IGN - Watch Dogs Continues to Impress Us

IGN - Why Ubisoft's next big thing cements itself as one of our most anticipated games of 2013.

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MultiConsoleGamer1768d ago

Finally I agree with IGN. This game looks amazing.

iamnsuperman1768d ago

That is what worries me about this game. It looks too good for a new ip. I may be that cynical guy in the room but I am going to wait for reviews to come in before I buy it too see if what they say is entirely true

despair1768d ago

Last of us was the same and that lived up to expectations.

die_fiend1768d ago

I'm not sure why I'm so cautious about this game. It does look really good. Oh wait I think I got it.

They're making it on wii U

This cross gen thing is a joke, you can't say 'you'll get the full experience on either console' when it's being massively held back to fit on a DVD

RedSoakedSponge1768d ago

really cant wait to start playing this.

the pvp element really intrigues me. i just wonder how often it is happening while playing the game. hopefully it doesnt happen too much and become an annoyance.

Psychotica1768d ago

I wonder how the free roam activities compare to GTA V. Seems like hacking phones and street barriers will get old quick.

PositiveEmotions1768d ago

I dont think ima get bored with this game