This Final Fantasy Abbreviation Might Surprise You

Kotaku - Everybody knows that the "proper" abbreviation for Final Fantasy is "FF", right? Nope.

Recently, a website managed by the Japan Game Users Association asked over 300 Japanese gamers from teenage to 40-something about how they abbreviate Final Fantasy.

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Genki1797d ago

If you've ever been to Japan, this isn't surprising at all. Starbucks is colloquially known as 'Sutaba', and McDonalds is usually called 'Maku' as well. It's commonplace over there.

Snookies121797d ago

Yeah, they really do shorten everything there. Some things that don't even need shortening. I have to question it at times lol.

Baka-akaB1797d ago

Well it's also about making english named brand sounds more japanese , not just abbreviation

McScroggz1797d ago

Now I'm reminded of the obligatory mistaken characters jokes from anime where a character says something mundane in a sentence but another character confuses it with some insult or tawdry statement.

Honestly I never really found those jokes funny. Maybe it's because I'm American -_-

jeeves861797d ago

70.1% of people still abbreviate Final Fantasy to FF. So I guess that makes it pretty commonplace.