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Will The PS4 Save The PlayStation Vita?

The PlayStation Vits isn’t doing so well right now in terms of sales. The handheld console by Sony is getting close to two years of being on the market and it has yet to hit the initial run of sales. With the release of the PlayStation 4 being only a few months away, could the launch of the PlayStation 4 be what the PlayStation Vita need to start selling? Join us in this GVN Discussion in the comments below. (PS Vita, PS4, Tag Invalid)

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remanutd55  +   813d ago
Sony needs to have a very oriented psvita gamescon show
Luismacintosh  +   813d ago
I completely agree
iamnsuperman  +   813d ago
I don't think they do. Nintendo has proven that you don't need to show this stuff on a conference. If they just merely mention X,Y and Z titles are coming to the Vita and show of the remote play thing that is fine. The problem is Sony need to concentrate on a PS4 launch right now. I wouldn't mind if they came out with a direct style show and said this is what is coming to the vit and then showed off the games
Blastoise  +   813d ago
And hopefully we see something good at Tokyo game show too.

*cough* Persona 5 *cough*
Timesplitter14  +   813d ago
I'd much rather have them focus on the PS4
NexGen  +   813d ago
Well, if remote play pans out like it's sounding that it will, I am also getting a vita to accompany my ps4.
RioKing  +   813d ago
Exactly. When I have my PS4, I will have my Vita :D
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   813d ago
Vita should be able to save its self.
Timesplitter14  +   813d ago
agreed. If it absolutely needs to live off another console to survive, then it will never really be saved
ritsuka666  +   813d ago
Becoming a companion to the Playstation 4 is not enough to move Vita units en masse, not enough to encourage developer support, and not enough to save the system.
iamnsuperman  +   813d ago
I agree and I am not sure why Sony do not release a bundle with PS4 and Vita for maybe $50 to $100 more than the One. I know they will take a loss on both systems but just by getting them out there they could recuperate that loss through games.

Also by doing this they could push Microsoft out. People have the choice of going for a PS4 which is $100 less than the One or going for a PS4 with Vita that cost $50 to $100 more than the One (if it is $100 more then they are only losing $50 off a standalone Vita). This would make their competitor's Kinect addition less attractive. It doesn't have to be a permanent thing but a limited one year thing
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LOGICWINS  +   813d ago
Mark my words. If there is ever a PS4/Vita bundle, Sony will take that loss and make it $499 to directly compete with the One.
IanVanCheese  +   813d ago
There is no way they can afford to make that kind of a loss, at least nowhere near launch.

Don't get me wrong I'd love it to happen but I can't see it.
LOGICWINS  +   813d ago
^^People said the same thing about the PS4.
TongkatAli  +   813d ago
You said Project J was going to be a 3DS exclusive. Developer support you say ?


Look at dat 3DS support, spin spin spin this.
NYC_Gamer  +   813d ago
The PSV needs software and more developer support
LOGICWINS  +   813d ago
And that won't happen unless it gets more consumer support. Its a chicken and egg scenario. People won't buy Vita if it doesnt have enough software and software makers wont make games for it unless enough people buy the console.
FullMetalTech  +   813d ago
It wont save it but it will help push it. They really need to stress and show how all the PS4 games can work on it and maybe even incorporate the Gaikai service for remote play on it.
gedden7  +   813d ago
The Vita is DOOMED... lol JK JK this in't a Nintendo article lol Trolls lol anyways.. IDK think sony has the financial patience to really push the vita... And yet again they are going about it the wrong way... Sony and MS rather sale a console at a lost then a profit and that what is killing the Vita. they don't have the money to pay out devs to make enough good games to sale the handheld system...
TongkatAli  +   813d ago
Basically you said it was "doomed" then said "lol JK JK I'm a Nintendo fanboy" then you talk about how it's doomed and Sony doesn't have the money to buy dev support.

