10 Things That Define Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns is coming out soon, and it plays a lot more like an action game on a timer than any classic Final Fantasy RPG. Something tells us that Square-Enix has lost touch with what made their Final Fantasy series great. So we, at Arcade Sushi, made this list of 10 Things That Define Final Fantasy to serve as a guideline for creating awesome Final Fantasy titles.

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kingdip901972d ago

Yeah I would love for final fantasy to feel like they used to. I too feel they have lost touch with what made ff a great series

Need4Game1972d ago

Reflecting Square Enix finances, I doubt they can make it Good. PS3 was to complex, PS4 don't have adequate install base.

I think, a good thing for Traditional-Final-Fantasy, is for it to stay on IOS & Android platform for a while. Let them have Money, Time and Resources, to Regain-Recover-Understand what makes Final Fantasy Great.

It'll may have turn-Base Gameply, Chocobo, Jobs, Summons, Airhips to travel the world and sell for $15.99. I think that's Great.

Need4Game1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

FFXIV please be a success, so Final Fantasy will continues.

1972d ago
ShinnokDrako1971d ago

1 thing that defines Final Fantasy:
- Squaresoft

1 thing that killed Final Fantasy
- Square Enix