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Submitted by alexmac 865d ago | news

Battlefield 4 – Campaign Details Reveal

The Official Battlefield Blog has released new info on the Battlefield 4 Campaign. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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alexmac  +   865d ago
Hmm, interesting. -_-
littlemac  +   865d ago
This campaign will actually be good, it involves politics, I like.
MWong  +   865d ago
That's a pretty good story so far, how far does the rabbit hole go. The story sounds a lot better than BF3's storyline so far. I hope we also get to play the plot from other sides in the Second Assault DLC.
SirBradders  +   865d ago
I dont see why they dont make the story more cinematic rather than shoot everything.

I mean we get to blow the hell out off everything in the multiplayer.
glennco  +   865d ago
Cinematics are ruining games. The problem with cinematic games are the linearity as they need to keep to a tight script. i want some freedom and options, I don't want my hand held throughout the game.
SirBradders  +   865d ago
I dont mean cinematic as in cut scenes i mean bring it some personality, have a thought process behind it i like the direction the whole fishing in baku thing is taking but thats one mission i want all missions like that, like your in some blockbuster.
dcj0524  +   865d ago
Seems to have more depth this time around. I hope I can 100% stealth this one.
BeardedPriest  +   865d ago
All the Battlefield games of the past have had mediocre campaigns.

Edit: I am so happy this game is going to have More than 2 Factions for Mulitplayer.
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Izzy408  +   865d ago
well that escalated quickly.
blanket14  +   865d ago
I want battlefield bad company 3:( they neeed to do that next! or give me dinosaurs!
Alexious  +   865d ago
Well, I just hope the campaign is much better this time.
Salooh  +   865d ago
To hell with politic stories. I don't like them because they are one sided. The unrealistic the story the better. Don't like a game when it offend people...

But i will enjoy the multi player ^^
Hufandpuf  +   865d ago
I just hope the multiplayer is good. The singleplayer is just there to show off the fidelity of the engine.

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