Driveclub dev “aiming for 60 frames per second” but “happy with 30″

Speaking exclusively to OPM UK, Driveclub‘s art director Alex Perkins describes the push and pull between the devs at Evolution Studios to keep the game’s frame rate at 60 while also throwing in as many next-gen graphical effects as possible. 1080p 60 isn’t a given, he explains.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

I love the detail but i don't know if its more important than 60fps. Racing games need to be really smooth to feel right IMO.

guitarded771649d ago

Yeah, 60fps 1080p should be the standard for next gen. I understand this is just the beginning of next-gen, but they need to set the standard from day 1.

papashango1649d ago

happy with 30?

ew...scratch that one off my ps4 list

SuperLupe1649d ago

"happy with 30"

Sounds kind of lazy to me.

SolidStoner1649d ago

the best part is that they still can make it 60 FPS, if they want to spend some time to optimize.. if not then Drive Club 2 at least must have 60 FPS..

will see what effects they will have, it seems all who plays online will have this game :) , I will try it for sure!

But next time optimize it for full 1080p and 60 FPS.. it is really a must for next gen..

Muffins12231649d ago like watch dogs and a few other AAA games wont run at 60fps...i see 1080p as a standard....if you really want 60fps for next gen games just go with pc route

LOL_WUT1649d ago

Here's hoping they achieve that goal ;)

ginsunuva1649d ago

Most PC's can't even do 1080-60fps with most games.

Next gen we'll see most games either 1080/30fps or 720/60fps

guitarded771649d ago

@ ginsunuva

PC's resources are under much more strain between the OS and other apps. Consoles are optimized for allocating more available resources to running a game. Driveclub is also a PS4 exclusive, so it should be even more optimized to run on the platform. I'm still looking forward to it, but think Evolution can do better than 30fps. Consider it a challenge if you will.

starchild1649d ago

You guys don't realize how much hardware performance it takes to go from 30fps to 60fps. It takes twice as much power to pump out twice as many frames.

Do you want all games to look half as good as they otherwise could? Because that is what you are asking for.

The fact is, on fixed hardware platforms developes are almost always going to prefer to use that power for more detailed graphics, better physics, better AI, more destructibility and other core game elements, rather than cut all of that in half and shoot for 60fps instead.

1649d ago
dantesparda1649d ago

I prefer prettier graphics and more realistic effects, a rock solid 30fps is fine in my book. Devs should show us the difference, so people can see

GribbleGrunger1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

"Grrrrrrr ... We don't want next gen graphics, physics, and AI! We want 60fps!" And of course as everyone knows, games NEVER get any better than the launch titles.

Time has teeth people, so I wouldn't put your ass on display for too long.

Ausbo1648d ago

Sounds lazy to me too. Turn 10 is able to do 1080 60fps and great visuals on inferior hardware.

60fps aren't essential in all games, but its really nice in racing games.

ShinMaster1648d ago

DriveClub is pushing better lighting than games like Forza. It's more dynamic.
Everything in Forza is baked in.

It's about having consistent frame rate. Need for Speed games have been 30fps. Games like Uncharted are buttery smooth and they're 30fps.

RememberThe3571648d ago

I agree, if I'm gonna drop 400 bones on a new console I want my racing games to be at 60 frames. I want my shooters at 60 frames. This is supposed to be next gen and the more I hear about it the more it seems like bull****.

I really want to see people stop being fanboys and hold these developers to a standard. I'm speaking generally so don't give me that "so if I don't agree with you I'm a fanboy?" bull****.

30 frams is cool for an arcade racer (e.g. Needs for Speed), but not for what they're trying to achieve. If this game isn't 60 frames I'm passin on that bull****.

pixelsword1648d ago

They can do it: they just have to remember that first impressions set the tone for next round of games.

I would accept 30fps on the next-gen motorstorm if the graphical effects and bells and whistles justify it, though.

strifeblade1648d ago

yeah i agree with you- glad msoft set the standard with forza 5

EZMickey1648d ago

Before I was very serious into racing games, I used to play a lot of PGR. Thereafter, playing tons Forza and GT, PGR was hard to go back to. It honestly felt uncomfortable to watch.

