Accused Bid For Greatness Winner Denies Cheating

Junkie Monkeys: Recently we talked about Sony’s Bid For Greatness auction which seems to be starting off a bit rocky. The first winner has already been accused of hacking trophies and has recently denied claims of hacking.

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Majin-vegeta1043d ago (Edited 1043d ago )

8,500 that's impossible.Most i've ever gotten in one day was around 107 trophies.

@Majie tweet that to Sony.

Treezy5041043d ago

8500! There's no way that can be right! (too bad it wasn't 9000) or this would have been hilarious lol.

adorie1042d ago

9001 trophies would have been true hilarity.

The_Con-Sept1042d ago

I've seen that Vegeta skit way too many times. They even made a techno song about it.

Dark_Overlord1043d ago

I don't see how anyone could see him as a cheater, I mean getting Fallout 3 plat in 9 minutes and Red Dead Redemption in 0 secs seems legit to me /s

XD but seriously, he's even trying to defend himself, must be delusional XD

Kanzes1042d ago

I really want those Killzone outfit :[

WillGuitarGuy1042d ago

I want my hands on the sniper outfit. It looks so badass.

SuperSandLegend1042d ago

What do you mean Virginia?!

Really though a lot of people spent a fck ton of hours to get those trophies and he goes on and tries to screw up an opportunity for them.

Commandar_Shepard1042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

Apparently this guy got every trophy in Guitar Hero 5 within seconds of one another. I don't know how you can deny cheating after this information is visible:

ziggurcat1042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

just look at his trophy unlocks for 3d dot game heroes... all, except for maybe one or two were unlock at the exact same time signature.

he apparently got all of demon's souls' trophies at the exact same time he got all of the 3d dot game heroes trophies, too...

*totally* legit... /sarcasm

jerethdagryphon1042d ago

one trophy every 10.104 seconds to be legit max you can unlock at once is about 5 end game + difficultyx4+plat

ssj271042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

I don't know why everyone is mad at this guy, he won! by cheating, but he won. Is SONY fault, they are who are doing this the way they are doing it is so stupid.

"Don't hate the player hate the game people"

Last time i check Maradona use his hand to made a gol, he did not got cough at that moment so he won! corporations cheat in many ways, throw toxics to the rivers and we end up taking shower or drinking that water with those toxines flouride and shit. They sale 1 million pills "drugs" and they know 10 will died but they made so much profit from 1millions sold drugs that they don't care if the few die, they pay their fees and move on and keep cheating.

My point is many cheat some get cough and some don't, don't hate the player but the game and this game is made by Sony.

edgeofsins1042d ago

You apply the line so terribly. It is in the agreements of the contest. You can't cheat. He was disqualified from the game. People that do that crap can be rid of. Why are you pretending that people can do nothing about it when it applies to other situations that people try and do stupid unethical things?

ssj271042d ago

What if any other winer cheated and did not got noticed?
Maybe someone had upload trophies in a smart way before and now he has the power to win and go undetected.

It's very possible, not every cheater ins stupid like this kid.

DragonKnight1042d ago

In before Hakoom tries to say he's not a cheater too.

Majors1042d ago

Im sure Hakoom is a collection of players using one account. They play offline and then sync trophies every couple of days

Dark_Overlord1041d ago

Its definitely more than 1 player on that account, forgot which 2 games it was (I was browsing his trophies) but he apparently kept alternating games every few mins to unlock a trophy on the other and vice versa.

Why won't he just admit it like Roughdawg and the other groups did? There is no way 1 person earning trophies can beat 4/5 people earning trophies.

Flipflopp1041d ago

Wow. Did the math. That equals out to be,

354 trophies per hour

and almost 6 trophies per minute in a 24hr period.

What a loser.

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majiebeast1043d ago

Love how he tries to defend himself when there is even a video on youtube of him hacking his trophies.

Sephiroushin1042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

I knew this was going to happen!
It's also the reason of why Sony do not do stuff with the trophies; it's like giving cheaters stuff when there are real people that work very hard on games to get trophies legit way ...

The guy is an idiot, there is no way you could get 8,500 trophies in one day, not even by getting the easiest trophies ever!

Nazara1042d ago

This is why we can't have nice things.

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