Why I Prefer The Saints Row Series to GTA

Sentral gamer looks at the Saints Row Series and why the game should not be looked down on compared to GTA

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claud31741d ago

Then that is your choice

retrozoid1741d ago

Always difficult to chose, think saints row edges it on the fun factor

dvewlsh1741d ago

I really, really liked SR2 just for how fun and ridiculous it was. The story was kind of whatever, but I had a lot of fun just causing mayhem in it. I thought that in SR3 they kind of tried to appeal to that a bit too much, which made it feel less fun.

Hazmat131741d ago

eh get both. no big deal. haha

ifritAlkhemyst1741d ago

Saints Row series > GTA IV

GTA III, VC, & SA >> Saints Row series

Hell, Bully, a game built exclusively on mini games, is better than the Saints Row series.

SilentNegotiator1741d ago

Saints Row 2 > SA > Saints Row 1 and 3

But Bully > Saints Row series? Heck no.

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The story is too old to be commented.