However, its also worth considering who Driveclub is marketing itself to. 60 FPS isn't such a big deal for the players who are just there to enjoy the essence of it. In the same way that someone who might play Call of Duty or Street Fighter on a casual buzz, may not notice a lower frame rate as much because they're not playing it as seriously and therefore not pushing their abilities as much.

Ju1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Rock solid 30fps (with a bit of head room) to enabled advanced visuals (like HDR lighting and physics) any day over BS fanboy "bu...bu...but is it 60fps" ?

Go play RidgeRacer. Is that what we want?

I think 30fps have a bad after taste because of current gen. But what you fail to understand is, that these PS3 games top at 30fps - and dip below quite often. That's not the case with next gen (watch DF analysis. No frame drop what so ever).

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Timesplitter141649d ago

Yeah, I'd take 60fps over better graphics any day, and for any game genre too. 60fps just makes everything so much better.

Whoever came up with "hurr the human eye can't notice the difference between 30 and 60 fps" is a damn liar.

Kanzes1649d ago

Not every games though. I watch MGS5 trailer at 60fps and I really don't like it, it's too fast for a cinematic games like that.

But it's true, for racing and shooter genre, 60fps is much better, and I'm sure it would be a standard framerate in the next-gen.

Salooh1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

True and i want what you guys say but to be honest and i'm not defending , i never cared about 30/60fps , or bugs ..etc

I even never noticed screen tearing in games until i saw people talking about it and i still don't care. Another example is GT5 smoke , i really don't see why people making these things a big deal , all it matter is the gameplay in gt5. Maybe i'm a person who see the best from games before looking at the bad , that's how i enjoy most of the games..

But im 100% with polished and smooth games :D

ziggurcat1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

60fps is really only necessary for certain types of games. for example, you don't need 60fps for a side scrolling platformer...

and for the record, i'd take better graphics over 60fps.

AngelicIceDiamond1649d ago


"Yeah, I'd take 60fps over better graphics any day, and for any game genre too. 60fps just makes everything so much better."

I super apologize for going offtopic and I'm certainly not trying to start something, but isn't Titanfall aiming for 60 FPS? But yet allot of people complain about how the graphics aren't next gen.

So Performance and gameplay is what matters at the end?

The_Troll_Whisperer1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )


Titanfall was played on a PC, have you read the this article:


It makes common sense that if PS4 cannot meet demand for 1080p and 60fps, how can an inferior console do it? Hmmm....

Mkai281648d ago

And this is why more people play COD more then Halo, and killzone. Though both these games have better graphics, gamers can't deny that 60fps has a more realistic feel. You can perform better at these framerates, whereas you go back to Halo, or KZ. It seems unbareable to play sometimes.

Racing games are no different.

RememberThe3571648d ago

I gotta agree with Kanzes, not ALL games need 60 frames, but the more precise ones need it. Cinematic games (e.g. MGS, Uncharted, God of War) though, I agree are actually better off without it.

Ju1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

60fps doesn't have a more "realistic" feel. Quite the opposite. It's arcade titles (!=realistic) which run mostly 60fps. Those titles which depend on ms of response time more than physics accurate calculations and animations. Games like CoD or fighting games. Because if you are slow you are dead. Even though these games take shortcuts everywhere to achieve this.

Games don't need to be realistic. I prefer them, though. But a majority doesn't obviously. But that's why I play KZ over CoD.

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LaChance1649d ago

Why dont just do like Forza 5 and go 1080p + 60 fps with superior detail and graphics all around ??

imt5581649d ago

Which superior details???

LaChance1649d ago

The ones that are missing from Driveclub.

A little youtube search of both games will show you what I mean by superior graphics and detail all around.

What the heck are the actually using that GDDR5 for ?

iamnsuperman1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Because it is F2P and Forza is a full retail game. There is going to be differences in performance. I would be crazy to have a quality game like Forza free to play

Kanzes1649d ago

^It's a PS plus edition, this edition is free but you can buy more cars and tracks if you want. But there will be a full version/retail version available later.

ziggurcat1649d ago

@ lachance:

"A little youtube search of both games will show you what I mean by superior graphics and detail all around.

