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The Co-op Podcast 54: Will Microsoft Phase Online Policy Back Into Xbox One Eventually?

Gary Swaby at TheKoalition.com writes: Edward Velasquez, Richard Bailey and I return to discuss some of the latest news stories. News has been fairly slow this month so we chose some of the more noteworthy topics from the past two weeks. One of the the topics we found interesting was the petition for Microsoft to bring back their original online policy including DRM for Xbox One. We actually don't think they will do another reversal, but is it possible that they may phase certain policies back in the Xbox One eventually?

Also we finally discuss the Grand Theft Auto V gameplay trailer that Rockstar released last week. It was certainly very impressive and it did a lot to reassure us of Rockstar's talent for making open work experiences. They have yet to blow the lid on their multip-layer portion of GTA V, so we decided to do a little speculation on what we might see. Read Richard Bailey's article 5 Things I Want From GTA V Multiplayer. (Grand Theft Auto V, Industry, Microsoft, Tag Invalid, Xbox One)

htownplaya  +   807d ago
great podcast about games
dedicatedtogamers  +   807d ago
They'll likely phase it back in on a game-by-game basis. They're already doing it for Forza 5 (which has a mandatory Day One download or else your game will not function).

So *technically* the system won't require online and it *technically* won't require a 24-hour check in, but the games will still be designed for some/all of those requirements.
zeal0us  +   807d ago
While MS may or may not re-implement the orginal online policy, I'm pretty sure more publishers(Microsoft included) will be implementing always online requirement into their games somewhere down the road. Just look at Ubisoft two of their next gen titles(The Division and The Crew) have a always online requirement.
Fireseed  +   807d ago
I find it very hard to believe that one day Microsoft will update your Xbox some day and return all of the policies we hear about.

But I do agree with @zeal0us that we will be seeing more and more games be designed with online in mind.
n4rc  +   807d ago
To keep it short.. Yup.. They will
NewMonday  +   807d ago
Like Forza 5 ME will only ship part of the game on disk and will require online connection for the complete package
3-4-5  +   807d ago
EVERY games has a mandatory One time check in, not just Forza.

The thing with Forza though, I only used the online for the Auction House.

It's extremely addicting making a cool paint job and selling at AH to see what you can get, and then trying to find a good artist who makes great art on your favorite car.

It's like a game within a game. Otherwise, I just play the single player offline.
MrKennedy  +   807d ago
This is a great comment in the comments section on N4G.
hennessey86  +   807d ago
I don't mind always online
I'm online pretty much all the time any way, what I don't want is to be constantly spied on by kinect and I want to own the copy of the game I've just bought. Along as that doesn't change I'll be happy, now just get rid of kinect.
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Wikkid666  +   807d ago
If you are scared of Kinect. Turn the camera and mic off. Still worried point towards the wall. Still worried about the mic... then put it in a box and put some towels or something over it.
Roper316  +   807d ago
easier solution is just don't buy the over priced POS.
Kanzes  +   807d ago
Kinect spying are just a paranoia or an excuse to find a flaw on the console.

What dark secrets that you really don't want the NSA to know? are you selling meth on your house?

Should you be more worried about your handphone and your laptop? It has a mandatory camera that follows you everywhere, while Kinect, you could turn that off, or if you really a paranoid person, maybe as stated above, you can put some towel or point it towards the wall.

And what MS gains to spying on you playing games constantly for 18 hours straight? Do you really think MS doesn't got anything to do than watching a video of a million people playing games?

And as far as I know, Microsoft is handling this case now, so it won't be matter soon.
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s8anicslayer  +   807d ago
Then we have to go back to the question "why pay more for a feature you don't want?" hennessey is not the only person who feels that way!
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blackmanone  +   807d ago
Wikkid666 does any of those sound logical for a gamer that doesn't want Kinect?

Don't like your computer's speakers? Well you can't take them out so just shove them in a box and put towels in it until you can't hear anything.


And Kanzes, you don't value privacy rights. Cool, some of us still do. I would love to see a post on here with research done, because I would imagine this is a generational gap. Anyone over 30 remembers when they had rights and privacy. Anyone under 30 probably isn't used to such things.

