystals have always been a reoccurring theme.

Other than that, it was called Final Fantasy for a reason. Each were a Final story. No continuance.

Once SE formed, was when we started getting sequels to Final Fantasy games.

You FF fanboys will swallow everything put in front of you, then proceed to talk down on those of us who are self proclaimed purists with an opinion that opposes what they are currently doing with the franchise.

Yes. I am going to speak with my wallet, and buy LR, used.

As for the gimmicky costumes, No thanks.
Btw, thank you for stating the obvious. At least we had the same thought when it comes to buying this stuff.

You could also say I was one of the people who sent SE a strong message regarding their sales forecast for FFXIII-2 and will do so with this game as well. After FFXIII, I learned my lesson with this 'trilogy'

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adorie1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

I agree. This wasn't how Final Fantasy was supposed to be. This is just capitalism. Lol.

If Hironobu Sakaguchi were dead, I believe he'd be spinning in his grave.

To clarify, The possibility of Lightning appearing in FFX/FFX-2 HD remake in some form or fashion is what I'm mostly referring to.

Abriael1742d ago

And who decides "how Final Fantasy is supposed to be"?

Aleithian1742d ago

@adorie. That "capitalism" that you're complaining about built the console you play games on, built the game, and provides you with the electric and tv necessary for gaming. So think twice before you start complaining about "capitalism".

You don't like it, don't buy it. SIMPLE. Free choice - imagine that.

CrossingEden1742d ago

complaining about an alternate costume on a serious character is like complaining about ezio getting a raiden skin in ACB, it's only cosmetic and OPTIONAL for people who want it, stop taking these things so seriously

Hicken1742d ago

Makes about as much sense as you complaining about Japanese games all the time.

lucidity1742d ago

It's desperate and lazy regardless.

Abriael1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Considering the quality of FFXIV, there's no "desperation" involved, as for "lazy", creating a whole heavily story driven questline with cutscenes and all around a crossover is the geometrical opposite of "lazy".

Catchwords normally make little sense, and this is exactly the case.

lucidity1742d ago

If attempting to cash in on the (admittedly questionable) popularity of Lightning amongst Japanese and western fans in lieu of *original content* and intentionally attempting to pander with revealing or moe outfits isn't desperate and lazy, then we can assume that - because all game development requires work and crossovers give fans "what they want" - there are no situations where these words can be applicable.

This is absurd on its face.

Abriael1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

@lucidity: as a matter of fact yes, "lazy" is very seldom applicable to game development, and in this case definitely isn't.

Both LR and FFXIV are doing great at preorders, so "desperate" is also a meaningful and misguided catchword.

If you think both games won't sell very well on their own right, I see quite the delusion there.

Brucis1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

>the (admittedly questionable) popularity of Lightning among Japanese and western fans

It's only questionable in the west. Take a look at at the numerous polls in Japan and other Asian countries. She beat out AERITH for #1 female FF character in a poll. She was ranked in the #40s of favorite video game characters period. She's popular in the East, debatably so in the west.

>intentionally attempting to pander with revealing or moe outfits
Catering and pandering are two different things. Regardless, I wasn't aware there was something intrinsically wrong with those two things.

CrossingEden1742d ago

yes, lemme tell you how
-adjusting creating exclusives new animations which requires playtesting and fixes and even more adjusting
-even having them show up during the cutscenes which btw, requires that you redo all of the above except using the models made for the cutscenes which move much more dynamically
is lazy

Brucis1742d ago

>Fran doesn't even make the listings
>people don't like Icelandic Bunnygirls


NovusTerminus1742d ago

Those are only counting the female characters, which takes every other pead and most villians out of the scenario. Doesnt count really.

Abriael1742d ago

Considering that a LOT of those female characters are extremely popular, i'd say it counts.

MrTrololo1742d ago

Maybe if she isn't as boring and emotionless as most of the main character in FF then it would be okay

Aleithian1742d ago

I say "Thank you" to Square for giving us more options for our RPG immersion. Keep it up.

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