What the heck are the actually using that GDDR5 for ?"

depending on how early those videos are... what we saw in february was when the system only was supposed to have 4GB of RAM.

nice try, though.

magimech4k1649d ago

What, all those superior details like reflection pop-in, half-framerate shadows, pre-baked lighting and classic skybox? If you know what to look for, it is actually quite disappointing how much Forza 5 is still faking in the traditional way, not very next gen at all. Also, unless you're actually stood there and played both side-by-side, beware comparing direct HD feeds of Forza with off-screen recordings of Driveclub.

wishingW3L1649d ago

I never agree with LaChane but this time he's right. Forza 5 looks so much better graphically that you would think Driveclub is a last-gen game....

There are some glitches here and there but obviously, the game's not finished.

sarcastoid1649d ago

Forza can be 60fps because it's not open world. When you confine racers to tracks it's easier to pull off 60fps. Look at Forza Horizon... open world and guess what? 30fps.

theWB271649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Forza 5 doesn't look next gen at all? You're trying too hard. There hasn't been a single person who has said Forza doesn't look next gen.

I just don't understand how that doesn't look next gen. Turn 10 is working up until the launch
to improve on things too...hhhmm.

Driveclub isn't open world either...

magimech4k1649d ago


Why are you linking to a video of bullshit mode? Link to a video of it driving. One of the E3 ones will do. Then we can talk about the baked lighting, poor shadows and pop-in.

devwan1649d ago

lol lachance, "go look at youtube" - youtube is 30fps, it's not going to "prove" anything.

1649d ago
The Real Peter Moore1649d ago

I dont think Forza % looks next gen at all! no wonder its 60fps, no thanks

tuglu_pati1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )


"depending on how early those videos are... what we saw in february was when the system only was supposed to have 4GB of RAM."

And how much ram do you think Forza 5 is using?

nice try, though.


Go to

On topic,

"The game engine not only models these minute factors, but models them in incredible detail, and that puts strain on even the mighty PS4, Perkins continues: “So while we are aiming for sixty, there is always the chance that we’ll never quite reach there.”

the game is supposed to be an open highly detailed world, so I guess they are sacrificing FPS by having better graphics.

PFFT1648d ago

I have no clue what all you Sony working girls are talking about. FORZA 5 looks amazing. DC looks great as well im more than sure come retail DC will be running at 60FPS.

Ju1648d ago

Forza fans are really delusional.


Pay attention to the pavement (e.g. @ 0:12)
Damage (e.g @ 0:56)
Global Illumination (~3:30)
Deforming Barrierss (@3:45, 4:37)

And ignore the driver. He sucks.

None of that is in Forza. The damage you see in Forza are cues after the race, but not during.

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AngelicIceDiamond1649d ago

They're satisfied with 30, but there goal is to hit 60. So expect 60 when it comes launch.

Mkai281648d ago

You know, why not give an option like Bioshock does. If you want 60fps with screen tearing give it to them

Faztkiller1649d ago

30FPS is fine for me as long as it is solid I'd rather have prettier visuals. CoD is 60FPS but id take BF3 over it any day. I've played most newer games on my pc at 60+fps and imo its not a big deal.

Faztkiller1649d ago

another thing the motorstorm games where 30fps and they all played well no noticeable judder

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1648d ago

So you'll take graphics over controls.

I'll take controls/gameplay all day over graphics.

Faztkiller1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

I had no trouble playing motorstorm controls at 30fps motorstorm imo is better than any 60fps racer I have played. If they hit 60fps great if not its no big deal to me And yes I would prefer better graphics as long as the fps doesn't drop below 30

bumnut1649d ago

It will feel smooth as long as it does not drop below 30

irepbtown1648d ago

Exactly, solid 30fps (no less) with the graphics we've seen is perfectly fine.

Mkai281648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

People talk about how Forza 5 looks last gen ( for whatever reason) but when you see it run at 60fps. It becomes the best thing you ever seen. When capcom took over MotoGp from THQ/ Climax, the game ran from a smooth 60 frames to 30.. It was not pretty because they still had slow up at 30.. A 2007 bike game felt better then a 2008/09/10 motoGp game.

sync901648d ago

Forza 5 the best thing we've ever seen!?! ha not even close, the cars look great but the tracks look garbage.

they may be happy with 30fps, but iim not. a next gen racer shouldnt be anything but 60fps.

