Scott Phillips Talks Saints Row IV, Super Powers and Penetration

Saints Row has always been an interesting franchise to me, with what seemingly started as a clone of GTA having so clearly moved past that generalization, becoming something I don't think anyone would have imagined. You're the Saints-leader-turned-President , can mow down aliens in a virtual world with super powers, and use a DUBSTEP GUN... a DUBSTEP GUN! - PSLS

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AcesHigh2911590d ago

Saints IV is going to be so awesome!

dbjj120881590d ago

No double penetration? Guess they have to save something for the next game.

ftwrthtx1590d ago

Can't wait til I get my copy. Looks like a very fun game.

TrendyGamers1590d ago

I just hope it's balanced what with all the superpowers.

AedanClarke1589d ago

This article's title is just amazing. I love it. <333

knifefight1589d ago

Nolan North doesn't do what Nolan North does for Nolan North. Nolan North does what Nolan North does for all the people who are not Nolan North.