Watch Dogs To Sell Around 6 Million Units

Ubisoft says after E3 showing, sales expectations boosted for open-world game to above 6.2 million.

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FATAL1TY1550d ago

GTA 5: 20m+

Watch Dogs: 6m

Mr-SellJack1550d ago

Well that is unfair don't you think?ur comparing an established franchise that took more than 4yrs to develop to a new ip?try comparing it to the ac franchise starting from 2 which outsells ur predicted number and has almost same time to develop .ac demolished every open world game this generation

aCasualGamer1550d ago

It's not about sales. These greedy companies keep selling us the same propaganda that sales is what defines a great game, i'm not buying it.

The only reason people should be buying this or renting it is if the game itself is good. I'll try the demo and see if it's any good before i make my judgement. As should all of you guys. I don't want another AC milkage franchise. I want a great experience.

hkgamer1550d ago

not a fair comparison. They also different kind of games. open world but different

yeahokchief1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

@acasualgamer good man. sales dont define quality. i think you are the first casual gamer i've met to make this dinstinction. we need more gamers like you.

i am hoping that gta v will break records so we have another quality game for other publishers to look up to when setting budgets and time schedules for games.

gta v is going to be amazing.

watch dogs should also be miles above what ubisoft has produced in the past and i will probably give it a shot if they dont milk this series like they milk assassins creed. open world games should get 2-3 years minimum to be really good.

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Rockstar1550d ago

Got my PS4 copy preordered.

gameseveryday1551d ago

I am sure it will do 10 million. It is coming out on so many platforms.

Prcko1551d ago

so 6 million - watch dogs 2

first1NFANTRY1550d ago

lets focus on 1 first mate.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1550d ago

6mil damn thats pretty high. Im sure this game will be good but 6mil those are some high expectations.

showtimefolks1550d ago

It's coming out on many platforms so it may be able to do it

But here is my issue just like SE did with tomb raider they expect or should I say over expect and when it doesn't sell than gamers get the blame

I want to get the game for ps4 but I also feel like the game has been over exposed, UBI does that will all games. There should be some mystery like GTA5 has and like last of us had before launch

Hopefully it ill do twice that UBI but don't blame us if for some reason people buy th next GTA or COD/BF4/AC4 over it

hkgamer1550d ago

GTA5 has the luxury of not showing anything at all. I mean people know what the game is about already.

CaptainPunch1550d ago

Game looks great, I'll be picking up myself a copy.

Zichu1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

I'm not too sure how good this game will do. I'm getting it because it looks awesome, but it's an IP and it's not going get the attention of the average gamer or casual gamer that doesn't keep track of game related news.

I can see this game turning out like Sleeping Dogs, not much attention to begin with, but turned out to be a solid game.

I also think releasing way too close to big named games like CoD, Battlefield, GTA, Batman AO, AC4, and even Beyond Two Souls.

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The story is too old to be commented.