''Battlestar Galactica'' Writer Working With Sony Santa Monica On Non-God Of War Game

Veteran television screenwriter Michael Angeli, known for his work on TV series Battlestar Galactica, Dark Angel and Caprica, is working with God of War developer Sony Santa Monica on an all-new project.

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majiebeast1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Good news everyone!

So this means both teams at Santa Monica are working on new IP's. Maybe the new game has to do with the mysterious easter egg in Acension.

I do hope they give Kratos another run like 5 years from now.

Need4Game1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

God of Battlestar Galactica

US8F1703d ago

Be Open World please! Only good things come from this option and add to that, Santa Monica, scifi, we are in for a treat.

zebramocha1703d ago

@need4game it would be battlestar godlatica.

KUV19771703d ago

I don't understand how Open World would be the most important decision for any game upfront. Certainly Minesweeper Open World would be awesome!

I think that especially SSM have a track record of very cinematic story driven games and open world always tends to water that down. It's kind of detrimental to a strong story-telling to have the player run around for hours on end doing whatever.

While I really love open worlds as in Assassin'S creed, i much prefer a really well crafted story and would say they should present it in whatever way they think works best.

karl1703d ago

i dont think i care if its open world or not

actually dont even know what the heck the game is about

im just excited its santa monica and its a new game...

fourOeightshark1702d ago

It's an open world shooter with vehicular combat. Their job listings were asking for people with experience on that type of stuff.

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Commandar_Shepard1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Like I've mentioned before, apparently Stig (head of GOW3) is leading another team at Sony Santa Monica and creating a Sci-Fi game. Job descriptions have hinted at it having vehicles, mechs, and magic.

We may be looking at a new Sci-Fi Action RPG here. And since its by SSM we know it'll look beautiful. If it has been in development since 2010 after GOW3 was released, we may see this next year.

Edit: It's also hinted to be an open world game. :D

MizTv1703d ago

That was great Intel
thank you Shepard

black0o1703d ago

Op world RPG element 'd be amazing ... and i always like anything that santa monica does

it's gonna be a great year for PlayStation

Thirty3Three1703d ago

Battlestar Galactica: The Video Game. Confirmed.

kingPoS1703d ago

I say let Kratos rest in piece, the man has done enough!

ssj271702d ago

Santa Monica Working in a epic futuristic InterGalactic plot? I want to see this.

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Prcko1703d ago

This could be big,and i mean BIG!!!

CaptainYesterday1703d ago

That sounds really awesome what is it?!

Walker1703d ago

sci-fi game from sony santa monica would be FUCKING AMAZING !

slimeybrainboy1703d ago

This needs to be PS4 only! I hope it's not cross gen or vita or PS3 only. I guess Yoshida did say all studios working on PS4 titles but could the order count as Sony Santa Monica's PS4 title?

This is why ~I'm not worried but actually encouraged by Sony's lack of launch games. There's going to be tonnes of multiplats at launch, they are spreading out the exclusives, they have so many studio I think games will just keep rolling in every few months.

Prcko1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

don't worry,this is ps4 only

Roper3161703d ago

I disagree because a first party studio wouldn't gimp the PS4 game to equal the PS3 version. A first party studio would make full use of both systems. So I strongly disagree with the just for PS4.

black0o1703d ago

it's save to say PS4 only, since 1st studios doesn't do mult-plat like the 3rd-party dev

and SSM is known for AAA+ gameCom may hold the answers

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