The Division to release 'towards the end' of 2014

The Division will launch "towards the end" of 2014, Ubisoft has confirmed. The online action title had previously been given a general 2014 release window.

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Prcko1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

omg,kinda 2 long

Abash1378d ago

This definitely always looked like a big holiday game for Ubisoft

3-4-51378d ago

Perfect when you think about it.

You get 1 month to play all the NEW NEW games, and then you get this game a month later.

mrmancs1378d ago

Gutted... Suppose it's something to look forward too , way forward :-\

brettyd1378d ago

Really looking forward to this game kind of a bummer it's so far away. BUT there are still a ton of games coming between now and then to keep me satisfied.

RE_L_MAYER1378d ago

Why bother showing it now if they gonna release in in 1 year-hell maybe 2 years

ExitToExisT1378d ago

It was used as a marketing tool. A lot of people liked the E3 performance of Ubisoft, which resulted more people giving attention to Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell, AC4 ext.

fudgenasty211378d ago

they say late 2014, but they will get scared of the other big releases and will push it to Q1 2015

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The story is too old to be commented.