1648d ago
theshonen88991648d ago

Do you guys realize that films are shot in 24 frames per second? This 60 fps crap is what Call of Duty has been shoveling into peoples mouths as the buzz word for quality. It's BS.

papashango1648d ago

I agree with you in that CoD has been shoving it down people's throat.

though the fact remains.

higher fps = more fluid gameplay. It has nothing to do with graphics so its not the high graphics crowd that are demanding it here. FPS purely affects gameplay so it should be in your best interest to give developers an ear full no matter what console camp you're from.

irepbtown1648d ago


You must sacrifice something to better something else. Look at Watchdogs, 1080p but 30fps. I can see later in the PS4 life 1080/60 being the norm. But as of now (and most likely launch), it will be one or the other.

CRAIG6671648d ago

I can live with 30fps, the game looks beautiful, and as far as I can tell it's not aiming straight at the sim market, so for a more arcade feel I think 30fps is fine...

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Chaostar1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

I'd say most of the people who would opt to buy the game at launch will be looking for 60fps. It's important (apparently) and it's doubly important when the game everyone is going to compare this to is running at 60, although without those cool dynamic time/weather features.

Note to Col Rodgers: Don't take game mechanic tips from your artists :)

iamnsuperman1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

"I'd say most of the people who would opt to buy the game at launch"

I thought it was going free to play with PSN+ but you can buy extra cars and tracks if you want. So does it really matter that much. I mean it isn't like we are really paying for it. This game looks okay but its going to be free with the PSN+ so I can't really complain I wasted my money. It would be my own fault if I spend extra money on it

Chaostar1649d ago

Yeah you're right guess I should have said people who are interested in the game or something.

You just know there's going to be numerous comparison articles though and it would definitely make a good bullet point.

Colzer011649d ago

Even Killer Instinct which goes by the same model business, is 1080p 60fps, F2P it's no an excuse to make a less good game.

iamnsuperman1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )


True about KI but you are also only limited to one free character with KI so you have to pay something to get more than one character. Both have disadvantages so I wouldn't hold KI as the poster boy

Thegamer411649d ago

Shows how much you know about how this all works. If a 2D fighting game is not 60FPS then something is wrong, I mean what is there to process other than the 2 fighters and a static background?

dantesparda1649d ago

30fps prettier graphics and effects over 60fps and inferior graphics and inferior/less effects anyday. 30 rock solid frames (especially with motion blur) are fine.

Half you idiots just think because 60 is double 30 that it must be better. But you go 60fps on any games, then you will be cutting your quality down in almost half. Imagine if this gens games all ran at 60fps, then they would even look as good as they do now. (and they aint looking that good)

Thomper1648d ago


No, it actually shows how little you know about how things work..

KI is not a 2D game, and it does not have static backgrounds.

I think the popular term for KI's style is 2.5D. It is 2d in Style, but the models rendered in 3d, as are the sets.

Thegamer411647d ago


Fact is, you are still fighting in 2D, when you move up or down its just a technique to make these games feel 3D hence the 2.5D term.
And yes the characters are modeled in 3D, I did not say they are not, but when fighting you are still in the 2D perspective.

I agree that the background is not literally static (minor movements), but you still cannot interact with it.

As for my original post, I was pointing out that games in this genre are not hard to make in 60fps. Name me one fighting game that runs below 60fps on any console.

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Minato-Namikaze1649d ago

More important than anything i want the game to be good, I really dont get this obessession with 60 fps. I've played games running no more than 18-20 fps and loved it and played games 60fps and hated it. In an ideal world we could have evverything, but if push comes to shove i'd rather have an immersive world than 60fps.

ILive1649d ago

I really don't understand either. I can understand people who normally game on pc and that is what they are used to. But for most console gamers, it really doesnt matter. Grand theft auto will run in 30fps . Will that stop people from enjoying it? Metal gear solid 2 ran in 60fps. Would it have deterred your enjoyment if it ran at anything less?

glopez1648d ago

People are complaining about the 30fps because the ps4 is suppose to be a super computer with 8 gb ram. With all that supposed power 60fps shouldnt be hard at all. Drive club and sony really have no excuse. They have all the power they need and then some according to the ng4 community. Its not like its a multi plat, its an exclusive for crying out loud!