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littlemac1709d ago

This campaign will actually be good, it involves politics, I like.

MWong1709d ago

That's a pretty good story so far, how far does the rabbit hole go. The story sounds a lot better than BF3's storyline so far. I hope we also get to play the plot from other sides in the Second Assault DLC.

SirBradders1709d ago

I dont see why they dont make the story more cinematic rather than shoot everything.

I mean we get to blow the hell out off everything in the multiplayer.

glennco1709d ago

Cinematics are ruining games. The problem with cinematic games are the linearity as they need to keep to a tight script. i want some freedom and options, I don't want my hand held throughout the game.

SirBradders1709d ago

I dont mean cinematic as in cut scenes i mean bring it some personality, have a thought process behind it i like the direction the whole fishing in baku thing is taking but thats one mission i want all missions like that, like your in some blockbuster.

dcj05241709d ago

Seems to have more depth this time around. I hope I can 100% stealth this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.