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PSA: Don’t buy Infestation: Survivor Stories today

At least, don’t buy it until you know what it really is. You have the right to be informed.

Bold move PCGMedia. Perhaps, but given that the publisher okay’d -75% discount on the Hammerpoint Interactive title, we figured we should point out the simple fact that it’s the re-branded release of War Z. (Infestation: Survivor Stories, PC, Steam, The War Z)

majiebeast  +   376d ago
Ye they tried to fool everyone with the new name. Buddy of mine wanted to buy it till i said thats just WAR Z but they renamed it after the bad press and controversy.
ChrisR2131  +   375d ago
They actually had a lawsuit against them saying they had to change the name. Not sticking up for the game cause its horrible but just pointing that out.
SilentNegotiator  +   375d ago
Yeah, but re-branding it still turned out to be a godsend for them. They certainly aren't going to any trouble to make it clear that the game is 'formerly known as WarZ' on the Steam page (although they still didn't fix the copyright info with the "WarZ" name, lol).
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marie11frizzell   375d ago | Spam
bumnut  +   375d ago
I was nearly fooled, good job I googled it before buying!
xBigxBossx  +   375d ago
They renamed it due to copy right infringement. And the games not that bad for the price. You don't have to dump an more money into it other than the initial buy. I had a lot of fun with the game but hey to each his own. A lot of people probably haven't even played this game and are just jumping on the Internet hate bandwagon.
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SilentNegotiator  +   375d ago
The game is bad.

Users constantly get banned for no reason, the gameplay is mediocre, and the microtransactions are ridiculous.

Despite removing the blatant lies from the description, people are still getting banned in the first 5 minutes for nothing and the support is terrible. They probably love having people get banned so that they rebuy it and/or the server traffic is kept down.

It's from the main people that developed Big Rigs. They're scam artists.
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xPhearR3dx  +   375d ago
I bought it awhile back. I don't play often but I've played plenty and never once was banned for anything. The combat is what is mediocre, the rest I don't mind. Microtransactions are always ridiculous, so there's no surprise there.

Banning players to have them re-buy the game is dumb hypothesis. They'd make more money through microtransactions by keeping those active players more than they would having them re-buy a $15 game.
xBigxBossx  +   375d ago | Well said
About 10 of my friends and I have dumped close to 80 plus hours. No bans, we didn't buy any micro transactions, not any GOTY, but for the price it was fun. A bad game is your opinion.

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