New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots Show Battles, Environments, Costumes

Square Enix sent in a nice batch of screenshots of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

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Ksar1610d ago

Great, as expected.

Can't wait for playing this game!

contradictory1610d ago

but will it be any good?
chances are that it's the exact same combat system...
oh well... atleast there's no Vanille so that's something to look forward for anyone who's planning to get this.

not that i'd know why anyone would be interested in getting this in the first place.

Abriael1610d ago

It's not the same combat system, this one is action based

contradictory1610d ago

oh it is huh?
considering how bad it was on XIII
that can't possibly be a bad thing

Lionalliance1610d ago

Just glad it's gonna end with this one.

CEOSteveBallmer1610d ago

Yep just glad this is the last and we are going to welcome Final Fantasy XV!!. But still im going to play lightning returns because I already have FFXIII and FFXIII-2 so i really need to finish the trilogy.

ShinnokDrako1610d ago

Damn, i'm going to pass on this too... oh well, i keep the money for better games ;P