Pacific Rim: The Video Game Review [GAMINGtruth]

Shawn Long delivers his thoughts on Pacific Rim: The Video Game.

" it stands, Pacific Rim is just another rushed movie tie-in. If some more time would have been put into the game, and maybe adapting the War of the Monsters environment mechanics, this could easily be a cult classic game. Instead we are just left with a game that has too many missed opportunities to make it memorable. The endless hawking of the DLC is another black eye for the game. It gets some punches in, but in the end, it just gets knocked out."

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SirNintend01613d ago

Pacific rim job is more like it

CaptainYesterday1613d ago

I've been wanting a good Kaiju fighting game doesn't look like this is it I'll just wait for The Fall of Nemesis: Clash of the Kaijujin :)

LaWiiG1613d ago

I don't think we'll ever get a great game stemming from a movie Hollywood has sculpted.