For those of you under 30 that understand why an always on camera in your living room is a terrible idea, congratulations, you give me something to hope for in the future.
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Cueil  +   807d ago
if you don't want Kinect then don't buy the system... it's that simple... also stop crying about being spied on. For 90 percent of you the "worry" is really just you making excuses for being a fanboy and not buying the system when you can afford it. For the other 10 percent it's a serious concern and the government is probably already using your cell phone or other means to keep track of you. Don't worry if you get rid of your cell and go off the grid they have other means of getting info... it's not like they forgot how they did stuff in the days of Hoover.
ShwankyShpanky  +   807d ago
Are MS and their Xbots refugees from a Chinese circus? ...because they seem to expect us to jump through a lot of hoops just to play video games without intrusion.
BX81  +   807d ago
I agree. I don't mind the always online as much as I do the kinect. I refuse to buy the Xbox one as long as it requires a camera. I don't like the idea of a camera scanning my face and living room. It's not some lame reason to not buy the Xbox one. I like my privacy. Some people value certain rights more than others and I can respect that. To say that it's because I'm up to something or a fanboy is lame.
stage88  +   807d ago
I think they definitely will.

Once they get enough people back on board with an xbone it will start gradually but over the course of a few years it'l be in full swing.

Exactly the reason why I will not buy one.
Roper316  +   807d ago
That is exactly what I think & how I feel on the subject. The XB1 is a definite no buy for me just because of the distrust I have for MS. Then throw in their greed with charging for F2P games and other free apps like Netflix & youtube and that's the icing on the cake.
ceedubya9  +   807d ago
I don't think it is likely. They just changed it due to the big uproar about it in the first place. Why would they throw it back in after people purchased it? The backlash would be worse than it was when they were just planning to do it, and I doubt that they want to burn any more consumer goodwill than they already have. It will completely kill Xbox. You could make the argument that, with a future console they may try this strategy again, and consumers may/may still not be ready for it by then. But I see no reason for them to implement it back in the One after everything that they have gone through.

Not saying that you fall into this category stage88, but I think there are a lot of people that are HOPING that Microsoft puts it back into the One because they just want Microsoft to fail.
EXVirtual  +   807d ago
That's what I said in my blog: http://n4g.com/user/blogpos...
I don't know if you'll agree with me on the whole thing though.
The DRM isn't even gone. You need to get a patch to cover the restrictions and MS can roll it off whenever they want.
@ceedubya9, You're right in the fact that no company in their right mind would pull that, but it's MS. And they didn't change the policies because of the campaigns and countless rants. They changed because of the pre-orders. Just saying, it's no where near impossible.
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dikturbo  +   807d ago
Wow 5 logical responses in a row on N4G, congrats to those above me. The response by the publishing and developing community to manage the licensing of their products is inevitable. The backlash against DRM is only a delay in the reality of developing parties insisting that the console manufacturers reinstall the software protecting their intellectual property.

Remember good people; you only purchased the right to play the game. You don't own more than the case, instruction manual and the hard disc they delivered it to you on.
Cherchez La Ghost  +   807d ago
Ok. MS wanted to start with DRM. Sony say they will not go with DRM (but if it's the will of the Publishers). Now, what if all the Publishers go with DRM for all games. What people going to do then?!
Roper316  +   807d ago
only buy Sony 1st party games without it.
iamnsuperman  +   807d ago
That would be next to impossible. They would have to do it game by game or after a certain date but the problem is with that is getting that message across mid launch. You average consumer playing this isn't going to get that message unless they send it through Xbox live which again will be confusing to them. You buy a system then one day you get a message saying you need to update but it also says you can't play used game..... They would be contacting Microsoft support in their droves
gedden7  +   807d ago
Yes, YES they will!!
ceedubya9  +   807d ago
My question is, why do you think so?
gedden7  +   807d ago
Ok because its MS... MS needs to control the gaming industry like they control the pc market... Windows is EVERYWHERE! What "pc" you know doesn't have windows?... In the console industry we as gamers have a ton writes and options SUCH as used games. I know they want to take that away as they want to control what you do online. For MS its all about control so they can make more money. They knew that xbone would not sale as well and PS4 gained a ton of gamer's respect with NOT doing what ms did with their new policies. MS know if they can trap gamers with the xbox franchise (new policies: used games, xbox live and always online) will so def come back as soon as they get a huge install base.