Claps, Nintendo fanboys continue with the charade.
Protagonist  +   813d ago
It is becoming a disgusting habit... well actually they behaved like this since the PSP days.
jp_footy2  +   813d ago
A combination of things will save the Vita including PS4, Gaikai, Developer support, Price cut & 4G.
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EXVirtual  +   813d ago
The Vita needs to save itself.
I'd write more, but I'm watching twerking.
Bluepowerzz  +   813d ago
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL it was so funny becuase i was watching 3 on 3 diffrent monitors.
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SeraphimBlade  +   813d ago
I'm almost certain there will be some PS4/Vita bundle at launch. Remote Play is brilliant, they just need to push it to consumers properly.
Bluepowerzz  +   813d ago
every vita owner scratches there head when people say no games sony just need to get atlus and square enix to pump it on the vita then they need to get some game that brings in the average joe then its success
rmw2hot  +   813d ago
im buying my first psvita the day i pick up my ps4 on launch day. hopefully they have a ps4/psvita bundle on launch day so i dont have to buy it seperately.
GodlyPanda117  +   813d ago
I just bought the PS Vita recently just because of the announced remote play for PS4.

It's a great device and I am currently beating all the PS Plus games + Persona 4 Golden!
Godz Kastro  +   813d ago
If they package them together maybe.
mt  +   813d ago
Ps4 can't save vita I think vita needs to save itself by releasing more high quality exclusives.
example wants to concur the japan ? release dark soul/ demon soul on vita + release monster hunter + god hand 3 + JRPG (many of them)

wants to concur Europe simply one game release new quality GT game. + fifa and PES.

wants to concur US release GTA exclusive to Vita+ release god of war .. etc

I know easy saying but it is hard to do but imagine vita has all of those games. it might be unreachable sale wise.
CaptainYesterday  +   813d ago
I hope they don't let me down with Remote Play it's a really cool feature and I hope it's on more than just a few games.
JewyMcJew  +   813d ago
I wonder how much it would cost to create a PS4 "wii-pad"?

Where everything stripped out except what is needed for
bathroom-play... er, I mean "remote-play".

If it is less than $120, that's a buy for me. (although Sony would be good to wait as it would cannibalize Vita sales)
dcj0524  +   813d ago
The VITA can save its self. Just get big names like GTA, Metal Gear Solid, Infamous and even more new IPs ( There is apready a few that are quite good but we need even more.)Lower the price of the memory card and get sone of your A-Teams not B-teams (Inchared was made by a b-team so that an exception.)
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   813d ago
The vita need a price drop
CEOSteveBallmer  +   813d ago
Simple, Just needs more "new" games which is tailored fit for the vitas capabilities. Graphicswise and clever use of the touchscreens. Vita doesn't need the PS4 to be saved.
Rask  +   813d ago
Vita can't be saved anymore. It's doomed.
Protagonist  +   813d ago
Troll away.
freezola75  +   813d ago
OMG these guys no disrespect are sheer Nintendo fanboys... and they're just like the rest... The Vita is doomed, it has no games argument... my goodness kill yo selves.

"The Vita is still screwed", WOW... I remember when the 3ds had NO GAMES on it and everyone declared it dead in the water... now it's finally got games and oh how we forget about the 3ds sorry ass launch.

I'm sorry, but my Vita is way more appealing to me than the 3DS. Not dissing the 3DS and it is rather cool... but just how many of yall are using the 3D function on it? Not many I'm guessing. I'm still using all of my Vita's functions except for the AR, admittedly.

No handheld console has ever had a superior launch.. both the Vita and 3ds were considered dead in the water.. but Nintendo fanboys wanna throw shade on Vita owners.

Last I checked, the Vita plays PS1, PSP and PS Mobile titles and it has some of the same apps as today's mobile phones.. with space for tons of other apps. 3DS is more limited.

And since they wanna talk sales, I also read somewhere that the Vita had been outselling the Wii U..

Regarding the Vita vs Wii U, remote play still needs work.. it may not be fully realized and taken advantage of yet by Sony, but it is very promising. The fact that you can be anywhere with it (or where a wi fi signal is) and use remote play is awesome... I really do hope it works right out the box with the Ps4.

I wish people would stop with this Vita hate, weak ass articles, fishing for hits.... You don't have to be hardcore gamer to have/appreciate a Vita either....

I take my Vita with me everywhere.

I get the maximum out of my Vita.

I know how to use remote play to stream live sports & tv on my Vita.

But ABOVE ALL... I AM A GAMER and I want my console to deliver:

not a phone with all the apps, bells & whistles...

BUT GAMES. The Vita has games and frankly speaking, they look way better on the Vita than the 3DS.

