9 video game 'bad guys' who aren't really bad at all

GamesRadar - You know where you are with most video game bad guys. They're unremittingly evil, and either want to take over the world, destroy it or murder everyone in it, starting with you. Such is the lot in life for most of gaming's greatest villains.

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Majin-vegeta1739d ago

No Helghast wat the fark??

cr33ping_death1739d ago

The Colossi in Shadow of The Colossus.

Firan1739d ago

Almost every villain from Metal Gear games.

Sam Fisher1739d ago

Wtf!!! William from ac3 is a mass murderer, he kill an entire clan of natives, planned on killing GW (not that i care about george), and talk down at people thinking he was a god, im glad i kill the motherf$&@er, and they forgot about sephiroth, and everybody from soul sacrifice.