Why Ubisoft Thinks Gamers Will Want Always Online Games

Polygon: ''Far Cry 3, Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, The Crew, Watch Dogs, Tom Clancy's The Division: Ubisoft's slate of recent and upcoming games increasingly seem to have one thing in common: Open worlds.''

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zeal0us1891d ago

If Ubisoft's always online games sell you can bet more publishers implement the same requirement in their titles.

darthv721891d ago

it's just inevitable that the progression to an always online model is where things are heading. Paranoia aside, there is the potential for more benefit to a connected world of entertainment than offline.

iamnsuperman1891d ago

There is a benefit to being always online. We are just not there yet. Connection drops, poor connections..... stop always online games in their tracks. Once IPs improve the networks around the world and routers don't drop you then these games will work very well.

We are just not there....yet

Roper3161891d ago

you should just be able to update the game data from the servers when you login to your account instead of having to be online 24/7.

spartanlemur1891d ago

It is inevitable that the universe will end. It is inevitable that the sun will rise tomorrow. It is inevitable that some day, all of us who post on this forum will die.
What is not inevitable is human progression, and how the games industry progresses as a result.
If we don't want multiplayer games we don't buy them, and the industry changes tune. Businesses adapt to consumer demands, and not the other way around.
We all need to start taking responsibility and purchasing games which we want to see more of; games which utilise practices we support.

darthv721891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

"We are just not there yet." I agree superman. Throughout the years there have been attempts at changing the scope of things we are used to. some failed and some succeeded. the ones that succeeded are those who are backed by names people trust.

We are not there yet because it is the general perception that the right company has not come forward to really make the argument that people will stand behind.

A (bad) analogy would be the digital music craze. before the ipod there were numerous players and ways to obtain digital music. But there lacked a real structure to organize things and make it all work cohesively. Napster takes the fall for music sharing but from that fall comes the structure and organization of Apple to convince the masses their way is the ideal solution.

So we got the itunes and ipod and the rest is history. Maybe it was apple and their timing to do what they did but from that moment changed the music landscape and has evolved to encompass movies and tv and other forms of digital entertainment.

would the same results have happened if it was MS or Sony or (insert giant media corp here)? We dont know because it was Apple that started that revolution. Will there be a company that really drives home the idea of an always connected, always ready, always online echosystem? Eventually but now (like you said) there are bumps in the road that make the "always" part of that saying uncertain.

We will get there one day and when that day comes we will have the right company telling us why and we will likely see their POV and agree.

FanboyCrusher1891d ago

Why are you getting disagrees? It IS inevitable folks, he's not saying it's happening tomorrow, it's just going to happen eventually. It's the next step, and it's going to start with single games this generation, and the next generation we'll likely see it in consoles, without the back peddling.

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Pixel_Enemy1891d ago

Funny this article comes out as MAG servers are being announced to shut down. Always online (no offline modes) are useless without servers. So many people wasted $60 on a disk that will be rendered useless next month.

iamnsuperman1891d ago

That is another big problem. I do hate how games are shut down or gimped so you by the next one. FIFA is a perfect example of this. The squad update stops when the new game comes out. It shouldn't do that but it does

Roper3161891d ago

that is exactly why I don't buy online only games, if there is no campaign it's a no buy for me.

AngelicIceDiamond1891d ago

The only thing I like is since your always connected they can push out updates faster and possibly in real time.

The downside is basically what @Superman said. Internet doesn't need a reason to go out, it just does. And at any given moment, randomly.

I don't want to play a game where I get all this badass equipment/weapons only for my net to go down and lose all my stuff. Best believe I won't pop in that game anytime soon.

3-4-51891d ago

Certain games would be awesome "always online" but others just aren't as fun that way.

Why do they always want to do one or the other? Because it's easier to control one than many.

They need to realize we like and want many many many options all the time.

1890d ago
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Xof1891d ago

I haven't gotten into an online game since Mechwarrior 4.

hankmoody1891d ago

I honestly don't get why you'd get a disagree on this. Do they think you're lying or something?

Elit3Nick1891d ago

I'm playing mechwarrior online, I definitely recommend it if you have a computer that can play it

Campy da Camper1891d ago

Yeah I stopped mp after MW1. That said, if The Division turns out like it seems like its going to then I will jump back in. Also, spy vs mercs coming back to Splinter Cell has me very, very excited.

DragonKnight1891d ago

"Why Ubisoft Thinks Gamers Will Want Always Online Games."

We don't. You just want more control/money. Don't try to put that on gamers when it's all about what you want Ubisoft.

DarkBlood1891d ago

Ubisoft is wrong on this one, i do not want to be playing always online thats of no full benifit to me as a 95% single player gamer i dont play multiplayer that much anyways and if i do its only on certain titles most of the time and frankly thats a waste of data cap for me

MrDead1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

I enjoy Online gaming but I want to know that my single player offline will be safe as I doubt when Skynet takes over I'll be able to login to any game servers.

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