What Console Features are Important to PS4 Early Adopters?

According to a survey of 30,000 IGN users that was conducted on June 25 and 26, nearly 41% said that they intend on purchasing a PlayStation 4 at launch.So it seems as if the next logical question to ask is: Why?

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ziggurcat1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )


edit: there must be an xbox troll clicking disagree on eveyone's comments...

xHeavYx1740d ago

I buy a gaming console for games. I don't care to use my console to aid me control my TV. I'm perfectly capable of using a remote. Besides, who wants to yell at a TV?
The PS4 is also more powerful and cheaper, you can use online apps on the PS4 without having PS+ (you'd have to be crazy enough not to have PS+ though, it's an amazing value)
Sony has always had amazing first party games, they support Indies.
Oh, and most important, Sony never tried to shove unnecessary features up my throat

badboy7761740d ago

"I love Games,Games,Games,Games.Games I do adore!"

In My Jay-Z Voice

darthv721740d ago

not sure about xbox troll because even xbox trolls know games are an important part to buying a system. so that is a common ground both sides can agree on.

this looks like the work of someone with a deeper agenda.

O/T i am really looking forward to gaikai. hopefully sony will transition the majority of games available now for dl to the gaikai cloud.

black0o1740d ago

and those xbots need to chill gamers does care that much about live tv :P

sonarus1740d ago

man i joined this site back in its beta days early in the start of the ps3 xbox 360 console generation which was like 7 yrs ago i rarely comment now but its clear the back and forth fan boy nonsense hasnt changed at all with the new console generation.

i choose ps4 primarily because i enjoy ps3 games better. More variety in games too as far as exclusives are concerned anyway.

New xbox is overly priced and i am not interested in the least in kinnect.

jeffgoldwin1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Funny how paranoid and defensive sonybots are of msbots, when an ms fanboy hasn't even sounded off yet. Lol its like the booze in the sony punch is running low, someone needs to refill that.

My 2 cents: hardware specs, your controller preference, and what your friends are playing can have as much meaning for people a having a few more games to the pile of thousands already out there. But no one is gunna deny games are impotant, just not the sole factor or we'd all be playing ps2, xbox, or snes if hardware was meaningless.

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SnakeCQC1740d ago

1080p games and all the other sony goodness

FamilyGuy1740d ago

Frame rate and true HD resolution are great an all but I'm more excited about the higher polycount in the future PS4 game. More detail makes games look more realistic, despite their resolution.

A lot of these launch titles are open world or are practically open world but when we start to see some titles that take advantage of the hardware in closed spaces we'll see the insane levels of detail that have been shown in the working title tech demo Deep Down or in The Sorcerer. I'm hoping more games like these are revealed at GDC.

Jaqen_Hghar1740d ago

A man believes 1886 director said that the game was a "cinematic experience" so a man is anxious to see the detail in its gameplay. Also ND seems to like linear games as does SSM so we should see some amazing graphics from those 2 after seeing what they did with Ascension and LoU on PS3.

xReDeMpTiOnx1740d ago

I don't buy a console for entertainment features or apps, I buy a console to GAME and I want great games. I could care less for tv or w/e stupid app that isn't relevant to games

SnakeCQC1740d ago

so hd movies or blu rays arent your thing?

MysticStrummer1740d ago

Those are bi-products of a larger storage medium, not side features that have no connection to games.

xReDeMpTiOnx1740d ago

First and foremost when I buy a console I look at what games it has and what franchises it has that may indicate what kind of games I will have in the future.

Believe it or not but I'm not a graphics junkie or someone who looks for features, that being said I will use some of the features but those are not the deciding factor whether I buy it or not.

Also believe it or not but I'm still a gamer that would take better gameplay over graphics anyday and I still go back and play my dream cast for shenmue and powerstone. I even break out the old Playstation for games like legend of dragoon, xenogears, parasite eve etc.

iceman061740d ago

The REAL question is would you buy the console WITHOUT HD movies and a Blu ray movie playback? I believe that most would because, as they stated, they buy the console to play games. Anything else is just a bonus.

bloodybutcher1740d ago

i buy them to use as a paperweight.

EXVirtual1740d ago

Features are cool, but the main thing I want to do is play games. The share feature is beast though.

NovusTerminus1740d ago

Games, the features of the system sound really awesome and fun however they are just added bonuses.

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