Driveclub dev “aiming for 60 frames per second” but “happy with 30″

Speaking exclusively to OPM UK, Driveclub‘s art director Alex Perkins describes the push and pull between the devs at Evolution Studios to keep the game’s frame rate at 60 while also throwing in as many next-gen graphical effects as possible. 1080p 60 isn’t a given, he explains.

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Chaostar1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

I'd say most of the people who would opt to buy the game at launch will be looking for 60fps. It's important (apparently) and it's doubly important when the game everyone is going to compare this to is running at 60, although without those cool dynamic time/weather features.

Note to Col Rodgers: Don't take game mechanic tips from your artists :)

iamnsuperman1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

"I'd say most of the people who would opt to buy the game at launch"

I thought it was going free to play with PSN+ but you can buy extra cars and tracks if you want. So does it really matter that much. I mean it isn't like we are really paying for it. This game looks okay but its going to be free with the PSN+ so I can't really complain I wasted my money. It would be my own fault if I spend extra money on it

Chaostar1740d ago

Yeah you're right guess I should have said people who are interested in the game or something.

You just know there's going to be numerous comparison articles though and it would definitely make a good bullet point.

Colzer011740d ago

Even Killer Instinct which goes by the same model business, is 1080p 60fps, F2P it's no an excuse to make a less good game.

iamnsuperman1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )


True about KI but you are also only limited to one free character with KI so you have to pay something to get more than one character. Both have disadvantages so I wouldn't hold KI as the poster boy

Thegamer411740d ago

Shows how much you know about how this all works. If a 2D fighting game is not 60FPS then something is wrong, I mean what is there to process other than the 2 fighters and a static background?

dantesparda1739d ago

30fps prettier graphics and effects over 60fps and inferior graphics and inferior/less effects anyday. 30 rock solid frames (especially with motion blur) are fine.

Half you idiots just think because 60 is double 30 that it must be better. But you go 60fps on any games, then you will be cutting your quality down in almost half. Imagine if this gens games all ran at 60fps, then they would even look as good as they do now. (and they aint looking that good)

Thomper1739d ago


No, it actually shows how little you know about how things work..

KI is not a 2D game, and it does not have static backgrounds.

I think the popular term for KI's style is 2.5D. It is 2d in Style, but the models rendered in 3d, as are the sets.

Thegamer411738d ago


Fact is, you are still fighting in 2D, when you move up or down its just a technique to make these games feel 3D hence the 2.5D term.
And yes the characters are modeled in 3D, I did not say they are not, but when fighting you are still in the 2D perspective.

I agree that the background is not literally static (minor movements), but you still cannot interact with it.

As for my original post, I was pointing out that games in this genre are not hard to make in 60fps. Name me one fighting game that runs below 60fps on any console.

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Minato-Namikaze1740d ago

More important than anything i want the game to be good, I really dont get this obessession with 60 fps. I've played games running no more than 18-20 fps and loved it and played games 60fps and hated it. In an ideal world we could have evverything, but if push comes to shove i'd rather have an immersive world than 60fps.

ILive1740d ago

I really don't understand either. I can understand people who normally game on pc and that is what they are used to. But for most console gamers, it really doesnt matter. Grand theft auto will run in 30fps . Will that stop people from enjoying it? Metal gear solid 2 ran in 60fps. Would it have deterred your enjoyment if it ran at anything less?

glopez1739d ago

People are complaining about the 30fps because the ps4 is suppose to be a super computer with 8 gb ram. With all that supposed power 60fps shouldnt be hard at all. Drive club and sony really have no excuse. They have all the power they need and then some according to the ng4 community. Its not like its a multi plat, its an exclusive for crying out loud!

wishingW3L1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

the game looks uglier than GT6 and they can't even reach 60 frames? WTF!?

DragonKnight1740d ago

I don't know where to begin with this comment.

Heisenburger1740d ago

Come on man...

Games aren't as easy to make as that sandwich you made earlier.

They are aiming for sixty frames.

You have to know the pressure of not only being a launch title for a new console, but HAVING to be a launch title.

They have a deadline that is seriously looming.

I'm sure they are just covering their bases in case they are unable to reach their goal.

And since when is it an insult to "look worse" than Gran Turismo?

Kanzes1740d ago

It seems both Forza5 and Driveclub got its own flaw to be a launch title racing-game for each console.

I agree that both developers are under the pressure to being a launch title. While Forza 5 forced us to download part of the game, DC is at risk to get a half fps lower than their standard. But I'm sure they'll get what they aiming for.

elhebbo161740d ago

are you kidding me? GT6 might have its physics for it but you must be fucking blind to say it looks better than Driveclub.

ILive1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

I was thinking the same thing. I think driveclub looks better.

glenn19791740d ago

that's why im going with xbox1 and forza 5

WeAreLegion1740d ago

You're going with Xbox One and Forza 5 because you like Forza. I'm going with a PlayStation 4 and Driveclub because I like video games.

LaChance1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Yeah videogames like Knack and stuff and this 30fps racer that hardly looks next gen.

I'll be going with the 60fps/1080p Forza 5 plus Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct and Ryse for instance.

To each his own I guess. At least you dont get to pay for online unlike us Xbox folks.

edit: oh wait !

Caffo011740d ago


come to tell me that when ps4 will be superior in both multiplatforms and exclusives, no longer than a year from now.

Kennytaur1740d ago

If you have to use Ryse as an example for a promising game, your argument is flawed. Where's the gameplay?

Second Son and The Order,now that's exclusives.

ziggurcat1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

@ lachance:

i guess i can just watch netflix (a service i already pay a monthly fee for) without paying for XBL gold...

edit: oh wait !

SuperLupe1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Wrong post.

Cuzzo631740d ago

Man you fantards are ridiculous. My question is, wats wrong with knack. Its called diversity. It may not be for you but someone else might love it. DriveClub is a F2P game. Not even up to GT stanfards. I like some of the games for Xb1... Well only Titanfall. Im a KI junkie also. But when its all said and done..... Its still the inferior system... Dead Rising, ummmm I will pass on that lol. To each his own I guess

christocolus1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )


Because he likes forza? He is not a gamer?Your statement is sooo off point. I mean both forza and Drive club are games so in other words you guys are both buying your consoles of choice cos you like games. lachance you,v got a crazy sense of humor lol but be careful the guys here carry pitch forks and torches they seem to constantly be on the hunt for the big green ogre called xbox one.lmao

Thomper1739d ago

That was obnoxious!

Turn 10 are masters at their art and Forza is widely regarded as the best racing series ever conceived.

You truly have to be a fanboy not to admit that it looks fantastic, and will likely play even better.

People who buy xbox1 like videogames too. It's arguable that they like them more than you do, as they are prepared to pay more for it.

(Bring on the disagrees)

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sync901739d ago

No reason for you to be here then, is there?