I hope I made sense i'm at work....
gamer7804  +   807d ago
absolutely unequivocally not a chance they will do a universal drm like they once proposed. They will not do that to their current user base post launch. Any talk of such is really just wasted breath.
EXVirtual  +   807d ago
While your comment makes 100% sense, I really think it's a good idea to sit down and think about it. For weeks on end, they were ready to do the DRM no questions asked. You remember that interview between Angry Joe and Major Nelson? Yeah. Then when the pre-orders came and MS saw that they were getting pummeled by the PS4 they reversed. At this point it's clear to me they just want to get the money. Which is the nature of all companies, but MS is just too extreme with it. Remember that article: 'Shame on us for the Xbox One messaging'? That summed up to them saying 'We explained it in the wrong way'. Not that their attempt at DRM was wrong. Just that their wording was. Don't forget, you already need to be connected to the internet with Forza 5 and you need a patch to 'get rid' of the restrictions. They can roll that patch off whenever they want. Just some food for thought.
gamer7804  +   807d ago
Well said, I just don't want people think that could happen and choose not to support the console. I do think they learned their lesson but i guess no harm atleast thinking about all angles.
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dikturbo  +   807d ago
Apple figured it out years ago and like it or not, it'll come. It will only take one big boy to start it off, say EA?

This isn't a business where you can steal a song off YouTube, rip it onto your iPod and deny the artist and publisher their dues. With only two or three points of usage this is a very manageable opportunity for the real owners of the intellectual property to enforce their rights. It's only a matter of time.
jjman5  +   803d ago
I do agree, eventually everyone developer and publisher will want this rule to be enforced, except for the consumer.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   807d ago
Whats to stop them from putting it back down the line within a few years??
dikturbo  +   807d ago
The implementation of a DRM will solely be at the will of the publishers and developers. These two groups weren't persecuted at all for the XboxOne DRM announcement but don't kid yourself, they were the catalysts behind it.

So the answer to your question, "What's to stop them..?" is, "Nothing."
CEOSteveBallmer  +   807d ago
Yup, I don't get it why MS let themselves be blamed when they can point the finger. But I read in an article, EA said "hey don't look on us MS did it"
Gamer666  +   807d ago
Microsoft will only phase DRM back in if the publishers back it through AAA exclusives and/or Sony joins in as well.
thetruthx1  +   807d ago
They better not because they've already lost some customers from the 1st time I'd switch to ps4
killswitchmad  +   807d ago
It WILL happen there is no question and despite what people thing it WILL also happen with Sony (maybe not the PS4)

DRM is the only way this industry can move forward, Microsoft tried to ease everyone into it but went about the announcements completely wrong, The only way we will have a digital future is through DRM and along with that must come online check-ins, Steam has it, Origin has it and Android is adopting it.

Microsoft shouldn't have fudged it, check-ins should be on a weekly/monthly basis that way we could all have enjoyed an instant library wherever we were....
jjman5  +   803d ago
Imo this gen`s war comes down to this:

1. TV features: You are paying an extra $40 when it comes down to it with the Xbox, because everything else is basically the same on both consoles (hardware, features, etc.) If you think this is a good deal, buy it. Also, because of these tv features, the Xbox will always be on, which will use more electricity than the PS4. This figure is based off of the included Xbox Kinect costing the same as PS4`s Eye.
2. Your thoughts on the possibility of MS bringing back DRM & the pay to share system.
3. Since the hardware is virtually the same, less of it is focused on gaming on the Xbox because of the tv features. If you are extremely slightly less focused on gaming, get the Xbox.

This is a fair take on the console wars in my opinion, although someone will argue that it is not.

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