Top 10 best PS Vita games of 2013... so far

Some people would have you believe that the PS Vita doesn't have any games worth playing on it. These are what we would call "crazy people".

Sure, the Vita had an iffy first year, and sales aren't exactly sky-rocketing, but as anyone who picked up the Sony handheld knows, it's blue skies all the way.

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Blastoise1768d ago

Completed Persona 4 Golden again today, it rocks.

EvilJeffBridges1768d ago

Man...I still need to get that game.

Blastoise1768d ago

Everyone needs to get that game

3-4-51768d ago

Game looks good but the others on that list are quite unappealing to be honest.

They left off a few games I would actually play and included some I would never touch.

levian1768d ago

Most of the games listed are indie games available on every platform

sdozzo1768d ago

filthy hand me downs. like I Indies games but Pc prices them much lower.

Dj7FairyTail1768d ago

Only Two Vita Exclusives
Soul Sacrifice
Persona 4 Golden

Dj7FairyTail1768d ago

two disagree with facts.
There only two Vita only games.

slivery1768d ago

In this list there is. Not for the PS Vita. So..? What is your point? I don't see you wasting your bubbles to explain any further.

TheGrimOfDeath1768d ago

Oh really? Two Exclusives? What about the 38 others?

CEOSteveBallmer1768d ago

uncharted golden abyss, wipeout, gravity rush, resistance burning skies, littlebigplanet, assassins creed 3 liberation, silent hill book of memories, shinobido 2, dynasty warriors next, killzone mercenary, tearaway, zero escape virtues last reward, ratchet and clank full frontal assault, soul sacrifice, Unit 13, escape plan... Yup Mathematically you are correct, there are only "2" exclusive vita games. GENIUS!!

andrewer1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Sly Cooper Thieves in Time is the only one I bought this year...

dorron1768d ago

I own a Vita and I would buy only 2-3 games from that list.

Vita needs more exclusive blockbusters. Gran Turismo, God Of War, Infamous, etc. where art thou?

dark-kyon1768d ago

the problem is what the gamers do not want a great handheld whit diverse quality games,perfect to play indie games,jrpg,psx games,etc.they want the same games what play in his ps3 and xbox 360.but when get that they do no buy for what is the same what they play in his consoles.

slivery1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Exactly. Well said, it really is such a stupid paradox.

Then when they get those games they want, all they do is compare them to the console version which is even more moronic.

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