New Grand Theft Auto V Details

* The special abilities of each character can be activated with the L3.

* Franklin starts at the bottom on the ladder of crime, restoring cars for Armenian 'crappy' named Simeon Yetaria.

* ATMs can be used to check the balance of the protagonists.

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Geovanny1282d ago

Is Simeon Yetaria the guy who Franklin talks too on that scene "what he wants and why he cant have it"?

minimur121281d ago

' You can leave your car parked on the street, but if you put the ticket, the crane can take him.'

haha :)

marie11frizzell1281d ago ShowReplies(1)
Prcko1282d ago

* You will be able to drill a gas tank, drive the car into a group of enemies, then run and catch the trail to blow the car into the air.


AzaziL1281d ago

Yippi Ki Yay %$!@#$%er

irepbtown1281d ago

You can use ATMs... and steal them.


Run and catch the trail? That nonsense is for sissies... I'll jump out of the car over 100 mph, watch it crash into bad guys (who's the good guys in this?) as I gracefully land & roll next to the gas trail, big grim on my face, light up a cigarette and BOOM.

SIRHC131281d ago

New GTA V info


iamnsuperman1281d ago

Can't wait. I just preordered this game with the gamestop promotion. I have to trade in GTA IV and the Episodes collection for it but I get it for £5

Kennytaur1280d ago

Not sure if bot or serious.