Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gets a New Trailer

Square Enix just published the newest trailer of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, titled “13 Days”.
The trailer focuses both on story cutscenes and gameplay, taking the chance to also show some of the costumes that Lightning will be able to wear in the game.

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Crystallis1586d ago

Pissed that they pushed the states version back to Feb, but I understand why they did that.

DarkBlood1586d ago

well they are releasing the hd collection in october so that would of been too early to release another ff title a month later

kalkano1586d ago

Lightning Returns is an FF title? Could've fooled me.

cleft51586d ago

This game looks really good actually. But I liked the other two games, even so I think this will be a solid game. At this point Square Enix is making this game more to prove that they can still make good FF games than anything else.

EXVirtual1586d ago

It looks cool and all, but I just want them to finish the hell up with the XIII series. I wanna see them put 100% effort into FFXV.

rextraordinaire1586d ago

Looks nice! Some environments seem to be quite open, a bit of Gran Pulse maybe?

Kte1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Meh....everytime i see another trailer, i get lost. I'm still trying to figure out how this one is related to the last 2...

XIII - Not bad...could be some improvement, but I like it

XIII-2 - ....Ok so I can no longer play with the real people I actually enjoyed playing with.....sure I can deal with it

XIII-3 - What's going on now?

All that run in my head