Ubisoft delays ‘unannounced franchise’ to its fiscal 2014-2015

Ubisoft announced a delay for an unannounced franchise in its first quarter financials press release today. The unknown game was initially scheduled to release in its fiscal 2013-2014, but it is now due out in its fiscal 2014-2015.

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Walker1767d ago

new prince of persia, undoubtedly .

TopDudeMan1767d ago

Damnit. I wonder if it's the sequel to "unannounced standalone". I was so looking forward to that game, too.

1767d ago
sonic9891767d ago

i was thinking beyond good and evil 2

JohnDread1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

I see how this is relevant to investors etc. but to any other person this is the most useless piece of information you can possibly get. As if people didn't know Ubisoft is working on "something unannounced".

solidt121767d ago

I was thinking the same thing!

EXVirtual1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Oh man. Ubisoft, you haven't even announced the damn game, but you already know it's a franchise? Where's the cow, because Ubisoft wants the milk!

EDIT: On second thought, I'm too busy watching twerking.