No disrespect to real Vita & 3DS owners who share a mutual understanding for what is the handheld market and they BOTH recognize the importance that WE play in it's survival.

Stop the stupid sh!t & stay in your lane.

Yo... some of yall gamers need to wise up. Peace.
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TwilightSparkle  +   813d ago
I agree with you im a fan of games no matter what console I own ps3 ps2 wii wiiu 3ds xl and vita, just that some people love fanboy wars
Protagonist  +   813d ago
Another stupid article...anyway the Nintendo fanboys are a lost cause... talking about the Wii U: "everything will be fine..." talking about the PS Vita: "it is doomed and got no games, no support" etc.

Their fanboyism has gone too far, ever since the PSP days.

Shame cause they prevent me to buy a 3DS so I can play SMT IV.
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SpinalRemains138  +   813d ago
Only, and I stress only, if they bundle the Vita into an SKU w/ PS4.

It will give it the biggest boost. It must be advertised ad naseum too. Show many commercials of ppl turning on their PS4 from an airplane's WiFi and then accessing their home library from their plane seat through Vita.

-Call the ad campaign the 'Via Vita'

Once the remote play feature is out there and understood, the consumer will want one.
Count on it.
chikane  +   813d ago
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tubers  +   813d ago
All this Remote Play PS4-PSV hype but only one dodgy demo of Knack from months back (slow downs and screen tearing).

Either the feature has questionable performance or Sony's just not ready with it.

If they don't demo this well at gamescom (or any at all), that likely means it's a rushed VITA feature.

I think GC is the last big Western Event before PS4's launch.
_FantasmA_  +   813d ago
It needs big exclusives. Bioshock, MGS and and Vice City 2 would be nice. Some Sony games would be even better.
Mustang300C2012  +   813d ago
Simply put....no. And neither will God of War or a Vita version of GTA or GT. the system is no an overall popular system. Bumps in sales don't prove it's worth and we have seen that after two years now.
joeorc  +   813d ago
once again, the PSVita is made to be directed connected to a hub! as its main purpose!
if people have not figured it out yet, the PSVita aside from the Nvidia shield has the largest dedicated VRam of 128 MB in a handheld it was designed to be directed connected to a living room gaming hub, the reason why is because the mobile smartphone and tablet market have taken the lions share of the freaking mobile market. in 10 year's time's the majority of sales for console sales are 150 million at most. when smartphones are selling over 348 million in one full year. where do you think all the mobile developers are really going to?

the PSVita contains an Quad Core Cortex A9 with an SGX543MP4+ GPU which by the way is the advanced tweaked GPU that is in the iPad 3! its the very same GPU, there is a freaking reason Why the PSVita was made to direct connect, to the living room hub as the #1 priority, because that if you have not noticed is the main technology trends for mobile devices. Smartphones and Tablets HDMI out? how about sling box? or WiiU, How about smart Glass? you see a freaking theme here?

The PSVita was made for the long Haul, you do not put out a device a mobile gaming device with 128 MB of dedicated GPU ram and just worry about the short run when developing , designing and making games for such a platform. the PSVita is not the 3DS, the 3DS has 6 MB of dedicated GPU ram, do you see Nintendo making it an extension to the WiiU as its main priority?

that's what makes the PSVita target in the market for a Hub EXTENSION. It is about the long haul because the mobile smartphones and tablets already took the lions share of the mobile market not just in hardware but in software sales also. you do not think Sony see's this? the NGP before it was called the PSVita the very same day there was a reveal for it, Sony released info on the playstation Suite or Playstation Mobile! The PSVita is and has been built as a companion device to the living room game console because the mobile market was already absorbed by the smartphone and tablet, it already happened with the PDA market, which sony had first hand experience with. The PSVita is not going away, IT DOES NOT NEED SAVING BECAUSE ITS PURPOSE IS JUST LIKE PRETTY MUCH 90% of all mobile devices today, why do you think the PSVita contains an Quad Core Arm Cortex A9 instead of MIPS like the first PSP? its because smartphone and tablet development ports direct to PSVita with lil to no problem.
CaptCalvin  +   813d ago
Sony need to focus on getting people to want to get the PSVita for the PSVita, not for the PS4.

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